Divinity: Original Sin Co-op

Anyone actually try it? What's it like? Is it worth putting up with someone else?

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I think it's really neat. The person that initiates conversation does most of the talking, but sometimes the other player can give their opinion or outright force a different action. Also, you don't have to listen to the other person talking and can do go do whatever, including talking to another npc. Though you might miss out on exp/bonuses from the conversations when separate. And one can initiate combat while the other can walk around freely or choose to enter combat with a sneak attack or something.

You'd really have to like, or at least tolerate the other person to enjoy it. Maybe get to know them before starting the game. Make sure it's someone who actually likes rpgs and reading, and isn't a faggot that plays as a girl. Supposedly there's a 4 player mod. Wonder how that'd go.

I think it's the best co-op game I've ever played, and I played a shitload of co-op.

Fuck me then. I don't know anybody who'd be into trying it. Every gamer I know is a casual CoD bro or Hearthstoner

I feel like i like the game, I just have a bit of a hard time getting into it.

Only if they're big guys.

So I feel that playing co-op might help. Fuck I didn't mean to send that last post yet. Sage for double.

Depends on who that someone else is. You both would need patience as it's a turn based game. The only thing particularly questionable about the game is how the personality traits tie in with the choices in the story and character stats. Some of the personality traits don't actually line up with the situation (like the dilemma in context would make sense to contribute to Romantic/Pragmatic, but it turns out to be a Spiritual/Materialistic thing)

I found a co-op partner off Holla Forums. He turned out to be pretty cool. Probably isn't hard to find; unless, I don't know, you end up playing with someone who constantly posts smug anime pictures or cropped porn.

It's my preferred way to play that shit mostly because I can't stand having to cart around multiple people at once. Just make sure the person isn't a complete retard and isn't flaky as hell because it's a long game for a co-op game. It will probably take you a couple of afternoons.

Play the original version, not the enhanced edition. "Enhanced" is just a codeword for "no fun allowed."

I'd invite you for 3 player, but someone would have to be a non main character. Also the other guy just about never has free time.

How so?

I hear enhanced made the game worth. Explain what changed.

I have all kinds of free time. Co-op?

No, I mean we'd never get the chance to play since he's always busy, and I can't just blow him off since he's the one who invited me to play. Though he doesn't mind being one of the npcs.

Fair enough.

They fixed some shit, which is great, but they also rebalanced and changed a lot of shit that had no business being changed for a single-player/non-competitive multiplayer game. It's a ratio of about 1 good change to 1.5 bad changes in my opinion.

Just as an example:
In standard edition you can take the Lone Wolf perk to boost your vitality and stats to high levels at the cost of a companion slot, and Glass Cannon which boosts your action points per turn at the cost of your vitality. You can take those two perks simultaneously and the vitality gain and loss mostly cancel each other out giving you a character that has the stats and action points for two characters, the health of about one, but is incapable of recruiting a fuccboi for themselves. This was a very popular way to play, mostly because you could handle the game well enough with just the two people and didn't need another two tosspots following you around for anything (and one of the first really popular mods let you play the whole game with only one mans rather than the pair).

Well the devs thought this was too OP I guess and now you can't take those two perks together. That shouldn't have happened in a non-competitive game. It's the unnecessary removal of content being passed off as an enhancement.

That's not to say all their "enhancements" are this way. There are definitely a number of good ones. They optimized it a bit though I wasn't really having any trouble running it before and they added a few new things here and there, and fleshed out some areas near the end. But the things they removed or changed were just completely unnecessary, or worse, actually detracted from the game.

Are follower NPC's that bad?

You control the follower NPCs, not really. I considered some of them good for extra stuff like crafting or lockpicking, or pickpocketing that I didn't want on my main characters. They become an inconvenience if the path to follow you, if they're linked to your character, ends up aggroing some monsters or landing them in lava (insta-kill). But the pathing is generally good for the latter not to happen.

I'm guessing it's because it is simpler to control one character instead of two, especially since it's a turn-based game. It's been a while since I played it so I don't even remember if you can set their actions to automatic.

However, some of them have quests of their own, pretty interesting ones to boot, and even their own input in certain conversations IIRC. If you're the guy who wants to read up on all the dialogue, there's no reason not to bring as many companions as you can.

The Glass Cannon/Lone Wolf thing is justified, because you can do really overpowered shit with it.

In fact, Enhanced edition was all about nerfing overpowered builds, since it was quite easy to get into a combination that allowed you to roflstomp everything, which is what players complained about.

I'd love to play co-op with someone.

steamcommunity.com/id/bondagefai/ add me

Bump for the day people's opinions.

It's a fucking singleplayer game and I wish they'd spent time on polishing it so it didn't need 12 months of patching, rather than adding unplayable meme modes.
Good rpg, though.


Then they can let me properly customize the other two guys and kill their annoying "companions" on sight, fuck them.

almost a 10/10 game, just needed a way to do some form of new game plus.

co-op is ridiculously memorable and fun even if you guys dont meme it to hell, which is pretty rare these day

speaking from experience, its worth every penny. plus devs gave owners of original the EE for free, which was top tier. played it twice, loved it twice.

Divinity 3 when?

Literally never.
The devs are making OS2 next, and I'd bet after that they'll make Dragon Commander 2.

well shit

if you want to coop it you need a friend who is into these kinds of games and has enough spare time to play it with you.

I just want another game like Divine Divinity. The casual questing was chill.

Did anyone like the first one? I never tried it but it seemed only thing people talked about was the dating sim part.

The co-op was fun.
too bad you couldn't play the campaign in co-op mode

The one friend i managed to get to play it actually got to halfway with me before quitting because "the game sucks this unfair" and other whining but then again i should've known what to expect with him as he's a damn whiner and No Fun Allowed in every game.

Anyone want to co-op the game with a half-deaf autistic Finngolian who wont shut up once he get's comfy?

I'd love to but I'm a wagecuck

Neetlyfe > cucklyfe

mee töihin :DDDD

minun veromarkoilla helvetti saatana eletään

Mutku oon laiska ::((((

I'd try. If your autism didn't overwhelm me, I think I could put up with it.

Even the "just fucking guess how to beat this quest faggot" quests were fun, like the one where you have to find what door a key an orc drops opens.

Well im not that autistic, maybe a bit "unfun" at the start because of rusty english and new people esp foreigners make me bit anxious.
steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036441532 here's meine steam if you want to give it a go.

In retrospect, that could have been plausible to figure out because you can see the barrels of poison through walls and the cellar is relative close to the location. That farmer should have given a hint though. Or some of the Thieves Guild guys.