Tank Vidya

What are some games that let you have fun with tanks anons?

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Is it sad there are will be people who would rather spend $500+ on arcadey F2P bullshit than spill out shekels for something proper?

What's sadder is OP saving Shit und Shitter pictures

The only good thing would be Handholding and Long walks in a lily garden. along with Tank Autism.

Instead, we get slice of life with tonks.

Graviteam Tactics (previously known as Achtung Panzer) is pretty good. It's really just an ultra-realistic WWII RTS, but it was originally going to be a tank sim and it shows in how detailed the tanks are.

It's also atmospheric as fuck. There is something incredibly comfy about watching your poor, poor battalion of Russians that have been holding the front line for days and are missing half their number cower in a line of trenches on a snowy night with nothing but a couple mosin clips, 2 molotov cocktails, their long-frozen dead comrades, and the distant sound of approaching german halftracks for company.

The prices are pretty high and major updates are normally DLC, but that's just how it goes with niche simulators. Make sure to get the steam version, it is the newest. It's really tough to actually find to pirate it, no major torrent site has it nor does IGG. If anybody has a link, that would be great.

better question is, if there are any tank cartoons that isnt moe shit?


Never gonna happen, just watch VOTOMS and pretend they're tanks.

Sorry for triggering you, but as far as I can tell, the actual gameplay portion of the game is best described as an RTS.

Except it isn't, you dumb shit, it's a real time tactical game. There are no strategic elements.

Just to head off any further autism:

why would it be worth watching otherwise?

Oh shit I'm sorry!

Does gunbound still exist?

Panzer Front Ausf B arrived in the mail today.
From what I've played of it so far, I'd recommend it.


don't do that.

Sorry for what, our daddy told us not to be ashamed of our gore fetish.

I cry when I think of a world without senshadou.

Is it sad the PS2 era tank games are better than the shit we get now? Hell even PS1 games.

what are you talking about we dont get anything

Fuck off gook.

there's also the tank sim version of it steel armor blaze of war that has smaller and less campaigns

Tanki Online.

nips only like cute shit doing cute stuff, anything else is a constant reminder of their shit life, but a tank cartoon a la LoTGH would be dope

Weebs need to be gassed.

sure, if youre going to make a documentary. but its a cartoon, so it might as well be fun

We still get good tank games every now and then, but barely anyone plays them because they're too busy fucking about with giant heaps of bullshit like WOT and warthunder.

Fix'd that for you.

It's call Gurls & Panzer.
If you seen it, the anime explains that it's a SPORT albeit a dangerous one like F1 racing. Main chara gets a match disqualified by stepping outside her panzer

If nothing, the sound engineers has great noises.

My Nigger. I was just about to post the PS1 game




How about this? It's called Tokyo Warfare, it just came out, and seems to be what you want.


Anyone got a screencap of the user that proposed a kickass idea for a tank game where there was an AI that you could grow "close" to?

the one where tanku crosses the ocean and destroys your car?

Is it Unity Engine?

That was some good shit.

That's consumerism, baby.

Someone should replace the anime girls in that game with Billy Herrington and Van Darkholme.

it looks nice
why would you use a machinegun against a tank?

Recently got this for my N64 again and I've been enjoying it. It's pretty good and it even has co-op.

Theres Tank!Tank!Tank! for WiiU


Man this game reminds me of some tank arcade game I used to play a few years back
I can't seem to able to track it however, so I ended up playing some other tank game that reminds me of EDF

Leading your main tank cannon's shot for one

it was confusing but fun atleast

haha wtf

Battletanx 64 is pretty fun m80.

Irl? Ranging.

Nope. Japan only recently got into tonks so we aren't seeing anything good anytime soon.

I would highly recommend Valkyrie Chronicles

they fucked up

VC is one of my all-time favourite vidyas but playing it for the tanks is not something I'd recommend.

So wasted potential then?

Battlefield series with instant respawn servers.

Tanks galore!!!

EDF has some pretty fun albeit very clunky tanks.

Don't they work better if you use a gamepad?

Gotta go fast


The tanks don't behave like, and aren't used like tanks.
They spend just as much time as not doing jumps and 360 no-scopes.
Again, GUP isn't a show for people interested in tanks, it's for people who want a tank-themed standard SOL anime, people like who wouldn't even be watching it if it was a show about tanks because "It'd be boring lol."

But having a Jagpanzer 38t (14 tons) wedging itself under a Maus (188tons) is just fine.

I don't hate GUP but its fanbase really has trouble understanding that if they really had any interest in tanks they'd be doing stuff like like reading Tigers In The Mud or playing Steel Beasts instead of watching something that only uses tanks as a superficial flavoring and could just as easily be about anything else.


It's a well known fact that, like ninjas, if you wish to beat a German tank, you must use a German Tank

But the Hetzer is Czech?

It's a classic. Get four players and play capture the queen. It's so much fun. My family is so obsessed with this game, we made a trophy for it. Call it the Tankcup. Dad is current holder.

The Czech was in Reichsmarks

German design based on a Czech chassis


Are you just spewing buzzwords here? Just because it has qt animu grills doesn't make it a slice-of-life. It has more in common structurally with Slam Dunk than any SoL.

A jack weighs a couple of kilos but can lift a part of a five-ton truck.

That being said, no way I can defend the bullshit that happens in the movie. Except fuck you, it's cool

A jack is a goddamned hydraulic lift designed to lift heavy things.

Tanks are designed to move into range to shoot stuff, then shoot it.

It's a sports anime, not a /k/-themed SOL like Upotte. The battles are the focus, even if they're not as realistic as you'd like.

I remember Seek and Destroy on the PS2. I loved the customization on that game and made many different types of tanks.

Just tried this. It's really fun.

It's going to die like every other small multiplayer game isn't it?


Honestly the OFP tank segments in the cold war crisis campaign are great fun. Huge maps with some pretty decent sized battles.

The game doesn't look too bad with some mods too.

Fun fun, fun fun fun fun fun fun fun?

I remember them also being great cause the AI wasn't fucktarded.

Yeah that's the one. Any other games similar to that? On PC?


Did she remember her skirt? :^)


There are fewer joys in life than flanking T-34s

Except threading a shell through the barrel of a KV-2

I know Halo a shit, but the snow level where they first gave you the tank in Halo 1 was good clean fun.

The movie is great.

I fucking love tanks. World of Tanks is the closest I could find to sate my autism, but I already stopped playing that long ago. Tried Warthunder, it felt like all the realism sucked the fun out of it. Armored warfare was cool, but as much as modern tanks are neat, older tanks are leagues better.
King Tiger > Tiger 1 > Leopard 1 > everything else
What good alternatives are there for tank-based multiplayer games? Should I just go back to wot?

No bitch what you love is slow shitty Carmageddon

The Halo tank looks fucking cool, I'll give them that, but holy shit the armour is impractical around the turret. Is that fucking cloth?




Why do Germans build the best tanks? How come Soviets/Russians have so many tanks?

Not siding with the other guy, but GuP has a SoL taste to it. Granted everything in the show is fully fictional, no schools are located on battleship aircraft carriers, there is no such sport of using IRL tanks shooting at each other, and I think we are all fully aware that tanks can't do the shit in the show.

I also think you're mistaken by the fans of the show being full /k/ autists. They like anime and tanks. They might not be fully into tanks, but tanks are pretty cool things themselves. You don't have to be a full nut to have a fondness of these objects of metal known as tanks. GuP just kinda sparked dual interest, since who the fuck doesn't like tanks?
Also the battles do push the limit at times, but hell it's anime and it was not aiming to be fully real world simulation, it's fucking high school girls operating tanks- I highly doubt they'd be able to load those things with as much as they do with their strength.

2nd best MBT in the world coming through
Cheap garbage coming through

quality vs quantity
german tanks built by superior germans with superior german work ethic, cost a fuck ton though and gas ain't cheap either (if only they hadn't spent literal metric tons of gas burning those poor jews in the ovens, oy vey thats a likely premise in a war schlomo)
russian tanks built by russian children in factories with bare minimum tools, but russian tank design makes them easy to put together, like lego, so they could churn them out as fast as they get 1 shotted.



one part craftsman society, one part limited manpower. need to equip crews as best as possible because of limited manpower.

and the Russians didn't have "so many" tanks for most of the war, their production was handicapped and turnover rates were atrocious, the sheer bulk of T-34s didn't become a thing until the end of the war.

What, like literally most of the German tanks?

yfw you will never be taken for a ride in a Panzer II with your oneechan…

Why was she humping the tank for a few seconds?

She's jumping for excitement at the flying birds and trying to get her oneechan's attention. Tanks are noisy when running, yo.

You disappoint me Holla Forums

we need WWIII to push creation of more tanks designs and even a new damn energy source

Girls Und Panzer should have had scenes like this :^)



War Thunder is fun!



we have new energy sources, but electric jews arent gonna just move over and let it happen.

Is that a cross between a jew and an eel?

I guess I have shit taste. The arcade-like feel of WoT just felt more fun than what War Thunder was. Then again, I never really played more than a few battles of War thunder, maybe I should pick it up again.

You mean why play Street Fighter when I could play UFC 2k16?


War Thunder "used" to be fun but patches removed all fun and made things increasingly Soviet Biased. They literally made it so the T-10 could fight a Tiger II.

The game hasn't become more soviet biased than it was and the IS2 could fight against an M60 or a Leopard. They really fucked up that BR which is a shame because 6.7 was pretty balanced before but even then there was bullshit like the IS3. T34 are still unbalanced but a lot less than before.

5.7/6.0 or lower is where it's at now.

That exact concept exists, after a fashion. Haven't tried it since I still haven't shelled out for or otherwise acquired MoW, but Terminator Mod has a tank battle mode that puts the player in a tank hatch perspective while directly controlling one tank and commanding others. It also adds an absolute shitload of content, mostly game modes and vehicles. Not sure if it adds any new small arms of note otherwise, or if the timeline properly extends to 46-48 era or just has postwar/paper tanks lumped into 45 era, but the latter are definitely there and the former is likely.

Beware that it requires a downgraded Men of War version, and also that it takes ages for updates. The modmaker is Chinese, doesn't check over the mod pages often although he's constantly online in Chinanet, and is apparently obsessively adding new content to the next version rather than releasing a hotfix so the mod can be played on current-patch MoW.


What are my alternatives? I'm aware Advanced Warfare is a good modern tanks alternative, but for ww2 era tanks I only got WoT. I still enjoy it and have made the grind to tier 10 anyways, but I'd be interested in trying out other alternatives.

Curl up in a corner and cry?

yeah, and that bias looks like basically nothing when you stand it next to World of Tank's "armor is proportionate to dollar value" system.
War Thunder has the brutal reality that if you're close enough or hitting the right spot even the heaviest tanks can die to the lightest.

Is that why people think the Abrams and Merkava's armor is so great? Due to the amount of shekels poured into it?

Heard they cracked the kikery up since release but the game on release clearly had more potential core gameplay wise than WoT ever did but I still wasn't willing to grind anew in a game that might die or go to shit.

There was nothing more satisfying than blowing up a T10M with a well placed 122mm HE shell.

[Citation Needed]

You can pen heavies with lights in WoT. You just have to make sure you're hitting the right spots and not hitting areas where the opponent is trying to angle his armor.

Men of War with it's direct control and realistic shell physics when it comes to armor and slope. Individual inventory's too so you can load up tons of ammo in your tank and loot other tanks for repair kits and fuel.

It doesn't work like that in WoT due to hitpoints system. You can't one-shot a fresh out of hangar heavy tank with a rinky dink little shit with a 20 mm cannon, no matter what you do, because in that game such cannon simply does less damage than there are hitpoints in the target tank.

I wish there could be an MMO with the physics that MoW has. So tanks would be gone in a few hits compared to WoT where they can just absorb everything like a sponge. Fuck health bars for vehicles.

There's War Thunder, if you can get past the whole ebin Stalinium maymay.

War Thunder is unsaveable.

To elaborate, I played airplanes for soviets and it's pain and suffering due to lower turn rate than japs and brits, abysmal ammo capacity and barely any armor (like japs), and wooden fucking frames that burns like a candle. As for tanks, I played for germans and I consistently get everyone's ass handed to them, no matter tank make country. I think the Stalinium meme comes from people who can't git gud at the game and construct this strawman to blame the game rather than their shitty skills.

WoT for sure though has a hard on for Sovjets. IS-3's vs. King Tigers is really fair and all y'know

What is the best MBT then? I'd argue that the challenger II would be either the best or 2nd best, not too many of them but they can take a hit and keep rolling unscathed.

Also why has no one brought up Men of War for tanks?


Orange and red players complain about losing to mediums: the thread.

You're kidding right? Soviet planes have bullshit armor for their planes it is damned near impossible to knock a pilot out in a Yak unless you go head on or top down. Plus the Yaks with cannons are some of the most fun planes to fly and are even more bullshit than the airacobras or kingcobras if you fly them properly. Germany is solid though for tanks until you hit like tier 4/5 because then you start getting paired up against bullshit soviet tanks and tanks from the korean war.

Also, look at the few posts above you

This is the closest thing to girls und panzer that I've played, if that's what you're looking for OP. Without the fucking animu, obviously.

Aw shit you're right, AS2 is pretty dope especially with mods that add in more units. Never forget to give all your infantry .50s and .30s from vehicles so they can begin their path of mayhem.

I always gave my tanks quad .50 cals in editor mode. It's just like an endless barrage of bullets. Also, what the hell are the name of those pod AA gun things with 4 .50 cals on them.


danke, bro.

I'd say WoT is more equally US/USSR biased over other nations (good luck playing Jap tanks). However that example you've given is bad. All you need to do is face-hug an IS3 and penetrate his cupola/glacis and you'll be more than safe. Since you're taller than him he can't pen your lower plate due to poor gun depression and his only other option is to penetrate the cheeks of your gun mantlet which is extremely hard to do when you're face fucking him.

A better example would be the IS-7 vs any other tier X heavy in the game. Or trying to fight an American T95 which is nearly impossible to do without some sort of help.

also, in the MoW editor for some reason, it loads them with the wrong ammo type. so if you don't add ammo yourself it can't shoot

The T95 is super easy to kill if you can keep it from turning. Just push into it from the side as you shoot it, or park behind it. Its track turning radius is the slowest in the game. It's only impossible to kill if you try to fight it head on in a road or something.

Have you tried playing WoW?

From the share thread

Just me or did Armored Warfare turn into a massive cash grab?

not. reality. when you're under a couple hundred meters in ww2 almost everything is vulnerable to everything else. pic related. a piddly Stuart 37mm can penetrate a Tiger if you're under a few hundred meters. The "ENTIRELY INADIQUATE MUH 5:1" short 75mm Sherman can kill a Tiger frontally from 300 meters.
WoT's concept of range and penetration are gamey, specifically to facilitate their pay model and shit map design. Wouldn't be sporting if you could point blank kill expensive grinding tank in a junker on their little phone booth maps now would it.

That was me.

I haven't played the game in PvP yet but when I tried it again after many months I actually really liked it. There's a lot of new free stuff that wasn't there before.

GuPs is not for lewds

You tankers prefer arcadey or realistic?

Smoky masterrace.

You've kind of exaggerated shit user but there is a bit of truth to what you say. The 75mm from the Sherman actually could stand a chance at penning the Tiger 1 from the front at close range if they were using the APCBC round which was hardly used in the Western Theatre, they used the older APC round, but and here is the BIG BUT; A) it's not something you want to rely on in combat and B) You'd need to hit exactly the right spots, bit of angling could set you way off.

On a side note an important feature that is often forgotten about tanks is that they need to engage both soft and hard targets. One thing that actually made the Panther tank in WW2 pretty trash actually was that it was more of a tank destroyer than a tank. Usually it'd get it's ass kicked by AT Guns, Artillery, Infantry etc cause it's HE round was kind of sub par.

In Mario Party 5, you build a tank out of parts to fight in a number of different gamemodes.

To this day it's one of the best tank games out there.

there's a chart, right there, the short 75mm (not even APCBC) can back and side pen a tiger at anything under 600 meters. and we're talking about World of Tanks where BAUNCED AWF happens at 0 meters. the fearsomeness of the Tiger was that its 88 could plow through anything at a kilometer and a half, so almost a kilometer of closing distance where you can kill and they can't. it wasn't an invincible mary sue, nothing is.
RANGE and POSITIONING are king in tank combat, WoT ruins that.

Ah yeah missed your point user, yeah you are right. Quite a lot of tanks are very vulnerable to flanking and it happens way more often in warfare than people tend to think. On an interesting note about the Tiger I it actually was pretty trash for the role it was intended, suffering absolute unmitigated disaster whenever it went ont he offensive. Hell if I recall correctly each time a Tiger I faced off against the Churchill it lost each time!

Seeing Zimbabwe get btfo in the tank biathlon makes me wish there was a game that wasn't a shitty mobile one.

Gook thread.

WT has a good balance of both.

Jesus christ how badly did they do?

Well, the first Tiger that was knocked out was done by a Churchill, so the good ole' Church could claim that distinction at least. I really liked the blocky look of the Churchill, too.

I never even said it wasn't possible.

Had you actually played WoT you'd know that the Stuart was actually equipped with the 75mm Howitzer which did 150HP a shot at a nearly 14RPM before it was removed due to balancing issues with more than enough penetration to go through a Tiger. However the 37mm Gun it still has is more than able to pen the sides and back of a Tiger and even the front of it because the Tiger is big fucking hitbox on treads. There is no angling what-so-ever. It's all flat surface with poorly average armor thickness at that. It's fire rate is just above 30RPM at it's BIS gun and can do a total of 1,200 or more damage in that minute depending on dice rolls. The Tiger I has only 1,400 HP which means it's more than fully capable of being shit on by a Stuart.

However if we're talking about the Tiger II then there's no chance in hell it's going to pen the sides or the front reliably even with minimal angling at a flat 90 degrees. The rear would be the only reliable point where it could go through.

Your position seems to be not that you can't actually penetrate something, but when you do it's not destroyed in one hit. In which case, doesn't fit the play style of WoT.

Actually the first Tiger was knocked out by a 6pdr AT Gun in Tunisia in January 1943, and it was two in quick succession, plus a further 7 knocked out a month later. Brits really creamed the Tiger tanks.

What is this? A mp4 for tankettes?

Something like TIE Fighter level of sim.


The amount of times I've seen those webms posted lately is starting to piss me off for some reason.

the medium line is shit ofc
but the Superheavy tank line? it's hilariously unbalanced, and Jewgaming got these 'blueprints' from super skekrit japanese archives

It is essentially a giant metal box with treads.

I really wish they never started doing this shit. I know that the tank roster would be complete gouged but for the love of God it's more preferable than a tank made from blueprints in which we have no understanding of how it would have actually preformed.

Just thinking about it manages to piss me off.

Pretty much how it goes. Blueprints are full of good intentions but actually delivering on those specs? That's a different story. No way for example a Waffletractor in WoT would be able to work in real life, not without literally shaking itself apart.

Those fucking Jap heavies are the most broken things that had come to WoT lately, and that's coming after the bullshit that was the WTE-100 and its 5-clip 2s aimtime insta-kill extravaganza. Which was at least limited to tier 10, so you can still avoid it easily

Isn't WoT finally dying though?

It will never truly die user.

What tank would you bang Holla Forums?


That would mean that Wargame is and RTS, which it isnt.
The difference between tactics and strategy is far more complex than that. Every RTT has strategic elements (sacrificing an area to take out a tank is a tactical loss and strategic victory) and every RTS has tactical elements (otherwise you wouldn't be controlling your units).

To be fair in Wargame along with other RTT games, you do get decks of units that you can choose to deploy on the battlefield but you will generally run of units to deploy or lose them forever. Unlike in most RTS games where those losses could be replaced.

What are they, gay?

It's more than likely because StuG III isn't on there, but I guess Self propelled guns don't count

There's a Hetzer. I voted for it because its like a Tank loli.

The Waffletractor E-100 doesn't exist even in blueprints. They just made it up to fill the Tier X slot.

You mean Armored Warfare?

It's shit and the game is dead. There's not enough people on the NA server to fill up a 15v15 game.

I think their justification was that the Waffentrager project existed, so that if the E-100 came into fruition, this would 'probably' be the kind of gun/turret that would be put on it.

Wasn't one of the problems with PvP though the 15vs15's clusterfucks?

Only because some of the maps sucked.

Well that 5vs5 mode is coming which should be fun. Especially since it revealed how massively underpowered LT's and MBT's are.

Nah, user. It'll just slowly fade away like any other long-time MMO. There still is a dedicated core of autists playing this game.

They went full WoT clone. Reading their patch notes and planned patches a lot of shit they are doing they should have been doing 6 months ago. I don't even know how they manage to have such tiny maps in the Cryengine which seems to be the cause of the majority of gameplay and balance issues in the game.


cringiest anime ive ever seen.

Try watching the film. They literally airdrop two tank platoons into the middle of a crowded city. I was half expecting the army to show up and severepanic.jpg.


Not anytime soon. Maybe the NA server, but WoT is still VERY popular in the EU and Russia.

Closed AW Tester here, and I can indeed confirm they went full SerB. Right down to copying everything WoT.

Game is fucking dying faster than WT and frankly Obsidian deserves it. They had several opportunities to turn shit around, try something new and listen to the testers but they instead decided to cater and pander to the perma-bad wot tomato trash that infested the game and forums when the game went live.

So much this. I love how devs say they aren't adding anymore artillery when there's something like 6 artillery vehicles in the game files.

Remember when Holla Forums shilled this heavily?

Yeah I remembered we had threads rolling out constantly for the first few weeks.

Was also one of the first guys to join the Holla Forums clan which was fun playing the co-op missions with 4 other anons shitposting on TS.

Haven't touched the game in months, only got up to the Leo1a5 then got bored. Last time I played was back in March or April for a few days seeing how the game was coming along then got disgusted by how much of a wot clone it became.

daily reminder that the Panzer III is the unloved red head of the Wehrmacht and will always be overshadowedin vidya by the Panzer IV


Full version?

Thank fuck you stopped there. The Leo 2AV is decent but the whole Leo 2 line is atrocious. Clearly the devs hate the Leo line. They basically have far too many weakspots, Russian Gun handling and aim time without any of the benefits of a good alpha. I know a few who quit playing when they reached the Leo 2 cause of how godawful it was. Everyone likes to cry how OP the Challenger 1 is, but that's because it's the only MBT at Tier 7 worth a shit.

MBTs were OP at one point till the devs decided that AFV autocannon get bonus pen on MBT sides and rear to give them a chance and suddenly everything was AFV dominated.

Devs can't balance for shit.

Gee it's like the devs want this game to die and be accused of nothing but cash grabbing? How many premium tanks is that now? Like 50? Also almost nobody I seen wants new high tier vehicles. They all want low tier Cold War shit.


Is there any new gude tonk game that is not a simulator and has a single player mode?

I have a problem.

And people wonder where the Soviet slant on the game is.

I understand the Germans didn't field them in large numbers like the Soviets did (Large Bore Assault Guns) But they only use the historical excuse when it's convenient for the Soviets, meanwhile neglected any other historical aspects that might possibly give the Germans an edge (Superior Optics being the biggest one)

Still a fun game, but I don't have much hope for the future of it.

Why do you play free to play games? I though Holla Forums was above this crap

I got curious and decided to find what tank game was whoring on the premium tanks. May have miscounted slightly but seems accurate.

WoT was the least whorish.

336 Non Premiums vs 104* Premiums at a ratio of 3.23:1* or for every Premium vehicle you get 3.23 Non Premiums.

War Thunder is the second most whorish.

184 Non Premiums vs 69* Premiums at a ratio of 2.7:1* or for every Premium vehicle you get 2.7 Non Premiums.

Armored Warfare is the most whorish.

85 Non Premiums vs 36 Premiums at a ratio of 2.36:1* or for every Premium vehicle you get you get 2.36 Non Premiums.

No wonder people call AW a cashgrab, it fucking is!

I must make a note though that in WT in particular, premium vehicles are same as regular ones and have higher battle rating, making them overall shittier choice because using them puts you up against stronger enemies. Using premium vehicles is basically a "just fuck my shit up" difficulty setting equivalent of an MMO game.

Fair point, also aren't a few vehicles in WoT and AW considered P2W?

Yeah you do. I'd feel sullied if I had given them shekels despite probably having over 2k hours.

Not really, the BR is usually the same between a premium and non premium similar version of a tank. Add to that all the "interesting tanks" being premium, like the Caliope who will fuck your shit up if you don't one shot him up close and has the same gun and almost same armor as the regular 4.3 Sherman.
The russians have some pretty bullshit premiums like the SU 100Y which is pretty much the best russian tank destroyer, decent armor, relatively low BR and really good gun. The 100mm gun on the t34-100 is also pretty op despite the tank being a glass canon (except when he gets a good roll on slavic bounce magic) and people were spamming them at some point, it's the perfect balance between firepower and RoF
You can also compare the T44 (slightly worst armor) to the T44-122 (premium) they are at the same BR despite the fact that the non premium one has a 85 with really shitty pen he inherited from the previous t34 and his premium counterpart can annhilate crew+ammoracks on tigers in one hit with a variant of IS2's gun.
There is also the case of the T35 (BR 1.3, 10 crewmen, 76mm gun and 45mm x 2) which while having trouble to take cover behind rocks and stuff is pretty much guaranteed to win a frontal engagement with anything at this BR, or at the very least the odds are in his favor.

And now they added the pay to hide mechanic with "decorative" bushes you can put on your tank for the meager price of 500 golden eagles each. (6 slots). Honestly I've been relatively fine with the premium bullshitery before they added this shit. A buddy of mine had been saying "I'd be cool if we could put additional camo on the tanks and stuff" and I was always saying that I did not want any of this shit because they would make us pay for it. I hate being right.

That screams pay to win, especially on sim mode?

It doesn't help nearly as much at long range due to low end computers not rendering bushes that far away but up close in brush on tank destroyers with matching camo can be very pay to win.

I just want to go around in a battle taxi ferrying troops.

I only play realistic battles lately and yeah I had a few shit that's not a bush moments. To give you an idea if you were to drop 60 bucks on the game you'd be able to buy 20 bushes, 6 slots per tank, I don't know if you can take them off from one tank to put them on another but that would surprise me. I'd probably use my free good goy points on them if we could

Pic related, it isn't that far but still took me a couple more seconds to actually see the guy than I should have?

Play Arma then, fag.

Wew lad.

tfw arma 3 killed arma


Pretty much, nobody I know wants to use armored vehicles at all in Arma 3. They all want to ferry around in helicopters which actually gets boring really really fucking fast.

That's more an issue of the servers themselves, don't join some pubbie server and expect to have fun. TacBF is what I'd recommend nowadays.

Same with non pubbie servers as well user. All about the helis. Fucking chairforce.

Anime and cartoons are two different things and moeshit basically does not mean anything. It's generally used to refer to something like K-On, and yet even a sports anime about tank warfare is called moeshit.

Buzzwords were a mistake.

Then how would you account for the fact that most anime does not fall under that category?

How is tank warfare "standard SoL anime"? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

And the whole thing with GuP is that it's for military otaku. An interest in military hardware has been a feature of otaku culture since the beginning. GuP's BD even comes with extras where they just talk about the design, specifications and history of the tanks.



I didn't know there were that many tanks in War Thunder. How many are prototypes?

Do you know anything about tank warfare?
Unless you wanted to defend constant occurrences like a Maus's gun back-flipping a seventy ton tank (but without injuring anyone inside, of course because broken necks are not kawai), you'd have to admit that GUP's action scenes are so abstract and distant from anything to do with armored warfare that it has barely anything to do with it apart from the competing vehicles being tank-shaped.

No, Black Knight's Story and Otto Carious: Tigers in the mud are for military otaku.
GUP is what you get into if you are a moefag who wants something generic, cute and inoffensive, with a veneer of WW2 tank flavor to help differentiate from any other bland high-school girl anime.
BD extras won't change that.

Hurf durf, meant to reply to:

You're not accounting for the other methods of monetization. WoT is the most jewish in this regard with nearly every aspect of the game having premium options. WT comes in at a close second. AW is a WAY distant third because aside from their premium vehicles, there's not much else premium content, and the game loves dumping free premium shit on you too.

You also don't account for the fact AW started open beta last year. WoT has been out for 6 years and WT for 4 years.

Really, the f2p aspect of AW is the least bothersome aspect of the game, because the grind is limited to researching/buying the tanks and their upgrades (and the low tiers aren't horrible like in WoT and WT). AW big problem, as others have pointed out, is balancing the fucking game.

Thanks for a great new manga to read, user!

I know that GuP is a show about tank warfare.


What kind of cognitive defect made you think that military otakuism and moe are mutually exclusive?

Utterly meaningless word.

Why is a show bad just because it doesn't offend anyone? And it clearly DOES offend a lot of people… in the West.

Because that was clearly my argument. That it's a show for military otaku just because of the BD extras. Are you stupid?

That is a fair point, also have to consider where that monetization goes. Isn't both WT and WoT P2W for example?

Then you clearly dunno shit about tank warfare.

It's a silly show about little girls competing in tanks in battlegrounds similar to a compact warthunder or world of tanks map. It's a silly show to cash-in on the recent tank popularity. I guarantee that show would not have been made if WoT hadn't been released.

Do you honestly think the situations/engagements in the show are remotely realistic? If you're using GuP to learn about tanks you should hang yourself.

Anybody remember that shitty show "Greatest Tank Battles"? Anybody remember how annoying it was that they constantly depicted the engagement ranges of tanks to be below 100 meters? I'm not so much offended by the laziness of the show, I'm more annoyed that people will watch it and assume that's a realistic depiction of armored warfare, much the same people tend to do when watching other shitty programs such as GuP.

Stop using it as a standard for "military otaku" and just appreciate it for what it is. A stupid anime.

It is FACTUALLY a show about tank warfare whether you like it or not. Are you also going to claim Baby Steps isn't about tennis? What is wrong with you?

"If I don't like something it must mean the creators were being insincere. The world revolves around me. Only I matter."

Do you honestly think that has anything to do with what we're talking about? Because it doesn't.

You haven't even watched it.

When was I trying to present it as a "standard" for anything? I simply pointed out the fact that it's a military otaku anime.

Before gold rounds became available for credits, WoT used to be pay to win. WoT and WT are really about "we're going to make you grind for fucking everything, you should pay us". WoT has also removed premium vehicles from sale that had special matchmaking. I haven't played WT in a long time, but Gaijin had a REALLY bad habit of releasing "flavor of the month" premium planes that had broken flight models that made them ludicrously OP.

It's a SOL show with some tanks thrown in. Just like K-On isn't a show about music, it's SOL in a music club.

It's painfully obvious you've never watched it. It's about tanks first and SoL second.

This is one of the many problems with "anime fans" today: they don't even fucking watch anime. They just make some half-assed guesses and pretend they've watched things.

Am i the only one who played this?

Despite all this shitting on War Thunder, would anybody like to squad up and have fun? Preferably in air/ground RB for germans?

Every few months I think about WT, spend two hours downloading the patches through their shitty fucking torrent system that kills my router, log in,and immediately remember that I hate the game and alt-f4 out because I can't stomach looking at it for long enough to quit through the menu.

I think the planes are fun

War Thunder also had skills and think still does that you could only elite out with real money that influenced things like reload times. When KV-2's have 10 second reloads it becomes very P2W.

Planes were fun but Gaijin did everything in their power to ruin it.

How so with planes? I notice the Russian planes are OP but that's about it

The BR system and especially BR rank being decided by the average player's performance really ruined it. There's no reason Zeroes should have the same BR as Corsairs but turning is easy and patience is hard, so a 1941 plane gets to be matched against a 1943 plane that had a historical 12:1 win record against it.

Bad overplayed maps with no variety, bomber gunshipping, people just flying away into space for half an hour after their team dies, broken flight models, EC getting delayed forever, and the developer refusing to acknowledge that any of the above was a problem let alone try to fix it were just the garnish.

I agree those are all really annoying, never put that much thought into them honestly

The longer you play the more they'll wear on you. WT was fun for a while though.

Not to mention their new grinding system that made things a fuckton longer to grind out.

Well you can actually get your crew on elite level without spending GE on it but its onw hell of a grind. And the difference isnt really that big.

i dont think so. They have very good mid tier props and late jets but thats it. They dont have any good superprop and their best early era plane is fucking chaika. People are just getting rekt by soviets because they try to turnfight yaks in low altitude dogfights which is pretty much suicide.

There are many things that ruin air combat like bomber spam, bomber durability buff, gun and bomb nerf. If i wanted to poit out some OP planes it would be russian planes but undertiered ufos with broken flight models like Ki-100 or A7M1


I sort of lost interest in the game and just stopped playing. Nothing wore on me too much I just got bored.

I just got wrecked by I-16s constantly and I was being salty

just dont turnfight them. I16s are slow and they have bad energy retention so if you fight them in vertical B'n'Z or try to energy fight them they should have no chance

I was enjoying it up til that point…

Honestly I don't know how people like you don't burst into flame in fits of autistic rage, since every tank game is inaccurate to some degree whether its physics, gun characteristics or naming conventions.

I mean really you should just avoid Military threads on Holla Forums and /a/ altogether since they will always be game/anime first and historical military simulator second.

You also have to commend Gaijin for chasing away pretty much every non-shill YouTuber from their game as well. Jingles, Bismark, Grmlz, RamJB, etc. Their PR is some of the worst I've ever seen.

It caters to people who have no interest in armored warfare, hence the tendency for it fanbase to defend it by saying things along the lines of "if it didn't have cute girls it would be boring".
There is an intersection of military and regular otakuism, just look at Uppote, but you could argue more easily that K-on is for light-music otaku despite 90% of the people who have ever watched it doing so for the girls.

It's like you don't realize how grasping it makes you sound when you bring up BD extras as a point.

If it was thought of as a show about armored warfare (because what is "tank warfare"even meant to mean) it would be judged even more harshly than if you look at is as just a standard highschool girls show, you'd have to start wondering why one of those Finnish BT tanks would be racing along on two wheels or why no one ever gets hit with bits of shrapnel or debris thrown up by explosions, why a 128mm gun will flip a tank but won't overpenetrate a small building, how you can do jumps in tanks at twice the speed they could historically ever reach without so much as a bruise, how a Matilda can keep up with any other non-slow as fuck tank and how a teenage girl can even load any of the bigger guns at all.

You can consider GUP's draw to be the cute girls doing cute things or the over the top Wacky Racers action, but to think there is anything there for anyone interested in WW2 armored warfare makes you look like a retard.

"I don't have an argument, so I'll beat up a straw man."

That's a very drawn out way of saying "no".

For the same reason no one blows up at Ace Combat, it knows what it is and so does its fanbase.
GUP's watchers on the other hand tend to be closer to COD fans, where they don't realize or can't accept what they are.
For example: look at all the GUP-related images are in this thread.
Now tell me, how many of those are images of tanks, or are images of highschool girls?

GuP was a show about anime grills driving tanks bro

That doesn't mean it's about tank warfare

Well okay, iirc Stugs were in the Panzerjaeger divisions and artillery sections but you get the idea.

They are images of High School girls in Tanks.

Anime and Games commonly break historical believability for the sake of Drama and Gameplay. I don't know why you think this is wrong in some way. Lots of people gain interest in things through this sort of gateway. Assuming everyone that watches or plays that sort of thing thinks of themselves as a historical expert is a bit of a stretch bud.

You are thinking of this as way too Black and White an issue.

i mean, the valkyria were in the title and on the box art and in promotional footage, it was inevitable

luckily only like 3-4 missions actually involve valkyria fights

Some are.

Many are not.
When people post things related to Steel Fury, Steel Beasts, Panzer Front, Steel Armor, Iron Warriors or even trash like Warthunder and WOT they tend to post things related to tanks rather than girls at worst or girls in "tank shaped objects" doing completely non-tank things at best.
Lack of realism or historical accuracy isn't the issue.

No they don't.
This is a common misconstruction.
The people who were not interested in tanks until they saw GUP will only be interested while GUP is the current big thing.
If someone is actually interested in tanks, he will like them even if they are not being crewed by little girls.
When GUP runs out of steam and is forgotten they'll just leap on to the next "girls doing X" anime and they'll all say that it has gotten them interested in X's flavor subject.

How many people do you think started out with GUP and then began playing Steel Beasts?

I'd watch an anime on tank warfare following LotGH's structure, not garbage like GuP because that's not how you get enjoyable drama.

So instead of bitching about shit anime tanks, why not pitch some good anime tanks?

I have watched it, up to the point they did their stupid dance to pump themselves up agains Pravda. I couldn't stand the show after that.

Face it. GuP is just "cute girls doing cute things but in tanks this time". It's like saying Rail Wars was a show for railroad Otaku when we know 99% of people watched it for the tits.

(I will give GuP this: They have some really good sound engineers and the tanks themselves are modeled pretty good)

I'm glad Grmlz is doing DCS videos now, he seems a lot happier.

GuP is already over, people still talk about tanks. People had mods to have female crews in WoT before GuP even existed.

Plus Women crew tanks in RL. But I'm sure people who like Women and tanks or Anime and Tanks, mustn't be REAL tank fans.

He is either lucky or trans?


Why wouldn't I bring them up as a point? Is there some rule against it? Are you stupid?

It is factually s show about tank warfare whether you like it or not, you fucking subhuman.

That wasn't a strawman.

It has nothing to do with what we're talking about, so fuck off already.

It is about tank warfare. Don't like it? Too bad. Go watch Game of Thrones or whatever it is you normalfags are into these days.


Anyone who has actually watched it knows you are lying.

You have not watched GuP and have no idea what you are talking about. You are a liar and a piece of shit.

The fact that Rail Wars has tits in it does not preclude it from being for railroad otaku.

The games are nice but I really just fantasize about my crews having orgies inside the tanks all day

and with naval being only gunboats and no cruisers or battleships, well the only thing that can bring me back is ITT

Planetside 2 has a tank system, with each of the 3 factions getting a unique MBT; But you have to deal with infantry and aircrafts as well as other tanks.

It's free and there's already a Holla Forums outfit. Check the catalog for the PS2 thread. There's a space-race-war going on all day!

Just don't talk about vietnam.

Female soldiers are fucking inept, they're going to end up getting that expensive piece of equipment fucking destroyed.

Britbong tanker here, can confirm. I facepalmed when they let a woman drive a Challenger 2. She managed to stall it.

Women drivers!!!

I know most of this thread are nogunz civvies, but real female soldiers are honestly astounding dumb. Most of them can't even get through the red phase of basic training without crawling home crying. The few women that pass did it just barely, and female basic training is arguably easier than men's basic training or else you'd get the dumb cunts complaining about inhumane treatment. If you put 1000 women through men's basic training I'd be surprised if even 30 of them make it to the end.
They're so weak-willed it's laughable.

Yup, God help us if they tried loading the gun on a Challenger 2. They'd fuck up the 2 part ammunition.



It reminds me of the shazbot generals back on halfchan when this fucking furry was just spamming his degeneracy and everyone was going "It's not hurting anything, stop complaining."

Meant for

Reading this thread just tells me how much bakagaijins understand miliota culture in Nipland.
The part of it that GuP is aimed at anyway.

Look user, I know it's hard to face reality, but everybody's gotta do it at some point :^)

Women don't belong in the front lines but they can't possibly be a liability elsewhere, right?


Having them causes more disorganization and harm than if they weren't there in the first place.

Is the concept of fiction completely alien to you? Did you give Star Wars 0/10 because the Force doesn't exist?

Why do I find it interesting to watch school girls burning/blowing up inside a tank?


That wasn't the point.

Because it is what should happen to stupid girls in tanks.

It's what does happen.

Go watch American TV then. Nobody is fucking forcing you to watch anime.



What was so complicated about what I said?

You think he watched that show.

Or cared.

I never said he watched it, but he's upset about it in any case.

You make an awful lot of implications user.

don't just*

Eh fucked that up.

You are.

You sound quite assblasted user.


You honestly seem upset that he likes seeing schoolgirls dying in tanks.
He didn't even say anything about any show.


You honestly seem to be laboring under the illusion that someone is forcing him to watch anime. If it triggers him so much then he can go watch something else, like American TV. What is the problem?

I didn't imply anything.

You just did, you are implying I am mad about the anime and it's not that I am interested in just watching girls burn in tanks.

You are pretty autistic user.

I'm not implying anything.

You don't know what that word means.

I am amazed you are still posting user.

Jesus fucking christ, how does someone fail so hard? You are clearly fucking retarded and don't belong here user.

Anyway getting this slim piece of crap on topic. Anyone know if that AW Lords of War is worth a shit?

I'm not. You have no idea what the word means.

How am I retarded? How do I not belong here?

My sides user, oh fuck my sides. I have never laughed so much at user since (84) shilling Star Citizen.

Yes, that's correct. You don't know what the word means.


What exactly are you trying to accomplish here? You don't know what the word means. No matter how many of these posts you make, that will not change.

It's nice to shill for the outfit, but would have been better to do it for the 3 month anniversary.

Those look like 2 jellyfish in a sack getting punched upwards by a midget