Source Thread

Post a video, music webm or general gameplay video and someone will tell you the source for it.

Starting with this bitch.

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This one as well, I remember hearing the first song by itself, but that doesn't matter now.

This one is stirs nostalgia and an intense warm melancholy emotion inside me.

I'd REALLY like to know where this one is from.

ah I know this one

Thank you so much!
It's a really beautiful piece of work, calming and ethereal.

Now, for the real challenge, this artist deleted all his work, and I'm looking a mirror of the bandcamp.

This too.
Basically, the majority of the Gondola music.

The game is Yume Nikki.
I don't know the first song but maybe try the OST. The second one is fucking tetris dude

Well, obviously!
I want to know the source, I already tried the OST, unfortunately.

Nothing similar came up, I'm wondering if tetris is a specific mix, I looked it up and I only get chiptune.


Thank you!


Back in 2014, there was this webm going around of a cat sitting on a curb with its arm hanging over a fence, with a bunch of grass and a field behind it it was called "chill wave cat" or something similar it had this really soothing music which I assume is some variant of the wave genre of music it would make my year if someone could give me the name of the song, bonus points if you post the webm I am talking about. This has nothing to do with video games but I would really appreciate it if you know the song name and if you tell me it.

I know the WebM, I know the song, but I got neither of them.
Look through halfchan's /wsg/, they probably still have it.

Thanks. I took a peek nothing. Any tips of where to look, do you remember the thread you saw it in? I checked the cat thread and I didnt see it. Attached IS NOT the video I am looking for.

I have to point out a few things if you are implying the webm was made by 4chantards; the webm was made before /wsg/ existed, it had sound before, the limited amount of boards on 4cuck that have sound, had sound enabled, I am pretty sure the file size exceed the limit on that site.

It's been a while since I posted this

Still don't know what game is this

I need to know where THAT bass comes from. The one that goes through 0:13 through 0:24. It appears later in the high quality rip.

Sorry for the reply, got nothing. Good luck.

This is baldr sky

nvm it's Bad Apple


Thats the one. Do you know the song?


It's not a video game, but I've seen this posted several times in the webm threads but haven't gotten a name for it yet.


Moonsetter from one of the Homosucks soundtracks.

There it is, how I love and appreciate you so much user, thanks a ton.


Probably should have specified that I'm looking for the song. Thank you though.

even when I'm not on Holla Forums that shit will follow me forever. jesus christ just be done already.

It's done. Don't worry, the finale was shit and satisfied no-one.

Good. Now I just need to wait for the game to come and pass and maybe, in a decade, I won't see candy-corn horned devils at every con I go to.

IIRC, the game's not coming out. I believe the guys Hussie was working with took the money and ran, ended up using it on a different game.

I could be wrong, though.

I already know the anime's name, just looking for the name of the song, original video would be nice too

Hussie got scammed out of the cash and closed the project. It's one of the reasons he started subtly fucking the fans over as hard as he could.

I feel your pain, user, but rest assured, the series is over now.

2.5 million down the drain.

Here is the original video, the source should be in there. The song is RADWIMPS - Hyperventilation (or at least the moonspeak for that)

It'll follow you like Cowboy Bebop: it was really popular and will still crop up occasionally, but it'll be mostly forgotten by oldfags and unknown to newfags.

There are 2 songs, the second one sounds like a remix of this

Also, does anyone know the source of this webm?

Music is from Samurai Champloo; no idea about the visual. I sifted through a few time lapse videos, but i lost interest once i nailed the song.

spoilered for gachimuchi :^)

Perfect, should have specified that I was looking for the song though, sorry about that

What is the song playing from right before 03:14:00 til 3:18:40 ?
I would Shazam it but my phone internet hasn't worked in a week. Someone please.

Here's the full song.

I've tried everything to find the source myself, but I couldn't find it

It's been a while since i tried cross-board linking but i hope this works.



Anybody know source of this?

name of song or dj's mix? 'disco shit' is not the name
girls number if possible too

She's pregnant. I forget the source but she was a gogo dancer. Try searching for it on youtube.

I'm not sure where this is originally from gifwise, but the falling baby is from Kill La Kill.

All I can find is a certain mix. The name is disco shit though. It means cocaine, that's all the songs about. It's by Jeff Morena. Embedded is the mix I found

How about this?


How about the music from this fucking thing?



The fuck is this song?