What is the comfiest gaming platform, Holla Forums?

What is the comfiest gaming platform, Holla Forums?

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Console and Laptop.


obviously it's pc.

can use comfy chair, couch or desired seat
controller of choice (wired or wireless),
screen set up of choice, possibly multiple or VR
great assortment of sound tools, great headphones, speakers or soundbar through bluetooth
customization in games, mods
one click away from midget gangbang porn, try getting that on nintendo


PC desks make you look like an autist.

what are you fucking 12? everyone has a desk.

but even the desk is optional, wall mount your setup if it triggers you so much pleb. enjoy roasting your balls and not being able to upgrade

Reported for not being intelligent enough to be allowed to post here.


Can sit at the computer all day but console or handheld would make sore within an hour or two.

Gaming laptops.
Can play them outside, can play them in bed, can play in the bathroom. They support mouse and keyboard or controller.

Stay mad fags

what is screen glare

main point though
this is an oxymoron, there is no such thing.

Good gaming laptops have special screens that remove screen glare, unlike handhelds like the 3DS whose screens become mirrors once they're outside.

kay fam

i get bored posting the same shit to argue with casuals about gaming laptops over and over again so i'll let these posts do it instead.
read up.

please use archive.is/forums/pc-mac-linux-society-1000004/why-you-dont-want-to-buy-a-gaming-laptop-29199265/




first link is gamespot which I guess triggers people, it's a user submitted post though.


So instead of having your own opinion you're just reading reddit and gamefaqs (lel) posts and articles?
That's faggy as fuck dude.

But whatever, gaming laptops are great.

Depends on what seats you have. For me its PC since I have an ultra expensive reclining office chair but I could see how it might be console/the couch for some.

I just said I get bored arguing it over and over with casuals so I gave you articles defending the point.

if you want to keep being a casual pleb sucker be my guest though, the rest of us will be using a real gaming platform

Yes, and you're parroting reddit opinions. I mean if there ever was a definition of being wrong, dude that's it.

I honestly was as dumb as you before getting this laptop, being able to just bring it wherever I want and use it wherever I want changed my life. I can just take it to a friend's house and work on our game there. I can bring it to lan parties. I can use it on planes and when I go back home.

It's fucking amazing.

Also you're using sage as a downvote.

I was using sage because my post isn't directed at the purpose of the thread, you know, HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE USED YOU FUCKING NEWFAG.

you're a fucking faggot. everything I posted is well presented and the articles are thought out and based on good arguments.
you didn't read them because your head is so far up your ass you cant hear anything but your own thoughts.

get the fuck out.


you are a cancerous faggot. even more so than laptopfag over here.

Are you retarded? It's perfectly on topic.

Also most of reddit opinions are "nah you shouldn't" so I don't think you read the thread either.
In the gamefaqs thread there's excellent points as to why you should get one.
And the article is so lackluster and one sided that it really seems like you cherrypicked it only because it supports your point.

I mean you're not doing a very good job.

I googled and picked the first four results randomly, if you'd like to know.

make a thread about it here if you're so triggered by REDDIT

So you shit on me for not reading them, which is not true, while you say that all these threads make your point for you better than you ever could, but in reality you didn't even read them.
Which means not only you don't have an opinion, but you also don't even know why you hate something.

That's just trash user

Did you really fucking google "why laptops r bad?" for your augment? AHAHAHAHA

console followed by handheld

pc if you've got a recliner and your peripherals at a reasonable distance

I always fall asleep within ten minutes of playing my PSP in bed. I don't know if it counts as comfy if I'm that sleep deprived.

I wish my PC setup was more comfortable, but my chair and desk are garbage and it's not really a priority to buy better ones right now.

What kind of psp do you have? I wanna get one for emulation and hacking. is go any good?

I'm pretty sure the PSPgo is limited in the hacking department, the easier PSPs to hack are the 1000 and 2000.

Then again it's been years since I hacked mine, so things might've changed.

IS there any real difference between all of the versions? Also how do ps1 games run on it?

The difference is mostly weight and size. PSP 1000 is huge and heavy as shit to the point where it becomes hard to lug around. 2000 is where it gets better and you can actually fit it in a pocked easily. 3000 and 4000 follow the same line, but again I think they might be harder to hack.
I have never had a GO, the difference with it is that it has no UMD reader, and a completely different layout.

PS1 games run pretty much perfectly, you can also convert normal ISOs to the format to make them work on the PSP. I managed to get policenauts to run on mine for example.

hey, i scanned them to check what they were about

I honestly dont' really give a shit if people make stupid decisions but i'll still try to tell them it is

Please go back to 4chan
That's like SJW arguing

Handheld. But it would be great if you could throw it on the big TV when you got home and recline in a comfy chair with a fuckhuge screen and surround sound.

If only there was a company working on this right now…

its just not worth the effort, honestly

That'd be a good excuse, if you hadn't spent the past 40 minutes arguing with me about this.

Having bad eyesight makes all of them uncomfy.

you're mistaken if you think i'm doing anything but lurking and checking every now and the when the thread bumps up.
let me rephrase, typing isn't hard and doesn't take effort, but taking the time to argue a point with another casual tard when i've already done it a hundred times with other people just seems like boring shit and I don't care.

So again, you have no argument, and have to make excuses as to why you're still here responding

my argument was that gaming laptops dont exist and even if I was lazy supporting the point it doesn't really make it wrong.

you want a fucking dissertation from some dude on the internet and it's just not going to happen because at the end of the day you really just don't matter that much.

in a couple years remember me though, when you hate your "gaming laptop"

But they do, since I have a laptop, and I game on it. So you're wrong there

I've had it for about 3 years, still love it. Still didn't break.

You really do sound fucking retarded though

Oh and I also have a desktop, but I use it so little I installed linux on it and transformed it into a server.


I've got a 1000. is right about the weight, it starts to feel very heavy playing it in bed if you're not on your side. I removed the UMD drive because it bothered me so much.

If you only intend on using it for hacking, the Go is the optimal device, but you'll probably pay a little more for it compared to a 1000 or 2000. 1000s have less RAM compared to other models (32MB vs. 64MB), but there's no noticeable slowdown on emulators and only mild slowdown on the most demanding PSP games (We Love Katamari started to chug a little for me). It still plays everything as far as I know. NTSC PS1 games are near-flawless and run natively after converting them, but you might have to find some way around some issues. I remember MGS's Psycho Mantis fight locking up when he tries to read your data, can't remember what I did to fix that or if I just waited. Most emulators up to the N64 run fine; some people have said that they can run 64 games on non-1000 models, but my tests have only ended in failure.

You can pick up a PSP-1000, a 16GB MicroSD card (the PSP only supports up to 64GB of storage, so don't get greedy), and a Memory Stick Duo adapter for probably under $50 and have it hacked within ten minutes.

My 2000 can only run them without audio
Anybody that tells you they work is a liar

handheld but not if they have garbage ergonomics like the 3DS, then PC then console

Mobile phone

I can be in my comfy bed at 4am, swaddled in warm blankets, head resting on soft pillow, with the warm glow of my phone screen keeping me awake.

Either that or PC for same reasons, with added benefit of having games

cfw'd psp supports up to a theoretical 2TB of storage, 64GB is just on stock firmware. Get a microsd to memory stick duo adapter, memory stick duo's are retardedly overpriced.

being 12 is the comfiest gaming platform


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