3DS Homebrew Bunker

If you're a full on ADHD Retard you can get a Chrome Extension to help you with the guide as well: bob.me.tz/age/
Memchunkhax2 is an exploit used to downgrade 3DS firmware. Most importantly, it can downgrade to 9.2, which is the ideal firmware that can be further exploited for access to CFW, and thus piracy and faster homebrew and emulators via kernel mode. This is possible on any firmware up to and including 10.7. Memchunkhax2 requires access to homebrew in order to run.
Memchunkhax2.1 is an exploit, much like it's predecessor, to downgrade 3DS firmware. This time, it works on 10.4-10.7, and is considerably more stable(?). As it is a new exploit that just popped out of nowhere, it may be untested and unstable for some systems and firmwares. Use this exploit at your own risk.
While 11.0 has only managed to patch MemChunkHax2.1 halfway, Nintendo has instated a minimum system app version list. This means that without a hardmod, it will take another exploit on the scale of 9.2 to be able to downgrade. There is a work-around now, however.
First, quit being such a massive faggot, and then find your firmware version below. Then see smealum.github.io/3ds/, unzip the starter kit to your SD card, and follow instructions to setup the Homebrew Launcher. Note that Tubehax is dead on all devices, all firmwares. Ignore it.
If you have a browser available, use the package in part 4 of the installation guide to dump your OTP, then update to 9.2 and install A9LH+CFW. Read here for more details: github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/9.2.0-Update If you have cubic ninja but no browser, see here: github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/9.2.0-Update-(Cubic-Ninja-OTP)
You'll want to update to 9.0-9.2, preferably 9.2. There are ways to update straight to 9.X with CFW, or you can find a game card that has a 9.0-9.2 update on-cart and use that. read here for more details. github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/9.2.0-Update
You have no use for memchunkhax2/2.1. Install a CFW of your choice.
Use browserhax, optionally install menuhax as a more permanent solution.
If you have the update nag that prevents you from using the web browser, change your system's date to January 1st, 2000 at 00:00, initialize savedata, and immediately use browserhax. Don't exit the browser using the home button, or you'll have to reinitalize save data.
If you have the nag, you can beat it by opening the web browser as fast as you can from boot before the update nag kicks you out. Bookmark the applicable browserhax link, use as quickly as possible. You'll have about 30 seconds. Alternatively, you can use Smashhax if possible. Install menuhax immediately afterwards.
As of writing, from these firmwares upwards on n3DS systems ONLY, you should not have the browser nag. Use browserhax as normal, install menuhax.
Browserhax and menuhax are usable. Ironhax does not work on this firmware as 10.4 REQUIRES you to update the game before launching it.
Downgrades are possible, but browserhax is broken. You must have a primary (Cubic Ninja, Freakyforms Deluxe) or secondary exploit game (Ocarina of Time 3D, Pokemon ORAS). In order to use a secondary exploit, you must have another 3DS with homebrew or a Powersaves (OOT3D ONLY). For more info on Powersaves, go here gbatemp.net/threads/oot3dhax-powersave-edition.401799/
Downgrading is now possible with hardmod, or with software ONLY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A 3DS WITH CFW. github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/DSiWare-Downgrade
If you're interested in doing a hardmod, a guide is available here: gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-noob-friendly-nand-dumping-2ds-3ds-3ds-xl-n3ds-n3ds-xl.414498/ Downgrade from 11.0 with a hardmod is outlined in the A9LH Guide.

Other urls found in this thread:


3DS Downgrading & Setting up CFW Links:
Installation (Follow up to step 3 for sysNAND + emuNAND, all the way for full A9LH Installation)
Thread Archives, 3DSISO Account, and Others: pastebin.com/7JAD1x3U
Luma3DS and ReiNAND are the two most popular CFW and support A9LH, as well as having a number of features: Region Free, Language Emulation, etc.
rxTools is now out of date and lacks support for newer features as well as no longer under active development. Not recommended. If you have been using it previously, it is advised to switch.
All CFWs support both O3DS and N3DS.
For additional features such as cheats, save states, screenshots, and screen capture(NEW 3DS ONLY), use your CFW of choice to launch NTR CFW.
For NTR to launch, you must download a Firmware.bin file from the A9LH guide, part 5, even if you're using emunand.
For more detailed info about each CFWs feature set, go here: gbatemp.net/threads/wip-faq-what-cfw-is-best-for-me.428509/
Do further, thorough research on your own. Ask smart questions here.
To update from rxTools, first check that your sysnand is on 9.2. Users running rxtools

Disregard .3ds rom dumps - this is a format for flash carts and citra only.
Downloading roms directly from nintendo is possible, and recommended as a first approach before visiting external sources, excluding the obvious such as romhacks.
3dsiso.com/ and 3dschaos.com/ are the most commonly used sites for finding roms.
If you would like to download roms direct from nintendo's servers on your 3ds you can use freeshop: github.com/Cruel/freeShop/releases or ciangel: github.com/llakssz/CIAngel/releases/tag/v0.80
on your PC you can also generate FBI-Scannable QR codes using Shameless: github.com/HouseBreaker/Shameless/releases or use CDN-FX to download directly: ptrk25.github.io/GroovyFX/
In order to download direct from Nintendo you must have an encTitleKeys.bin file. This contains title keys for games. You can get one here: 3ds.titlekeys.com/ or if using freeshop, get a cia installable updater for this file here: github.com/MatMaf/encTitleKeys.bin-Updater/releases
>How does 3ds.titlekeys.com/ get keys?
the encTitleKeys.bin most commonly used by all is dependent on user submissions. If you have a title that isn't available on 3ds.titlekeys.com/ you can add it yourself for all to download.
Using Decrypt9, go to titlekey options, then titlekey decrypt for your respective nand. This will dump a decTitleKeys.bin, which is different than an encTitleKeys.bin. you can submit it to the website, where it will be added. You can create an encTitleKeys dump using Titlekey Dump, but the site doesn't take these.
You can encrypt your decTitleKeys.bin using titlekey encrypt (file) in the options. This will make it usable for everyone. you can then open this file in CDN-FX or a number of other tools to see the encrypted title key for your specific title in plain form, and post it here, or generate a QR code.
Basic Utilities Pack: my.mixtape.moe/djqyuj.zip
A Bunch of 3DS .cia's: pastebin.com/UdL5SN04
Luma3DS (Formerly AuReiNAND) Download: github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/releases
Luma3DS updater CIA: github.com/astronautlevel2/StarUpdater/releases
Luma3ds Nightly Builds: astronautlevel2.github.io/Luma3DS/
ReiNand Download (Now supports O3DS AND N3DS): github.com/Reisyukaku/ReiNand/releases
Python 2.7: python.org/ftp/python/2.7.10/python-2.7.10.msi
In-depth Arm9LoaderHax information: gbatemp.net/threads/arm9loader-technical-details-and-discussion.408537/
3d/scurv/ volafile: volafile.io/r/acH6c7
NTR CFW: github.com/44670/BootNTR/releases 3.4 is New 3DS only, 3.2 supports O3DS. No longer in development, but still useful for features.
Last rxTools nightly (only use if you have to): my.mixtape.moe/vxcoit.zip
Current OP Pasta: pastebin.com/Hn4hN3rf
Last Thread: archive.is/rOEDx

Already a thread retard

wew lad, you call that a thread?

better than this dub-less mess of words

if there isn't a mess of words you get swarmed with people asking the same 3 questions repeatedly.

I'm trying to play Monster Hunter Generations, and I'm getting that issue where it gets stuck on the N3DS splash screen when you try to run the game from the home menu, like it's an out-of-region game. I tried downloading it from both Freeshop and the QR available in the general and got the same thing both times.

I know I've seen other anons run into this issue before, but I can't remember what the solution is. I'm on the standard a9lh/Luma setup, if it matters.

Is there a working virtual boy emulator?

Thanks OP.

So I've got my 9.2 3DS's nands unlinked and the rednand has FBI in the health and safety (haven't tried it yet though) per this guide


What do I do now if I don't want to do 9.2? How do I use FBI (where do I place my CIAs ect)? I understand Luna's stable release is broken. How do I update to the SVN? Is that all I need to do for piracy?

RedDragon works if I recall, I think there's also a retroarch one.

if it's stuck on the red pulsating Nintendo 3DS, visit the page on the eshop and it should fix it.

once you set up rednand you can keep it up to date. FBI has an included SD explorer so you can put them anywhere, and Luma's latest release is fine.

OK, thought I heard something about friend lists being broken breaking online.

Am I done now then? Just put games on the SD card, install and play?

err, not 9.2, meant not go to 4.1.

that's pretty much it. The friends list was broken with luma 5.4 when 11 came out but the latest one has that fixed.



just wait an hour or two and it'll come back. Yellows8 also hosts tubehax dns for wii u users and pretty much everyone with a wii u who knows half of anything uses it.

I put 9.2 in instead of 2.1.

Yeah, the wahoo thing did the trick. I had a feeling that was it, but I figured it was better to ask then risk breaking something.

Eshop, fuck

if you don't want to do the 2.1 thing and set up arm9loaderhax you can use your rednand and keep it updated instead. If you follow the rest of the way through you get sysnand-only coldboot cfw, and if you keep what you have you have to load menuhax on boot like you've been doing but you can skip that part.

Just wanted to thank the user who helped me last thread, reinstalled ninjhax and everything worked perfectly so I'm on 9.2 on my N3DS and backed up by sysNAND without a problem.

I remember there were a bunch of settings when I was setting up Luma and was told not to touch the others beyond the one that makes my Rednand prefixed by "Emu" when setting it up.

Should I turn on some of the others now (there was one about region free and I have a few physical out of region games I used Hans for before)? How do I do that?

luma has regionfree built in. If you're using a rednand setup you need only check the show current nand, and region emulation if you want as well as gba boot screen if you want. On A9LH, you should check autoboot sysnand, sysnand is updates, and force a9lh detection. the others are optional.

I didn't set region emulation when I started. How do I do that now?

Oh, can I safely just run physical carts (which have a version check) when I'm on rednand?

hold select on boot, either when you load it through homebrew launcher or with a9lh on boot.

you can run physical carts on either, but ones requiring newer fw will work on rednand fine.

Anyone have a Wii U hacking guide

download the homebrew launcher and loadiine, copy those to /wiiu/apps on your sd card, then put game dumps in /wiiu/games. go to loadiine.ovh in the browser on the wii u then load the homebrew launcher. load loadiine then you can run your games.

Don't I have to format my SD a certain way

as long as it's FAT32 the wii u doesn't care.

Is conversion from .3ds to .cia fully safe or should I look for an alternate DL for the game I'm looking for?

I've done it 10 times
Every time its worked well

What's the best Pokemon X/Y rom hack? Any comparisons?

OK, I don't think either of the games I got as a .3ds have extant online anyways.

Just in case any of you learning moon wanted to find out how much 8-4 "localized" Shovel Knight, an American game, to Japanese consumers.


Encryption key is: tTSJjjRf8uKCwe81mwFazfSjfryZcLvS8U6ZJBu_ywA
Also currently uploading on volafile.io/r/HF33Go

If you know what you're doing, then yeah. I actually used 3DS Simple Convert to get this .cia to you faggots, since Shovel Knight (Japan) apparently only came in .3ds format. And I had to do a lot of page source fuckery to even get that download link from 3dsiso without virus pop-up bullshit, so be wary of where you get your DL from.

What game are you trying to download, might I ask?

Now to try and find Yakuza 1 & 2 HD

Right now I have .3DS files (but no CIA) for

What do I use to decrypt the xorpads on luma?

Says it can't read the file loadiine.gx2.elf

conversion from .3ds to .cia is fine but it's preferable to get stuff off of cdn for valid tickets if you're weird about that sort of thing and you want to have redownloading.

Wilting Y/Eternal X are pretty decent, avoid Neo X/Y, there's some weird story changes in it and the difficulty curve is stupid.

download the stable then the latest nightly and overwrite the stable with the nightly.

You owe me some lewds for this. This is the process I used to convert Shovel Knight, but it should be relatively similar for you.

This also works. Use Freeshop or CIAngel if need be though the title keys needed are a cruel mistress if users don't upload certain games (e.g. Japanese Shovel Knight).

I don't think you need to fuck around with xorpads if you dump and decrypt your rom ahead of time with decrypt9. it's pretty convenient, you just have to get makerom if I recall.

Could have figured it out from "Decrypt9". Thanks though.

What kind of lewds we talking about?

If you're talking about taking off a girl's clothes in those games I'll need a new way to take screenshots given I'm not using Hans anymore. I don't think Girls Mode 2 changed this between regions so have some English version screenshots.

T-That'll do, user.

Shit, what's slot0x18keyx and slot0x1bkeyx and how do I set them up?

if you have aeskeydb.bin on the root of your sd card you don't need to worry, it fills out all of the needed slotkeys.

Ok, then
Should be

Either one will work, presumably. It's your call on that one.

here's the new way of doing this with the latest decrypt9 and this tool: github.com/ihaveamac/3dsconv/releases

if you dump and decrypt your own cart with d9 you just have to do 3dsconv.

alternatively if you're using python just use the command 3dsconv.py rom.3ds

I do believe you have to download ctrtool and makerom and have them in the same folder. You can get those here:


No issues with going from 9.0 to CFW right? Guide is still the same?

Brother told me his 3DS was 9.0 when I said I got mine modded.

Yeah it's cool, 9.0-9.2 is where it works

Play them, get bored with actually reading all the Nipponese (I can do it, but intros and tutorials are really exhausting to read in English, let alone Nipponese.) then play some more jRPGS, maybe a Pokemon romhack. Still need some recommendations on which one though.

Will likely grab Dragon Ball Fusions when it drops next week. A tactical RPG with mons for party members seems fun even without the license.

the aeskeydb.bin file is just better to use because it's one file that manages all your slotkeys instead of having like 6 loose files on your sd.

Any way to make my 3DS keyboard type Nipponese characters? Just got a 4 character name entry screen.

Does anybody have the EU .cia for Nintendogs + Cats?
Does Lumia allow me to play US games?

Every time I try to start the few I downloaded it just gives me errors and restarts my console

Is there even that much text in Shovel Knight?
You could probably play it without even needing to know English.

c41355 here, you can. But there is quite a lot of text devoted to Shovel Knight (more than your average NES game, at least), so this is really just for those of you who want to try practicing Nippon.

There are also a bunch of visual differences as well.

So let's suppose you have a new 3ds with 11.0 and you wanna downgrade.
Where do you stick the port after you're done soldering the contacts on top of the motherboard?

Luma should allow region-free fine. You might be getting cia's that aren't packed right.

a lot of people like to put it under the back if they don't want it on the outside, but some put it nearer to the charging port. Personally, I'd want it closer to the inside, but either way you gotta cut a hole so you do what's best for you.

Why does Freeshop crash my 3ds with no survivors when I try and download non-US games?

Also anyone have a .cia of Moemon Emerald?

One of my games only gives me a black screen. I can home button out of it, but how do I remove it and reclaim the space it took up?

uninstall it dumbass


Where are the instructions for bypassing the ad links on 3DSiso and getting directly to the games?

Use an adblocker and get a userscript to skip ad links.
Also, you can uninstall things through system settings > data management.

Bottom left green icon
and then you tap what you want to uninstall

Not that user, but thanks. Didn't know how to do that either.

Adding onto this. Is there a way to use gameshark with GBA games on the 3ds?

lads, which DS games have the best 3D effects? I have amblyopia and heard that strong 3D can help to cure it over time. So far the only game I've seen consistently recommended is Super Mario 3D Land. Any other suggestions?

Where is the script?

Go to userscripts.org and look for some, I can't remember the specific one I use.

Smash is pretty good on new 3ds with the head tracking. I would avoid Pokemon x/y because they absolutely tank when the 3d comes on, but if you have a new 3ds oras works decently. Shovel Knight is pretty subtle too if you turn it to like halfway.

both pokemons slow down a lot with 3D on, also not all of the game is 3D and you'll actually spend most of your gameplay with it forced off by the game

So I got an acekard2i and a R4i 3DS-GOLD, how can I play those on Luma?
Do I need to into A9LH? I got Luma on Rednand running and I'd like to play some eshop vidyas during my vacations before trying to set up A9LH and potentially screwing everything.

You can play them fine on emunand but if they don't have header data you have to get a launcher. That's for the crazy old flash carts, though, so you should be fine. I think it all works in emunand fine. A9LH just speeds it because it has to soft reboot into DSi mode for flash carts then soft reboot when you hit home to close, so you have to reload Luma with menuhax.

Need some help guys I successly followed the entire tutorial and downgraded my 3ds after getting some issues and not being able to start some applications I went to format my 3ds by holding y and did no emunad format of SD card Now my 3DS turns on then off and I fucked?

Let me also note i successfully installed luna CFW to make sure I dont confuse anyone

You have arm9loaderhax installed. Use emunand9 to restore your emunand original.bin to sysnand, making sure to use the [keep a9lh] option. This is all included in the guide.


Also in the Luma options remember to check :
Sysnand is updated, autoboot sysnand, force a9lh detection, enable language emulation to

Where should I get a 2ds? I figure gamestop preowned since I can just return it if the firmware is bad, and I have a gift card.

What's the actual brick risk with A9LH?

ay dios mio

With .cia injects, not likely, since the VC doesn't support it. You can on actual emulators, but all the GBA emulators on 3DS are shit.

Anywhere you can get one, but don't pay over $60, because that's what you can get it for refurbished from Nintendo.

Very low. All the software has checks in place for problems and will stop and tell you anything wrong. Just make sure if you're a new 3ds you move decently quickly on 2.1, as it's not made to run on that system. That said, most bricks on 2.1 come from people leaving their new 3ds asleep on 2.1 for like an hour, so if you just do your thing and install a9lh you'll be fine, and then from there you can run stuff from firm0 and if your nand gets corrupted you can just flash a backup before the 3ds could even load it.

I want to fuck that Luma.

No I mean functionally, what's the actual risk? What element of it is the process that can cause a brick to happen? I'm running an O3DS currently sitting at 9.2 and I want to know what element of the process results in a brick because I'm a paranoid fuck. Is it just totally random, or is there something in particular that tends to trigger it (for originals) and so on?

Well that sucks. I like emulating games on my 3ds because it feels more comfy.

For originals you should have almost no chance. I've heard nothing about bricks on o3ds, maybe one or two on new, but with the original the 2.1 downgrade should have almost no risk, the highest risk is probably the browser install and even that is very low risk.

So what are some good games for 3ds then

What's Alpha Sapphire Lewd.cia

Hey, I just looked at the price of old 3ds and it's surprisingly cheap. I'm thinking about buying it. I have never played much nintendo games and the games in the recommended chart doesn't really appeal to me on first look. Is the 3ds really worth it if I don't buy it just because of a game I really want to buy it?


Anyone know if mGBA for the 3DS emulates the gyroscope used in WarioWare: Twisted! and Yoshi's Topsy Turvy?

Qué lástima

try it nerd

If you can't find a game you want to play, you don't need the console.

I just want to say, the nigger that wrote freeshop deserves a gold medal. No more fucking around with stupid linkbucks/adfly cancer sites to get a cia.

Gyro works in both games, however Twisted runs at a constant low frame rate and Turvy has occasional slowdowns

Probably patched with the rei may chest mod.

How do you update Ninjahax?

Download the latest starter pack and put the boot.3dsx on the SD card, update the applications with the starter pack if you want to as well.

Well, I ask because I don't see a bootable on the home menu so Im going to need one of those launchers, what are some good ones? Thanks

How do I reorder the homebrew menu?

download grid launcher friendo


Still no downgrade on 11.0 though?

It's only a matter of time

Here's hoping. I promised my bro I'd hack his N3DS when it's possible

'a matter of time' is going to be a while. It's going to take another exploit (arm9) on the scale of 9.2 to get cfw working again, and those don't blow through as often as the kind that used to get you downgrades (arm11).

I suppose that if BrowserHax 11.0 has been launched, is because of something ```BIG``` happening in the 3DS Scene

Browserhax doesn't mean a ton, it mostly just means that 11.0 users are going to have access to homebrew easily, and 10.6/10.7 users no longer have to have a cart for downgrading. Keep in mind, from 9.2 to 10.3 there were 0 kexploits for downgrading or, even less, from 4.5 to 9.2 there were no exploits for cfw. Ever since then there has been absolutely nothing on that front for newer fw versions.

But keep in mind that the downgrade is already possible with the DSiWare exploit…

Dsiware exploit still requires a 3ds with cfw and isn't a true exploit, it's just a way to generate a nand dump and tamper with it like you do with the hardmod option. You have to swap for a 10.4 nfirm in order to use a real arm11 exploit to downgrade.

I already lost tons of saves getting homebrew since the fucking save backup didn't work.

I'm not losing them again because I'll inevtabily miss a step and am too retarded to use a save backup application

If you were using svdt it fucked with me too, jks save manager has given me absolutely 0 issues however.

Yep. It was the one, and I lose well over 1,000 hours of 4 Ultimate and just had to grit it.

Fuck that was painful. Even if there's something new - can't exactly figure out how it all works, and I'm on 11.0 Reinand. Is it -really- simple to get a9lh from there?

You have to switch to Luma at least temporarily and downgrade to 2.1 for about 5 minutes though the process is much more lengthy. You might want to switch to Luma regardless because it's more feature-packed than reinand but if you're happy with what you have then stick to your guns. Also, I recommend jks save manager, it is a hell of a lot better than svdt.

Took me like a fucking month to figure out how to get out of RXtools to Reinand alone. I have no idea what to delete, and I renamed a few files so that fucking auto-boot would kick into Reinand.

It's such a pain. Sometimes I wish I kept my 3DS legit

Switching from reinand to Luma3DS is as simple as this: copy the Luma3DS.dat, 3ds folder, and Luma folder to your SD then delete the reinand.dat, rei folder, and /3ds/reinand folder. If you don't use the homebrew launcher you can use the custom boot.3dsx in the Luma download to use menuhax to load direct into Luma, or if you're using a boot manager you basically just have to point to the loader .3dsx so you can just change it in the settings text file on the SD.

Ok, I've done the switch.

Now I have a screen that states Luma 3DS v5.5 Configuration.

Should I just put it on "Use second EmuNAND as default"?

Trying to push to this a9lh shit, even if it'll potentially job my saves.

Use second emunand is for multi emunand setup, just check region emulation and show current nand for now.
Once you set up a9lh you want to make sure you have sysnand is updated, force a9lh detection, and autoboot sysnand. Follow the guide linked in op in part 4 for instructions, and backup your emu and sysnand ahead of time.

Do I have to use Browserhax since the secondaries aren't working on 11.0? I can't exactly launch the homebrew to back things up, and people told me to disregard this problem months back..

If you want to use the homebrew launcher just download the homebrew starter pack and copy it over to load the homebrew launcher then put the homebrew applications in the /3ds folder. You can use browserhax on 11.0, but on emunand you can just install a homebrew launcher cia anyways.

It hasn't worked for 4 months, and trying to change the robpins I have installed results in a black screen and "ERROR HAS OCCURRED" to try and update from menuhax 2.5.

Progress is complicated.

Copy the new boot.3dsx for the new hbl and rename the otherapp payload 10.7 to 11 and it should work. You can use menuhax on sysnand if you're still using it just swap your boot.3dsx for the homebrew launcher one. If you don't have an hbl boot.3dsx the cia can't load it either.

My current "boot.3dsx" is the Luma3DS one.

I'm getting a growing headache, and I'm not technologically adept enough for this homebrew shit. Thanks for the help.

Tell me, is that save manager ALSO needed within the homebrew loader I can't seem to get online?

Jks save manager is and installable cia. The boot.3dsx on the SD card is the thing that the homebrew access points like browserhax, menuhax, or the cia start up, and load the boot.3dsx. Since you're using lumas instead of the default launching homebrew will only load Luma, you have to download the homebrew launcher starter pack and use its boot.3dsx on your SD to actually load the homebrew launcher.

Does that clarify it?

Yes it does, but that leaves me with no way to launch my emuNAND..apparently.

That -does- make sense as to why I can't do anything but launch Luma, if the luma is in fact the boot.

Inside the lumas downloadable zip, there's a 3ds folder. The 3ds folder there's a luma folder and inside of that theres a loader for Luma. If you copy over the 3ds folder it'll merge and then you'll see Luma as a loadable option in the homebrew launcher. The boot.3dsx solution is just a way to get in faster if you're using emunand.

so i have menu hax on 11.0 can i downgrade now?

You're fucking stupid. Read the op.

There's been a new development and it's undetermined if the op is still accurate. I personally would like to know if this is the case because if we can get into the homebrew channel we should be able to do everything else….unless my understanding isn't adequate.

The op is still accurate. There are 2 cpus in the 3ds. Arm9, and Arm11. There are 2 kinds of exploit. User land, and kernel. Arm11 User land is where most homebrew falls, which is limited access to the arm11 processes to run your own code. Previously when you got arm11 kernel you could downgrade system titles by using the higher privileges, but since 11.0 came out the Arm9 enforces a list of minimum versions. The Arm9 is used pretty much exclusively for security and crypto functions. Arm9 trumps arm11 so even if you get an arm11 kernel exploit, if you try to force a downgrade the Arm9 will check it against the list and shut it down. The dsiware exploit gets around this by injecting a part from 10.4 into the 11.0 firmware so that the Arm9 reads the old firmware without the list. This is more of a trick than a real exploit, the dsiware doesn't actually have the same privileges as a 3ds homebrew with proper kernel is, but you can make a nand dump and modify it.

The last Arm9 exploit was found in 9.2. Arm9 user land is functionally the same as kernel because you're not really supposed to have much access to it to begin with. We downgrade to 9.2 in order to make use of this exploit, and it allows us to access crypto functions with tools such as decrypt9 and create a clone of our nand and use a custom firmware to load it as the menu instead of the original, with special patches to disable security checks (allowing us to install things to the home menu and run pirated games).

Menuhax, browserhax, and all other basic homebrew exploits are arm11 user land, meaning that they're limited. The arm11 kernel found in 10.6 still has the capability to be made to work here, however it does us no good because of the aforementioned Arm9 problem. You have homebrew now. You can use emulators and set custom themes, but you can't do much beyond that. It will take a major breakthrough in order to get downgrading from 11.0 in the native 3ds firm, and even if it becomes a possibility it's pointless because at that point people should be downgrading to 11, not to 9.2.

Basically, just because you have homebrew, doesn't Eman you get everything.

Also I'm going to get the op updated for the new browserhax since this does mean 10.6/7 users can use browserhax instead of messing with powersaves and oot3dhax, so they don't need their own section. I'll do that once I get back home tomorrow.

Lame, but that does mean they're inching ever closer to cracking 11.0. Sorry for not fully understanding!

You're fine, all this 3ds stuff just really gets my autism going so I want people to be informed without dealing with the cancer that is gbatemp as much as possible. For a while the whole scene was moving at a fucking mental pace and the op was way out of date, but I've been trying to stay on top of it, and it's slowed down since the 10.3-10.7 rush.

The biggest downer for me was how insignificant 11.0 actually was in terms of features. 9.0 brought theming and 9.6 brought out home menu layout saving, but since then all the updates have been insignificant. I want some cool shit like screenshots in games but by the looks of it Nintendo doesn't want that so hopefully Luma picks that up at some point.

I think I have a problem.
I had been using my downgraded O3DS with emuNAND and all that jazz without any issues for at least half a year. Lately I've been itching to play something to kill time, and since I haven't opened it yet, I decided to try out Kirby Triple Deluxe. The problem is, the next day I decided to leave it in sleep mode in case I wanted to play more later on, but when I opened the 3DS up the screen stood black and the power light indicated it was still in sleep mode. Tried closing it and opening it up again, nothing. I shut it down, and when I turned it on again the screen wouldn't light up. Tried taking out the SD card, but nothing happened. Did I somehow brick my 3DS?

What Nipponese only games should I get if I know Nipponese?

I just near-closed the 3DS and shut it down again, then opened and turned back on. Everything back to normal, thank fuck.
By the way which one's the latest version of the starter pack? Also I run rxTools, is it opssible to update it or something?

You should drop rxtools for Luma. Theres a small guide for that in the op, basically just copy some files. To update your homebrew launcher just go to smealum.github.io/3ds and download it there.

NTR already has it.

Why is that?

Greasemonkey isn't Pale Moon compatible. What do I use to run the adsite blocker script instead?

NTR has been discontinued by the dev so it's only around for as long as we can stretch it, and it's all closed source so there's no way to truly modify it or update it.

Rx is out of date and lacking in features. The tools it has are outdone by decrypt9, and compared to Luma there are absolutely no gains. Luma is still being actively developed and supports language emulation out of the box, and region free is standard at this point. On top of all of that its bloated and has a lot of hard coding that can potentially be broken. The FBI injection it does can screw up your nand as well. It also lacks support for arm9loaderhax if you want that.

Sounds like you're shit out of luck tbqh famalam

Hey does anyone have a cia for the rutile ruby 679 build? I've looked around on 3dsiso and couldn't find it.


Whenever the new version of Luma comes out, it looks like it may support exfat. You can try it in the nightly versions.


So what kinds of SD card are people using for CFW? I got a nice 64gb Samsung, but I get all kinds of errors and crashes because it's not 100% compatible with the 3DS. I want to stick with a 64, but I need one that isn't classified as SDXC.

I'm on Part 4 Section II of the guide Plailect guide and when I try to inject FBI_inject_with_banner.app it ends up failing and saying "hs.enc has wrong size". Not sure where I went wrong cause I was following it to the letter.

I don't think the SD is your problem (or at least not for the reason you think it is). I'm using an 128GB SDXC without issues.

What's Exfat?

What version of Decrypt9 are you using? Is it the latest?

Cards over 64gb work with the 3DS. I have a 64gb Sony card and it works fine. Last time I had SD card problems I copied everything to my computer and I nuked the shit out of it with a full format, and everything was fine after that. Make sure the cluster size is 64kb too (I think the more recent versions of EMUnand9 do that automatically).

exFat is a type of file system like FAT32 (which the 3ds uses for sd cards) but exFAT gets rid of the file limitations that FAT32 has.

Since on 10.7 on a new 3DS, is it worth downgrading and installing CFW? I just want to play MH online and deciding is stopping me do so.

Is the 3DS capable of matching the PSP in terms of emulation outside SNES? That's all I'd really use it for mainly, even then, getting to the SD card is fucking tedious. From how it sounded before, it's not as simple as drag and drop ROMs onto it, is it?

Any good homebrew games? How's DOOM run on it?

it's worth downgrading and installing cfw, it's not hard at all to set it up.

The 3DS doesn't match the psp in some fronts, but it's pretty decent. SNES can be emulated on new 3ds perfectly, and on old 3ds it's okay with blargsnes. You can use retroarch emulators if you want to drag-and-drop roms but usually the best solution is Virtual Console injects, which means you get your games as installable .cia files like any other 3ds game and install them that way.

Downgrade to 9.2? Worth it.

2.1? No.

Chiming in here to say that it works very well for Game Boy and SNES emulation for different reasons (GB/C for the added 3D effect by holding select when loading up the game, SNES for having perfect audio and no lag). I would also assume Genesis emulation and PC Engine emulation works reasonably well, though I would still use a RetroArch emulator. However, for NES emulation you're better off using a RetroArch .cia.

the 2.1 downgrade really isn't that horrible in practice. On Old 3DS it's even more mundane. New 3DS isn't as hard as people crack it up to be.

I guess I'll try that. Every now and then I'll defrag the card and check for file errors and that seems to stop the errors for a while. I really hope it's just something with the card and not the 3DS itself.

Similar situation as with N3DS 10.7.0-32U.

Got OoT3D and an already homebrewed n3ds. The gbatemp guide does not explain at all what I need the already homebrewed one for. I plan on going all the way with the downgrade/CFW since I got Stella Glow and want the Jap audio hack. Fucking can't tell if all the girls have the same English VA. And it hurts like 4kids.

So 2 questions:

1. What purpose does the haxxed DS play in OoThax entrypoint?

2. Given my firmware, should I try browserhax as an entrypoint, and then do the 9.2 downgrade etc. from the OP copypasta guide? Or is the new stuff not downgrade/CFW ready?

you could use the pre hacked ds to install the exploit onto oot3d. However, Browserhax has just been updated for 10.5-11.0, so it's a good first step. I find oot3dhax to be more consistent but browserhax is easier, just go to yls8.mtheall.com/3dsbrowserhax_auto.php

10.7 is downgrade ready, follow the guide linked in the OP.

Can anyone point me to a guide to switch from RxTools to Luma? I'm pretty much retarded without the proper instructions.

DOOM runs alright but for some reason I can't get it to play the music. Maybe it's just me.

there's a guide in op, but it boils down to this: copy luma3ds.dat, along with the luma and 3ds folders from the zip to your SD. delete rxtools stuff. Load luma from homebrew launcher, hold select on first boot, and check "show current nand in system settings".

Thanks. So once I get past browserhax and downgrade, I can install CFW and stuff. The entrypoint sploit stability doesn't mean anything after that, right?

Also, going the Luma/AL9H route. Does Luma Updater do the sysNAND updating, or do I need to download patched firmwares for playing 11.0 games and beyond?

Thanks for the help user(s)!

it does if you intend to use an emunand setup without arm9loaderhax, if you choose to set up a9lh then no it doesn't matter at all.

Luma's updater just updates the cfw, it's not sysnand or emunand specific, but it has menuhax (.dat) updating and arm9loaderhax (.bin) updating seperately. To keep up to date on a9lh just update thru system settings, and same for emunand, but double check you're in emunand first.

Got homebrewlauncher and the downgrade going ok, but EmuNAND9 isn't playing nice. It can't seem to boot. I downloaded EmuNAND9 20160606 and merged only the 3ds folder form the zip.

I tried about 30 or so times, rebooted into homebrew launcher a few times too. It just does the red flash and then goes back to the menu. Any ideas?

Figured I had an incomplete downgrade! Yay for CuckCuckGo!

Anyone have an updated recommended list?

I'm in a slump and not sure what to play.

Devil Survivor Overclocked
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Ace Attorney series
Prof. Layton series
Majora's mask
Yokai Watch

Girls Mode 3
Metal Max 4
Kenka Bancho 6

Would I be able to use a new 3ds XL for piracy if i buy it new?
how 'safe' is running homebrew on the 3ds? is it like with the Wii where you'd have to go out of your way to cause harm to the system? or will i forever be a little scared that somehow my 3ds will brick itself?

So are the normally a pain in the ass to put in your 3ds, or did I just get a shitty one? Feels like I have to mess with it every time I put it in and take it out. Normal DS games go in just fine.

Also anyone have some recommendations on what I should play for the DS?

What's a good flash cart to use for DS games on my arm9 3DS?

I tried both the latest version of Decrypt9 and the May 5th one. didn't seem to make a difference either way.

have you ever done FBI inject with gateway's or rxtool's functions?

It is weird to fit in there, but from my experience plenty of others are too, I don't know what it is about it but it works.

you pretty much have to go out of your way once you set it up. If you're cautious setting it up you won't have any issues.

I recommend the r4i 3ds from r4ids.cn usually, you can get it from modchipsdirect.com for $20 shipped in the us and it'll show up in a couple days instead of a couple months.


So if any of you were dumb enough to buy into the Sticker Star hype ages ago, here's a reason to keep that piece of shit.


Guarantee you, Nintendo will take it down - but if they're especially greedy they'll keep this game in particular up just so they can say people will actually buy into their bullshit from now on.

Is it safe way to update a physical copy of a game?
Can I update via eshop if the copy is legit?

I have a9lh installed

like it did to my o3ds
it has a broken health and safety with no emunand anymore because im using its sd for wii u games
but its still downgraded to 9.9


Shouldnt you still have the one from the homebrew starterkit?

Fuck almighty am i retarded. Thank you based user.

you can update any games via eshop perfectly fine as long as they're in your region, if it's from a different region then you have to get an update .cia.

does that count only for legit copies?
or can I update pirated copies via eshop as long its in the same region?

that counts for both legit and pirated games.

it's probably too late for you now but I've had that cia lying around for a while in case anyone else wants it

alright, thanks
i had problems finding updates for a few games

I keep crashing on a yellow screen when I try to use browserhax, does anyone know the problem? I'm running 9.9.0-26 on an o3ds.

figured out the problem, you need the homebrew starter kit on your sd card

Anyone have the Kenka Bancho 6 update file?

Is it possible for a CIA to do anything worse than just not work?

Yeah, already converted the .3DS file I had.

I had to force it to run as a Nipponese game to get past a black screen when starting it (not a freeze as I could still escape via home menu)

By possible, I mean with an intentional malicious creator.

I don't see a cia being capable to do a whole lot, even if it could brick you it can't do any arm9 functions without being on 9.2, so nothing could really be done.

With A9LH, just make sure you have a sysNAND backup made after it is installed, and also that you're running a CFW with FIRM write protect (Luma3DS is fine, I assume ReiNand is also OK). Then you're pretty much golden.

Yeah if there's no payload to load it ain't gonna work.

I believe so. That's why you always keep a NAND backup.

Alright so I managed to make it to part 4 section 3 when I realized that my sd card isn't big enough to create anymore NAND backups after reformatting it for emuNAND. What should I do to continue the process on a larger sd card?

Alright rather than proceed blindly doing shit on my own, Im just gonna ask a retarded question. I had working CFW on my 3DS but I accidentally upgraded my SYSNAND to 11.0 which broke everything. I havent really done anything with the 3DS since then, but I just did browserhax to install menuhax so I can access the homebrew menu now but CakesCFW gives me a black screen when I try to load my SYSNAND. Do I have to downgrade or is there a fix I can do?

To clarify, when loading CakesFW, it just gives me a red screen followed by a black screen without the menu loading

Sage for doublepost

If you have at least got space for one or two NAND backups, don't bother. Just copy them onto your PC, preferrably also to a spare HDD as well just in case, then delete the ones on your SD card. Copy them back on if you need to reapply them.

I think later sysNANDs do something to prevent emuNAND-type setups from working, so yes you will have to downgrade. Actually downgrading an 11.x system is possible but tricky.

Can I just use Sysupdater like I did before or did that get broken?

What I mean to say is that since I created the rednand partition on my usb I don't have enough space to make any nand backups.

I think I need to start from part 3 on the new sd, correct me if I'm wrong.

you need a hardmod

There's actually a new softmod but it requires a particular game to do it, and also another 3DS with CFW to set it up. Kinda sucky in short.

Oh then yes. You should probably copy all the existing files onto the new SD card as well.

Is there a way to write japanese in freeshop?

Don't know. As an alternative does the program let you search by serial? They're documented by No-Intro, if they don't have a particular game it's written on the cartridge so try looking for pictures of them.

Doesn't seem to work. I guess I'll just have to use a different method for nipshit.

Well, certain nipshit. Some games seem to still be available.

Damn where the fuck's CIAngel been all my life? This is great

Speaking of that, has anyone been able to install a working Rhythm Heaven Megamix via it?

Not with CIAngel, but I have done it with freeShop. Is that game good? I haven't really played it yet because the fact that it isn't played sideways made me lose interest.

I have a question. I'm using luma3ds and menuhax to boot into a gateway created emunand. If I want to move to arm9loadhax, can I use an open source version without needing to reformat my emunand? Or would I be stuck with gateways shitty version?

that's getting worked on, for some point in the future, along with dlc and update downloading, and region filtering.

you can use a rednand instead but if everything's on your gw emunand just stick to it, the only disadvantage is in size, and only if your 3ds has a big nand chip.

Shit's great.
I got hooked to HW again now that I was able to get DLC that actually fucking worked thanks to it and play as Best Girl.

Kinda makes me sad that the Wii U is so dead, not even nintendo cares to fix the mon exploit letting you load games.

wew lads, I did it


I see. I think I'll switch to that. I just need to backup my saves first.

Is there an updated 3ds games list?

wait, which would be better for a n3dsxl?

rednand is always the superior option, but only in specific circumstances on both systems. It's most helpful on N3DS because it'll make your NAND dumps 1.2GB instead of being 1.8 if you have the larger internal nand chip.

Mine doesn't seem to just by looking at my backup files. What 3ds has larger nands?

Any 3DS has a varying set of sizes, pic related. redNAND is only practically better for that reason, but it's functionally the same as emunand and only approaches the load from a different way so if you're happy with emunand stick to it.

I'm curious, does smaller nand sizes result in any interesting limitations? It looks like mine is samsung.

What would cause Luma to boot back into the homebrew menu instead of redNAND? I'm coming off rxtools so it's not like I missed a step in the downgrade and I've followed the redNAND instructions to the letter

also, do know if its possible to boot into rednand from gateway? I liked the dual functionality of what /i have.

no, it's all the same thing, some just happen to be larger than others, rednand just uses minsize.

did you go into the settings menu for the first boot?

I don't believe gateway can boot rednands, but cfw can boot either.

Yeah. I ticked the box next to Show current nand in system settings and booted, just like the instructions said

reboot and try again is about the best I can offer. After you set your settings and you reboot it should load at that point.

That of all things? I for one am thankful that they don't use that stylus control rubbish it's annoying, now the lower touchscreen provides visual timing feedback. The game is definitely worth a play if you enjoyed the others but some of the early variants of older games are sucky, and the difficulty is weak overall.

There's practically no reason to use a Gateway card these days so just use Luma3DS full-time.

Does your redNAND happen to have inherited themehax?

Nope, it's still looping back to the homebrew menu.

I don't know. How can I tell?

If I remember you hold L to skip the themehax payload, when you get to homebrew channel and select Luma3DS hold the button and see.

That just sent me to sysNAND but I'm the one who set menuhax to behave like that.
I reverted it back to how it was when I first did this, holding L to launch the homebrew menu, and selected Luma. It's sitting at a black screen now but I'm going to give it some time before restarting.
I'm having a hard time remembering, what exactly did themehax do? I only recall menuhax

Does this install it like a legit CIA, or do you still need CFW? I just wanna play MonHun

alright, so since it makes almost no difference for me which I use, I still need to know, can open source arm9loadhax be used for a cfw and a gateway created emunand. I really don't want to have to back up all of my saves and reinstall everything.

open source a9lh can be used for cfw and gateway emunand, definitely. There's also an a9lh gateway payload for open source a9lh and one specifically for chainloading from luma if you still want to use it.

You still need cfw, legit cias are only legit if they come preinstalled.

themehax is interchangable with menuhax. I didn't consider you were using type-2 though, I always used hold down to trigger. Sorry. It takes a minute the first time you load it.

Damn, then it's back to waiting for a downgrade from 11.0. Thanks for replying, dude

Wonderful, thats exactly what I wanted to hear.

It's saying Emu instead of Red but the important part is Luma booted. Never would have figured that out without you
love you, user

that's a hardcoded string, it shows the same thing regardless of emu/rednand.

What about Ver? I switched over to my other memory card now that I know how to proceed but sometimes it says Sys and other times Ver even when I boot Luma.
If this keeps up I'm just going to say fuck it, proceed with the smaller card that's working, and just clone it over if Emu means it's safe to proceed

ver means you're most likely not in luma, because that's the default with no show current nand. If you're in sys then something is wrong. Are your nands unlinked?

Oh shit, that's likely it. I assumed this step was already accomplished because I was coming off of rxtools.

It may be but double-check, you don't want to update linked nands, that's basically a death sentence.

Is there a way to remove built-in shovelware like face raiders now that my system is busted open?

those are installed to nand. You can remove them, I don't like to mess with my nand if I don't have to however. The best thing to do is stuff them in a trash folder and move it to the last page of the menu.

Thinking of purchasing and softmodding a 3DS. Is it easier/safer to soft mod a 3DS rather than a n3DS? If it is I'll consider reevaluating which DS to purchase

Is there a more consistent way of downgrading through PlaiSysupdater? I've tried about 7 times to downgrade to 9.2 while following the Plailect guide with no luck just getting stuck at the HAX INIT. Do I have to brute force it or are there some other precautions I need to take?

Are you me? I'm having the same problem downgrading my O3DS.

I downgraded my n3ds and 2ds but it's been a while, I know I got them to 9.4? Or whatever the right downgrade firmware but I never figured out how to get emunad right? Should I be able to get all my old saves of games back? I still have multiple backups of before and afters in my computer but I just haven't touched my n3ds and 2ds in months ever since that huge downgrade started. Should I be okay?

it's marginally safer but they're the exact same process.

it can be a pain sometimes, keep trying at it.

If you lost your saves downgrading, which I don't know how you would, then no. Otherwise your saves will transfer to emunand and you can use it, unless you decide to go to a9lh sysnand in which case it'll still be on sysnand. You should be fine, just follow the guide linked in OP, you can start at part 3 since you already downgraded.

Alright, thanks user.

So, I've been following this: pastebin.com/EBKipkPW guide, and whenever I open sysUpdater, it freezes. Current firmware is 10.3.

firstly, use the guide in OP, because it's constantly updated.

Secondly, sysupdater (any of them) is pretty unstable. Give PlaiSysUpdater a shot because it's based on safesysupdater, which goes about it in a different way than sysupdater.

I see. Are any of the other steps taken from that guide out of date in such a way that will cause me problems moving foreward?


I don't think there's gonna be anything stopping you from doing it going forwards, but a lot has happened in the last 6 months so it's a good idea to stick with the one that keeps updates.

Help a paranoid and stupid user out one more time. What's the .cia version of PlaiSysUpader for, and can I otherwise install it the same way as SysUpdater (as in, by copying the folder to the 3ds folder of my SD)?

.cia is an installable version. You use it later if you choose to set up a9lh, but otherwise you just need the version in the plaisysupdater folder with the .3dsx inside.

Can you download dlc off freshop? I can't find it anywhere

freeshop doesn't currently have dlc downloading functions, you can use ciangel in the meantime but freeshop is due for it in an update.

Wanted replay the latter and try out the former, but none of the CIAs are working, and I received an error message.

found it on a cuckchan archive

How do I into 3D porn?

Nah, the dev of the 3DS PRBoom port is the one who can't get the music to work


No one anwered so far on the mhg thread so I'll ask here too…

If i have the game(Monster Hunter Generations) installed by .CIA in my rxTools emunand(US cia on US system), can I safely install the free dlcs from the in-game menu?

nvm it just works

Whats a cheap original DS flashcart that I can use on my 3ds?

So is it possible to pirate paid DLCs that are accessed through an in-game interface instead of the eShop? I'm thinking about nabbing the Sekaiju no MeiQ and SMT games in particular.

It's a very old version, because PRBoom actually has music and 3D now. It still doesn't have multiplayer, though.

Wait… Disregard that! I have confused linked prboom with the other one that actually has music and 3D

mine is a fucky fit too. for some reason, the console's spring doesn't quite work properly with the r4, i dont know why.
small O3DS.

Is there any way to filter by region in FreeShop? It's kind of annoying having to mash R to get to the JP list at the end, and even then a number of titles are mixed into the middle of the NA/EU mess due to using English characters in the titles.

I'm on 11.0.0 waiting for Gateway to update and I recently got Monster Hunter Generations to play with a friendo
If do get Gateway will I still be able to use online for Monster Hunter Gen? And when a new update comes out will it not let me use the online for Monster Hunter Gen?

I'm sorry I'm an incompetent faggot

Alright, for some reason back then I couldn't not get cakes cfw working but when I finally get my n3ds back I'll come back to the thread and ask. I know for my 2ds I got further ahead but I couldn't get the CIA working.


i'm on GW3D 10.3.0-28E and i want to play online with mh. Should i just upload to 11 or use the new 4.1 beta?

I got it because I ddin't know other options existed but looking at the other options I realise I'm too retarded for all this

Is… is that supposed to be some moeblobitized version of Doublas M2?

Yeah it is

Wh… why?

Is homebrew via already-prepped ocarina's cartridge still possible in 11.0+ ?

I am not interested in downgrading to sail the 7 seas, just homebrew.

Think there's a whole series about it dude and it's just the japs being japs

If you are just looking for homebrew, Browserhax works on 11.0 now

It does?

Right now I was sitting in 10.something with menuhax. Does that mean i just need to do a system update, get into 11.0, use browserhax and reinstall menuhax (assuming menuhax still is more consistent than browser) ?

Look up Robot Girls Z. It's literally a bunch of super robots turned into cute girls: the anime. Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, Getter Robo and a bunch of others is in it.

If you got yours recently, I'm curious, do they even come with a "blue card" anymore? It was for installing some old exploit on 4.5 firmwares so I doubt they still do. It's a functioning DS flash card though so if you don't have a better one you may as well get some use out of your mistake, it seems fairly compatible. The only game that hasn't worked for me is NSMB.

Also does anyone have that screencap of their list of failures with arm9loaderhax?
Etc etc it was comedy gold.

Jesus christ, and yet we're still waiting on Shin Mazinger: Great-hen? Uncle Go pls

Cheer up, at least Mazinger Zero is going to be in SRW V.

Is there a really good reason to not bother installing the arm9loadhax. Is it possible that future firmwares will block it?

The only reason not to is because it's riskier and longer than using themehax. But it's definitely worth it.

Also I doubt they can fix existing 3DS systems but future 3DSes will probably come with a fixed bootrom, the bit that is exploited to start the A9LH payload so early.

It's a start, and SRW BX did an AMAZING finale for Shin Mazinger that I would be more than happy to accept as canon, but still, I just want good anime again.

Is it worth buying Cubic Ninja just to downgrade? I want to play Jap games.

How does that work then? I presume you still need to pay the monthly fee for it?

Also, once I install this, is there anything stupid I could do to break it and delete the hax?

Asuming I needed to pay the yearly fee for poke bank, then I guess you do.

Can anyone help me with this?

Also, can I run sysupdater to get back to 9.2 instead of going to 11 through system settings on a9lh? I want to leave my sysnand on 9.2 and work off of emunand because I want redundancy and multiple failsafes.

r4i 3ds from modchipsdirect is the one I recommend, $20 shipped.

yes, download and install a cia and you should be fine.

not yet, that's on the way.

You should be able to use monster hunter gen but if I recall you can't use gateway mode with carts, can you? That's kind of fucking stupid.

cakes is kind of a bitch anyways, luma is the plug-n-play option, it does everything you could want out of cakes anyways.

if you're using emunand then you can update.
If you want to use a9lh or as gateway calls it 'Gateway fast boot' then just don't do that, gateway's implementation has no firm protection so every update can fuck up your 3ds.

honestly, even if you want to just use homebrew I'd still recommend setting up cfw because then you could keep up to date and still be able to use homebrew. If you're on 10.x you can downgrade fine.

They just fixed the n3ds pack with the latest version, but there's still no firm protection.

you can restore a nand dump without arm9loaderhax over it, but if you follow the guide when you do your restore it'll keep it and then you should be fine.

you still have to pay for it, it's like pokemon bank.

you shouldn't need cubic ninja at all anymore, you can just use browserhax.

you can run an emunand setup on a9lh if you desire, the guide and most people just commonly use updated sysnand, instead of checking autoboot sysnand leave it unchecked and it'll load emunand @ 11.0 default instead, and you can hold down either L or R (I can't remember) and it'll load 9.2 sysnand.

I'm sure I've installed the right files but are there any major errors or bugs that people are aware of so that I don't have to keep trying when I i'm actually doing something wrong, maybe a bad file on MEGA?

you may want to redownload plaisysupdater and your pack, but it can be a bitch. Some people have issues with certain entry points, others certain fw versions so it's kind of a crapshoot, what version are you on?

I'm pretty stupid when it comes down to stuff like this but is a9lh a whole different thing from gateway fast booth or anything related to gateway? i keep hearing people talking about a9lh and gateway as different things.

Latest firmware

a9lh IS gateway fastboot, the difference is that gateway calls it a fancy name and locks you permanently into their implementation for all time. you can load gateway a9lh if you install it the regular way.

The reason you hear people refer to it different ways is because gateway has their own seperate implementation, and cfw has it's own. With the last beta they released an arm9loaderhax.bin and people have made it compatible with chainloading through luma on a9lh, but gateway's implementation is extremely bad, stay away from it.

if you're on 11.0 and you didn't use fieldrunners or a hardmod to flipflop your firms then you can't downgrade.

also, my gamecube just shipped and I've been doing a lot of research with it so if anyone needs some help with that I can let you know. If you want to use a game boy player, but you can't find the boot disc, don't buy a boot disc, softmod your gamecube.

I'm just talking about the upgrade back from 2.10 since I've heard that I shouldn't leave it on that firmware since sleep mode can brick it. The tool automatically mirrors 2.10 onto my sysnand and I just want to upgrade that back to 9.2, but I've also heard that shouldn't be using sysupdate without a file called native_firm.cia. Is it safe to just use sysupdater at that point?

So what's the latest firmware that can be downgraded from?

you shouldn't use an updater at all, restore your nand dump. If you installed a9lh it shouldn't even boot, you have to load into d9 and restore a backup.

11.0 can be downgraded w/ hardmod or another 3ds with cfw, 10.7 and under can downgrade for free without any extras.

wait what? I'm not talking about running it without the sd card, just upgrading the firmware after the a9lh is installed. I'm not stuck on 2.10 in order to use it right?

I have a 3ds with fw 9.2 but I've had trouble getting homebrew on it via sliderhax since the browser version is outdated I believe, could I use a game cart to update to 10.7 then get homebrew and downgrade?

after you boot it without sd card, put it back in and then go to the page linked in the guide. Press select to install a9lh, and then it'll shut down your 3ds. It shouldn't boot at all at this point. Then you use luma's payload loader to load decrypt9/hourglass9 before boot and restore an old backup. You're not stuck on 2.1, you just don't update from it because that's dangerous, you use a nand dump.

you can, however carts don't have browser updates on them and this is likely how you ended up in your situation as-is.

also some carts completely block the browser with a dummy browser, so the best idea is to find another way in if you're already at 9.2 and run sysupdater with 9.2 to get a full update with browser.

And the nand dump doesn't overwrite the a9lh?

hourglass9 ensures the nand dump doesn't overwrite a9lh, decrypt9 has a [keep a9lh] restore option.

Oh, I see, I'd want that option selected too then, right?

make sure you're keeping a9lh on your first restore, if you want to use updated sysnand restore 11.0, if you want to use 9.2 with emunand, restore 9.2. After you do that, you make another backup which should be on the updated fw and it'll have an intact a9lh firm0.

Well for the mean time I can still use gba and snes emulators, right?

I see I see, once I do that can I update the emunand partition normally via internet, or would I want to somehow get another backup of the latest firmware for that?

yes, you can use blargsnes and mgba, but blargsnes has some emulation issues and mgba doesn't run most things at full speed.

How can I get BlargSnes to recognize Snes roms or cias I have a snes folder on the sd card's root but Blarg doesn't appear to recognize the cias in it.

if I recall, there's a basic explorer in there, but I haven't used blargsnes since I got my new 3ds.

So what should i do in my situation? I don't want to fuck up.

If you want to use a9lh then set it up using the guide in op then dig up the gateway arm9loaderhax payload from gbatemp. If you're happy with emunand, use your emunand with gateway/luma.

if a9lh doesn't require internet connection to play roms i'd go for that. If not what's the difference between them?

You shouldn't have to use an internet connection either way. If you want to use emunand you can just use menuhax. But no, a9lh doesn't require internet.

The difference between using menuhax and a9lh is that a9lh boots 100% of the time and it boots much faster (about 9 seconds from coldboot into cfw sysnand). I'm assuming you're using a browser exploit if you're complaining about, which is pointless in every way.

Ah, so someone else has to have to ripped it specifically then, damn.

Makes sense


Remove any TWL_FIRM modifications done to the device or PlaiSysUpdater will throw an error
(if you have no idea what this is, don't worry about it; most users will not need to do this)

To do this, use 3DNUS to download the stock TWL_FIRM as a CIA, then install it

does this include AGB_Firm that I messed with to play GBA games? I want to switch to a9lh but this seems like a hassle.

it's a good idea to replace the AGB_FIRM but I don't think there's anything needed. Luma does patching for both on the fly which is why it's recommended.

I used Reinand since before Luma was renamed and started doing these kinds of neat patches. So you think I should switch to luma and repatch ABG_firm before trying to downgrade and do al9h hacks?

I would recommend doing that, yeah. If you want to stick with reinand you can but generally it's better off to not have any of those dirtier permanent patches.

I have an old version of TWL_FIRM version-spoofed to the latest so that it doesn't get overwritten by system updates, will that cause a problem with the downgrading process?

Sorry to bug, but how do I go about getting rid of my AGB_Firm dirty patch. I barely remember how I did it in the first place..

i didn't know there where other way to boot up until now. Since there are no risk to switch to a9lh i'm going to do it now.
Thanks man for taking your time to help out retards like me.

use 3DNUS on gba temp to download 0004013820000202.cia then install it with fbi.

last question.
Which Nand do I have to install it to? SYS, EMU, or both?

Install to wherever you installed it the first time, most likely just emunand, but if you can be bothered to do both do both.

So I tried using BlargSnes with my entry point being menuhax and when I tried to launch a game it just froze. I saw some posts that this is the case and I have to load an app quit out then load menuhax but has this been fixed or is this the only way to load it?

My firmware is 10.7.0-32E, which apparently doesn't work with browserhax.

Got mine like a year ago and it still did come with the blue card

Thanks user

i do i install everything?
i tried to read the op post but i'm confused. To i have to first install luma then a9? Which firmware is important the 3ds one or the gateway one?