Stillborn is still cancer

How can a game that flopped as badly as Battleborn still finds new ways to be cancerous?

Negative publicity is still a publicity.
Stop making threads about it.

Honestly at this point. Not even going Free to play could save Battleborn

I hate these shits. They should be fired on the spot

This, it's similar to suddenly making only 80% of work time and leaving early then crying how boss is upset. She got the job because she agreed to rules, if she breaks them he should fire her dumb ass

I love how this guy talks smack about business dress codes when he looks like a fucking bum and probably hasn't worked an hour of a respectable job in his life. I also like how he calls the boss fascist for wanting his employees to dress professionally. Liberal lazy disrespectful trash.

This is the kind of generation you raise when you don't enforce strict dress codes during schools all the while babying them telling them their "Special" and can do anything.

What does this have to do with Battleborn as a game?
You do play games to play games, right? Not to be part of a social phenomenon, right?

Nah, this is the generation you raise when you cuddle and shelter them their entire life. The moment giving the kid a proper spanking became unfashionabe (or even illegal in some countries) was when everything turned to shit

God damn, if I were his boss I would fire him not only because he was dumb enough not to follow 1 rule but because he goes crying online to validate his decisions.

I don't think you can even fire these people anymore. They'd probably call mysoginy and sue you

I prefer dressing like a bum myself 90% of the time but dress codes exist for a reason

job is job and play is play, if you want your job to be play work freelance

I think it's both. These certainly aren't mutually exclusive theories.
We raised digital bums. Begging for money on the internet so they can use it to continue being parasites. Complaining about how they're so oppressed while living the easiest lives in human history.
I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just too old, but if that's the case, I've been old since I was like 8.

According to the vid there were no rules being broken. His suit in the pic isn't bad tbh, and most def not flagrant. Which makes me guess that he probably is fucking annoying as a person.

no surprise there.


Battleborn is currently a "Manager's Special" at EB Games in Australia, being sold for $28 dollarydoos, which in a real currency would be negative $5. The game launched for full retail price here which is $120. It's less than a quarter of its original price already.

So he supports driving the workers' rights?

Did you come from the 19th century?

No, just from a mindset where leftism doesn't mean "everything I happen to hate today".

It's also the etymologically correct, logical definition.

He is butt buddies with the amazing atheist after all. He probably use welfare to pay for Nintendo and resident evil games.

The trannny no cunt is cosplaying as a Battleborn character you slifer slacker.


He also cosplayed star wars.

Theres having rights, then theres abusing other's rights, everyone else has to adhere to a uniform, so why should one tranny be the exception to ther rule? you're surely not asking for unequal treatment of people are you, user?

see, you're going about leftism by what role it should theoretically be doing, not role it actually does, many leftists today are what you call "progressives", as in they support so called "progressive" values, though only for their personal benefit, much like this leftist tranny, they is parade about under the guise of being for possitive change, whilst it's actual motive is benefits for themselves, for example, this tranny is parading under the guise of being for the rights of the employees, whilst the actual reason it is rebelling against it's boss is either for attention or some other form of self-benefit.

are any of the things in the third pic suppose to be good?

False, watch the video. I thought it was ridiculous at first (how is a pantsuit not respectable?), but the violation of the dress code was the headscarf. The cosplay does not have anything covering the head (pretty sure hairbands wouldn't violate the rules, so the BB char is fine) so they actually do follow the rules. Her boss was right.
Now, she might have a case if she could prove it was being worn for religious reasons (like comparing it to a niqab or turban), but that's another question altogether.

It's also a definition that leftists don't adhere by and doesn't describe what a modern leftist does whatsoever.

Lefties are those who happen to be left on the political spectrum, supporting socialists, commies, and liberals. As such, people supporting those groups are leftists.

You can be conservative and leftist. You base your logic on contemporary (flawed) american populistic definitons. The reason West has defined "progressives" or egalitarians as leftists is because genuine leftist system is inherently meritocratic, meaning you can judge a person only by his or her achievements. Thus, you shouldn't discriminate any subgroups in the frame of worklife based on any traits deemed irrelevant to the work itself.

Decent, more like.

Because whatever you or they think they are is not leftists. Fucking idiot.
Stupid, stupid fucking idiot.

Cry some more, faggot.

If I weren't lazy I'd edit that picture to be like this one

how is that bottleborbs fault?

Something something fallacy.
In this case it shouldn't, because the modern definition is absolutely fucking retarded, people who do not understand the basics of politics pretend their voice is worth rat's shit and can just echo-chamber any bullshit that makes them feel comfortable into life.
Leftism is more grounded in utilitarianism. You might as easily argue that Rightism is grounded in egalitarianism. You don't know anything you are arguing about. Kill yourself, cleanse the gene-pool.


oh are we talking about Holla Forums? fuck those guys they think jews are cool and try to emulate them

Honestly, I try to like AOS, but I just can't. The catchphrase that he keeps trying to force "GAME. THE FUCK. ON!!" and that metal outro are both just awful. It's like a teenager is writing his scripts, if he has any that is. I've seen him stutter so many times, though, that I think he legitimately just spews venom in front of a camera.

Anyway he's like a lot of other libs that I've seen, they have this fucked up mentality where BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE SOMETHING, it's enough to expect that everything is subject to change to suit what you would like.

Obviously that's not how life works. If you want to live in that kind of environment get a job at a think tank, like Valve, where no real work gets done. I'm sure Australians would have no qualms with hiring a transexual since they're all queer anyway (this is a reference to the fact that over 80% of Valve Software's employees, including the hiring managers of all people, are Australians).

Holla Forums pls go

Jews are the chosen people, user. They're pretty much superhuman and also have stands and anime is real.
Picture related, a typical Jew.

Since we're on the topic, if I think it's downright criminal that we aren't all half-robot super soldiers by now, do I get to be on the left or the right?

see, you are still defending the traditional idea of leftism, though you are clearly denying the reality of the situation. The majority of people advocating for supposed "leftist ideals" in regards to the social, economic and political areas of western society are in it for ulterior, and disingenuous reasons, and this is for both reasonable AND not so reasonable change. To address your point on how the west has defined the "left", by your logic, motive is irreverent in the grand scheme of things, implying that you do not care if these people you are defending are corrupt or not, as according to your own logic, motive has nothing to do with theirs action, which is completely false, and as
has implied, the meaning of words can indeed change over time, and unfortunately for you, the ideals that come to mind when you label someone as a leftist has done too.

Is it really a fallacy if he is just describing your very actions in this thread?
This argument could just as easily be directed to yourself you realise?
And here you are shutting down all forms of discussion by disregarding his opinion by saying it is worth less than your own, which is very clearly more informed, despite your very actions :^) suggesting otherwise, perhaps you should kill yourself also, fuckboi.

I guess that explains why they haven't done anything in so many years. All they know how to do now is shitpost and play dota while skimming a laughable amount of cream off the marketplace.

It's baffling to me how it is that this continues on, because, the employee handbook proudly states that something like 83-87% of Valve employees are Australian. Obviously the hiring managers are hiring via nepotism and not actually giving actual applicants from America and the like jobs, because they're too busy giving all the nice paying jobs in America to other Australians and flying them in by the boatload. It makes me wonder if Gabe Newell is aware of the situation, or if he's completely oblivious to it all because he's too busy making crowbars and knives in his homemade furnace and anvil, thinking about how awesome he thinks Half-Life 3 will be, and buying into the lie that "they're working on it, these things they just take a lot of time is all."

Duke Nukem Forever took a lot of time, Gabe, but you don't see people praising it for its 16 year development time.

every time

Seems like most companies are like that these days. The last company I worked for was pretty much just a front to give Asian people visas, so like 80% of the company was friends of managers and shit who wanted to come to America, all from China or India or what the fuck ever. The only positive reviews on glassdoor are from people talking about how easy it is to get a visa in broken English.
I mean, they're based in Beijing, so I'm not sure what I expected. I still can't believe I spent two entire years dealing with their bullshit, now that I've quit. I did walk by Valve's offices on the regular, but I never ran into Gabe, so I never got the chance to call him a fat fuck kike and tell him to have his slaves make literally any game.

tl;dr: 80% of humans are parasites and living on the west coast is pain, especially if you're not a foreigner or a white yuppie.

Instead of calling him a fat kike like an asshole, just strike up a conversation and air your concerns, Gabe Newell is a pretty reasonable guy.

Usually Alphaomegasin is based. Why is he talking about a feminist?

why did he need the mirror

Because narcissism.

I guess she'd be surprised if thrown out of a funeral or wedding dressed like a comic hero.

But I am an asshole and I don't actually care if HL3 ever comes. The point at which quality might meet expectation was years ago.
If he didn't want to be called a fat kike, he'd stop being one.

Gonna have to take a look at your sources on this one, pal. He seems like another whiny libtarded white boy who tricks dumbasses on the internet to pay his rent.

I loved wearing a suit to work. Makes everyone feel at their best.


isnt it uncomfortable? wouldnt you rather wear something more casual?

Where does it say tranny, or is she just ugly? I couldn't watch the whole video.

Bet the one thing you do like is dicks in your ass

thor pls go

Why does this smelly squirrel man always get posted here? He looks like a squirrel and can't control his emotions like an autist. You can see the autism in his eyes too.

You should stop being so fucking lazy then.

Sounds about right. I'll guess making epik politic vids on youtube is the only "job" this guy's had in the last 10 or so years?

Not clicking that link

underage pls

Did you watch the video? She was in the dress code, got told her outfit was not following the code despite it doing so because her boss was being a bitch (most likely she was upset about anyone looking better than her because some women are that pitiful) and she came to work in cosplay. It was never against the rules so it was allowed.

I think it's pretty hilarious honestly. Don't know people here are getting upset over nothing

Another shitty Holla Forums thread bemoaning degenerates on a video game board.

Not even a webm from OP, and people eat this shit up.

are you saying op was a faggot the whole time?


Nice digits fam.

Because people everywhere get upset over nothing. It's a lot easier than identifying actual problems and doing something about them.

Nice suits are comfy. But most folks just buy some shit off the rack that mostly fits, plus some cheap "fancy" socks and underwear that are scratchy. Cheap formal wear is awful.

The real issue is guys who could have been qt femboys been lost to transsexualism. What the fuck is the point of a trap without a functional dick? Ban hormones and SRS now.

Why are we even talking about trannies again?
Also kill yourself fag.

Alas, self-declared leftists eschewed these notions as racist, sexist, ableist, even fascist etc. long ago. Go ahead, vote for a self-declared left wing party and see which policies they support and which they deride. It is you who comes from the 19th century, my friend.

Admittedly, the right wing is in a similar quandary. But at least the capture of the right wing by zog has spawned the neoreactionaries and the alt-right. There has been no equivalent re-emergence of the left wing which is a shame because I would probably sign up for it. Until then it's Trump all the way.

needs more mold and worms on the bottle

Video games

Fuck off. You're just a gay who wants everyone to be twinks.

No. I love the feel of a suit.

you must know something that i dont

That crab seems already kill. I've had enough of your lies.

Yeah, it's that tailors exist.

Video games

crabs seem like they would be well suited for a tailoring profession

I doubt he's liberal. He talks shit about SJWs and Anita Sarkeesian on a pretty regular basis.

no way user thats not good enough! if he isnt totally rightwing hes a liberal

There is no middle ground anymore. You pledge your loyalty to one of the parties, and then dedicate your life to sabotaging the other team's plans. Fuck the people.
I want extremism to go. It's been tearing this country apart for too damn long.

There'll always be that guy/grill who have such strong fantasies that can bend realities in their mind. Nowadays it increased to almost half the class or probably more since everyone wants to be a special snowflake. I've attended two types of school: one with strict uniform code and other free for all. Obviously the latter worked out well since most of us bonded easily like war comrades and less topics regarding the current shit trends (but more often ridiculing them). Meanwhile the free for all has many divisions and complicated social structures which is further divided by IQ and age. This will get worse seeing the current trend/tumblrism.

You mean former.

That's because moderates today are the indoctrinated communists of yesterday. And the "extreme right" are the moderates of yesterday.

Not even Carlos would…

Whoops. Made a mistake there but you're right.


How about you fuck off, archivesperg?