Is having fun illegal now?

One thing that I miss from new games, or mostly pc games, are fun game modes.

Like in the old days shooters had bunch of fun game modes, like UT had bombing run , Halo had that weird game mode in which you carry a skull around, counter strike had a lot of community modes that were fun like a warcraft mode in which you could chose between classes and level up skills and shit like that. VIP mode was also fun, no idea why they didn't add that to cs:go.

Saints Row 2 and 1 had also some fun game modes. Like that one where you spawn in a open world and then all the players on the map get a random tasks (all doing the same) like insurance fraud where a server full of like 8 people would threw themselves off bridges and in front of cars. Then there is a mode in which you hunt celebrities, or one where you steal hoes from some pimps.

But lately all the recent shooters have only shit game modes like random ass team deathmatch, this weird ass attack and defend game mode in which one team has to defend two spots and the other one has to capture it or bomb it. But even the less creative modes like gungame are rarely lately.

Are people not interested in those anymore?

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I forgot to add, crossfire, the screenshot in the middle. That game had some fun modes too, like this ghost mode in which one team is invisible as long as they don't move but only has knives and the others are normal humans with weapons.

Was also a fun game mode if it wasn't full of cheaters and pay to win elements like being able to buy shit that causes you to make less foot step sounds.

user, where were you when videogames needed to stop being fun and more mature?

Its to much work when you can easily get people to play with just adding a could """Competitive"""" modes and just get them to play from that with the promise hat they could be worth something if they get good.

Some people are. Some people aren't. I'd jump to say that most people aren't, but those are the people who buy Call of Duty and play it sparingly.

I also think that you're viewing this shit with nostalgia goggles. Halo still has oddball, and I think the game modes of Saints stood out because of how serious the main game was, or at least the actions you do. Saints 3 and onward took that shit to the extreme because people really enjoyed it but forget that it was because it was an enjoyable break from the main missions.

Yes this is the FPD, hand over all your fun or we will open fire with Tarkovsky films and dad rock.


"fun" isn't balanced for e-sports, OP.

SJWs are sure as hell trying.

Video Games are Hollywood 2.0 now. Very few companies actually care about fun or enjoyment anymore. They just care about getting that game into your hands(And your $60 into theirs) and to make sure it stays there long enough for you to buy the DLC.

Anyone here remember TF2Ware?

My biggest irritant is when the tutorial phase is half the fucking game. I've tried too many new games where the player isn't trusted to do shit until several hours in. It's like having training wheels bolted on against my will and it becoming a test of withstanding boredom until they come off. And then there are games like Skyrim that never reach that final phase.

Old games constantly threw new things at you over the course of a game too, but the pacing and threat were completely different. It's like comparing a paintball range to actual combat. In newer games it feels like the player character is never truly threatened until the point where you are over-prepared for dealing with it. Older games generally tried to fuck you up within 10 minutes of starting. They also combined multiple new things into a single level and made you confront them all at once.

You want fun motherfucker?
Play EDF 4.1

Fun is a neurological trick, misogynist!

The truth is, devs are now forced to follow a strict formula without any deviation.


yes goyim, die for israel

Whats dad rock?


Fun is only a myth now user

Because they're garbage and no one plays them one week after release.

Music your dad listens to.

I don't know what kind of music my dad listens to.

So, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy ect? How is that a bad thing?

TF2 had fantastic modding, then the cosmetics happened and people stopped making fun things to jump on the easy-mode hat shit.

Because there's 20 years of music we'd like to introduce you to.

Mainstream video game players only want what call of duty does now or battlefield players.

nobody tell this guy that people can listen to multiple songs a day

You can, but if you listen to dadrock you won't. It's the exact same thing as calling a game casual

Western culture peaked in the late 1980s. Its been downhill for the last 20 years.

I have no anime girl smug enough, so just have a top 40


The only "fun" thing i don't miss in TF2 are friendly faggots.

Can't run it.

Even using fun strategies is not allowed user.

I fucking loved it
on one map you could push someone into a wall and he'd be inside but he could shoot people anyway, and if he ran out of bullets you throw him your gun
I think I stopped playing sometime after that Mutants thing came out
man I want it all back

I listen to dadrock and every other genre except electronica or whatever it's called these days fuck that shit

Forge's intro in Halo 3 was the fucking shit, because everyone was so quick to make fun game modes and actually have fun naming them(Fat Jew on Your Mom for a variant of cops and robbers, Police escape for Mongoose race tracks, etc).

Forge was the last good thing to happen to the Series, besides ODST.

I'll have you know I live exclusively to vaporwave and am typing this message from another universe


this is bait don't eat it

That engineer rush was cancer as hell to be honest. Whenever I set bots to the hardest difficult they would do this. Rush into my base and sell everything. Since it's a computer it was also always faster than me in everything and it was always ready to counter everything I have. Like if I had dogs around my main base they would instead sell something else, like that money generator thing.

Yeah I remember that. In order to fix that they made the server kick you if you end up inside a box. Sounds good but it wasn't, turns out your character somewhat clips into boxes when you jump into them which resulted in a bunch of innocent people getting kicked for no reason, especially on that egypt map.

I stopped playing a few weeks before they added that coop mode in which you killed zombies or mutants or some shit I don't remember.

All the budget goes to cutscenes, DLC, and marketing.

It is the same reason we no longer have cool cheat codes.

I blame the autistic attachment to realism, tacticool shit, "serious" story telling, dark settings being overused, and the desensitization of youth. Silly, innocent, and just plain old fun things just don't do it anymore for kids and teens anymore. The adults are no better too.

the mode was really fun, trips-kun
at the start of the match everyone had about a minute or two to get a hiding place and then some players would become mutants at random who have to infect all the other players

there was a lot of shit going on with hiding places, like a roof the mutants couldn't reach
it was a fucking blast



And there's several hundred I'd like you introduce to you.

Begone, mudsil.

People don't do this? This has been among my favorite strategies for over ten years. Feels good.

It's bullshit when it happens to you. I imagine it's what being cucked feels like.



People do this a lot, this shit has happened to me dozens of times, as posted above in bot games but also online.

Because it's total dogshit, mainly.

I wonder if the new UT wouldn't be as dead if it had more fun modes. I'm just glad Sven Coop isn't dead now.

1-1 To save our mother earth from any alien attack,


If it's not eurobeat, fuck off.

They're terrified of the fact not everyone will see all the content in their vidya, never mind that after they bought the game it shouldn't even matter.


Shit, the best times I had with multiplayer games were with Halo 3 (forge mode) and TimeSplitters 2.

Forge mode was wonderful, since there was such a huge variation of game modes and a large number of people making fun maps with different objectives. Sure, a lot of them were variations on Infection, but they got pretty creative. Made several myself.

TimeSplitters 2 was wonderful because of the variety of game modes. Sure, the map maker was limited, but fun. There was an abundance of wacky shit you could do, with a multitude of multiplayer game modes that I don't think I've seen to date.

I'm still so fucking bitter that Halo 3 never got a PC release, but I guess forge mode on Dewrito will suffice

If a game is on console then the company behind it has to make it because lolnomods. And if its not something majority of players will play, then its not worth their time. Fact of the matter is, majority of players will play only a few modes like Deathmatch, Capture Point, Capture the Flag, and all other modes are time, which means they are money.

That isn't to say it takes much effort at all. But that's game developers.

It was counted by basic infantry and walls, the two cheapest things in the game.


How exactly? First are we talking about the same games here? E.g. I mostly played RA2 and Tiberian Sun, never played Tiberium Wars online.

Anyway, in RA2 it was hard as hell to counter it. You can build a wall around your main building that is needed to build other shit, but you can't build it around your money building (sorry I don't remember the names) because that vehicles has to drive back in. And the other buildings like the one trains humans or the one that makes vehicles can't have walls around them either.

Also those crappy Engineers can take a bunch of bullets before they die, so there is that too.

Holy shit imagine if someone mods moonman into the game and replaces the bugs with basketball americans and jews.

most of that fun was at the expense of women & minorities, so yes, if your idea of fun is oppressing those people having "fun" is illegal now.


I can't speak for all of us, but I still listen to Black Sabbath. And it doesn't stop me from listening to new stuff either.



In RA2 engineers cost $500. They die in 3 shots to a deployed GI that costs $200 (and builds twice as fast). Or 5 shots to an undeployed GI or Conscript. Conscripts on the other hand cost $100 and build 5 times faster.

In Tiberium Sun I can't find build speeds, but Engineers are again $500 and die in about 10-12 or so shots from $120 infantry, but that game was slower in general.

It's because real teamwork games fell by the wayside.

A lot of these gamemodes also generally weren't as well played. And developers found they made more money selling unlocks rather than creating unique gamemodes.

One of my favorite gamemodes in any FPS is Instagib and the most recent FPS to incorporate it has been the recent Unreal Tournament.


also one other huge thing

a lot of unique gamemodes weren't actually made by the developer but were mods. And modding support for a lot of multiplayer games fell by the wayside a long time ago. It's barely present even in games like CS Go

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I personally prefer mostly obscure british new wave from the 80s.

True patrician coming through.


Just kidding.
Suffer Like G Did would probably be my favorite band. Really wish they would make more music.



edit pls

But user, games can't be about fun anymore. They have to become a medium for teaching feminism and hatred of white males, or else we as a society will not survive.

how is this related to sjw? Are you guys trying to tell me that they are the reason for shit games like cs:go not having decent game modes? Or that SR3 and SR4 had game modes removed that were a part of the first two games?

Wew, there's some things you missed. The downhill has been going for at least 100 years by now.

20 years of shit

did i even fucking SPECIFY this one single band in my post you stupid retard

you assumed it like the dumb faggot that you are

what a surprise that dumb faggots like you (who listen to indie shit) think this way


They sound prepubescent, baby needs to feel unique with their own brand of shit that they think will be timeless forever.

Play Overwatch. Its fun.

Video games are dead. It should be called Video videos now.

nigger, what? You can like more than one type of music you know? Are you trying to bait us or are you a retard?

We could call them movies.

gut fun would be unbalanced >: ^(

fug me


Probably not what OP is looking for. It doesn't really have any "fun" gamemodes.

It is disappointing that the most fun game of 2016 is an update of an older game. That is part of a series that is intentionally made with no budget. It doesn't make any sense, but fuck it.


The new GTA V update added some races that you would see in SAMP, its the only thing in the game that's fun as fuck.

Underrated post.

In the multiplayer which has netcode worse than SAMP. There's still nothing for the single player, is there.

OP, play some sega games. You'll have more fun than you knew you could.

do the new halos even have griffball?

What new Halos?

assuming you're not being sarcastic, i'm talking about 4/5/6, i'm not sure if it even exists

Of course I'm not being sarcastic. It's not like Microsoft propped up the corpse of one of the only console franchises I ever liked and pushed it to the public as some kind of decaying prostitute, or anything.

games nowadays are a product not a toy. They aren't made to be fun but to sell for the highest price with the least investment.

i feel you bruh
i've never owned a console, but when i went over to a friends house we played halo 3 like mad
shit was fun, even though i was shit at aiming and could only play decently with melee weapons
and the first halo was also great, really simple yet fun campaign. multiplayer was bretti gud too, especially when i took the invisible buff and a flamethrower

Halo didn't even start off as a console franchise, MS just didn't release Halo 3 for PC because they learned from the Xbox Hueg that raw hardware power means fuck-all unless you have games people actually want to play.

There are still some communities around these game modes, CSGO is still full of servers running surf, jail and other stupid mods. Sure, not on the same level as older CS games, but it's still there.

But the mass is more interested in competitive modes. They want the cut-throat race to the top, the thrill of playing for "something", even if it's just a bitmap next to their name. They want the elusive goal of reaching professional level and being paid to play video games. For your average person, this is much more appealing than random game modes where you can just kick back and enjoy low stress fun.

Not to mention you look so much more hardcore when you have a high rank compared to having fun.

AFAIK, no. But I doubt we'll ever see anything SP from Rockstar. They're more interested in banning mods and getting you to buy shark cards

early access hitman is 'fun'

aside from the episodic aspect of it, is it actually fun to play?
i'm somewhat perplexed by the fact that gary busey is in it

stunt races are boring as shit just play trackmania. also gta racing is trash tier

Not a PC game (yet, 5 is getting a PC port for the MP soon), but a ** lot of the Halo games with forge have tons of super gimmicky fun modes.

Halo 5 and reach in paritcular have a lot. is a good example of one

Halo CE is still fun, but the Halo 2 PC port is fucking shit. As you would expect from Gearbox.


Just barely fun games instill a sense of longing for more fun into the player which translates to playing more of the game until an addiction is established.

Making a game fun is not profitable long term.

This is better than any new song, try and prove me wrong >Protip, you can't


I'd disagree there mate, I never really liked Gaylo.

Nice samefagging.

It is if your budget is ludicrously massive and overblown like most budgets are nowdays.
Did you know Doom was made on a budget of around $200k?


where do all those recent movie/TV webms come from? are you making them? give them bigger file sizes nerd

Shut the fuck up faggot, just because that music is "old" doesn't make it bad.

it will be when the tpp passes

At least theres a chance Trump will recreate the 80s.


R* promised an expansion in late 2014 but it didn't happen, they're probably putting resources in their next game.

Yes but wait till its done.

Which one.

its pretty fun. they did bigger replayable levels. only downside is the "opportunities" for some specific events and conversations are triggered as soon as you walk near someone rather than it happening on its own. gary busey is part of the "elusive" contracts where they slap a custom made character with a small background story into an existing level and you only have a few days that you can do it

nations forever is free but if you have shekels to spend get united forever because it removes the limitations of the free version, the newer ones just have better graphics and worse gameplay/removed features

hope is my go to excuse for laziness

see fun is subjective and thus your argument is invalid

but Custom Edition on PC is fun, just look at the variety of maps and custom content. Played with Holla Forums months back and host had this massive star wars map that one side had X-wings and the other side had TIE Fighters, you played as a storm trooper and all the weapons were star wars related

I think the same guy hosted the Battlefront II gamenights


man time has passed quickly and i'm still not dead

Trips of truth.

Saying a game is fun means jack unless you can explain why.

is it any better than Holla Forums trying peddle subjective opinions as fact for a game being good or not? some people will never play a game lower than 60fps. i couldn't give a shit

It's preferable to people who feel the needs to preface everything they say with "IMO" as if it's a fucking disclaimer.

Every noticed how the people who do that tend to have the worst opinions regardless?

not really, youre just a cunt

AC/DC was actually aussie slang for bisexual. The band nearly beat up a taxi driver when he suggested driving them to a gay night club after they told him their band name.

If you don't like the word fun you can also call it innovative game modes that differ from the standard tdm that is included in every game. Or maybe game modes with objectives other than killing.

I know.
There is no argument there. It was a statement. I do not find the game fun.
It's the exact subjectivity of fun which is why I was disagreeing with you. If fun was objective there would be no reason to disagree.

Except mine is accurate.

dadrock represent

Holy fuck you fuckers are entitled

Fun is opressive, triggering and unbalanced OP.

Halo 5 has the best Mp the series has had since Halo 2, though. Hell, i'd even say it's better then CE and 2's in certain ways (weapon balance, mainly)

Also, to follow with OP's topic, it also has the best forge and customs the series has ever had. Hell, OP's first webm is from Halo 5

The forge/customs for 5 is also getting a free PC port, so you won't even have to pay for it soon, and 5's campaign isn't worth playing anyways

That's a game mode from Marathon. Anything good that Bungie accidentally put into Halo is from Marathon.

I just upgraded my PC (which was ancient, C2D) and I found out that I wasted my money. Figured I would go digging for newer games and have some fun now that I can play them, but they are all shit for one reason or another (or a ton of reasons).

No depth or magic compared to games from 7 years ago, or 25 years ago.

go away frank

call of halo isn't as good as 2 or 3 in multiplayer, where balance was based on map design on not weapon design.

the low ttk, ADS, fucking REQ's

this isn't halo anymore


DLC happened.

You guys tried Halo Custom Edition? There are some decent modes for that game.

Legend of Cortana?

You can't have fun anymore fam
The cultural Marxists jews niggers gayfags feminists banned fun long time ago

e-sports happened, user. It killed all the fun, it's all about muh K/D e-peen

This all actually will come to an end the left will destroy itself. Everything like this was predicted long time ago there will be war and the next generations will kill all shitskins. You can already see boiling point people of the west just need little push.

yeah the mudslims gooks shitskins and cucks are also a reason why vidya is fun no more

Jim Croce?

He "converted" to Judaism because of his wife.

No, Ritchie Valens. They made a movie about him, La Bamba. Ironic that the most famous version of the song now is the one from the movie, which is not his version.

user, you know the average age of the people around here. They're young, but at least some of them have a fire within them.

Most people's parents here grew up listening to 80s and perhaps 70s music. some of them even listened to 90s music growing up

On 4chan, most grew up on 2000's music.

You know what I miss? Cheats that are there for the fun of it, and not just leftover debugging tools.

Whatever happened to Bighead Mode, joke weapons and units, and actual detailed easters that aren't just "LE EBIN MEME REFERENCE XDD".

For instance, why don't more games have shit like the little game dev enemies from the Serious Sam games?


If even a single one of Halo Waypoint integration, Neil Davidge's music, the Prometheans, Promethean weapons, quick-time events, Sarah Palmer, Spartan Ops, Join-in-progress, microtransactions, lack of psych profile, no elites in multiplayer, killstreaks, custom classes, no descope on hit, Frank O'Connor, aim down sights, permanent sprint, flinch, and the boltshot exist, it is automatically worse than any of the Bungie Halo games. There is literally no redeeming factor to a properly competitive Halo game that isn't based exclusively on symmetrical teams, map control, weapon spawns, and teamwork. Custom games and more action-oriented gamemades can have an understandable amount of optional cancer to work with, but it shouldn't be slathered all over the rest of the game.

TL;DR - Kill yourself for enabling Microsoft to rape the franchise's decaying corpse even further.

my father was the 60s version of a pothead
more accurately he was a pothead and passed around joints on led zeppelin shows

Poor MC, holy shit. He's stuck in a wheelchair.

I wasn't able to find a video that doesn't suck, but this is what it looks like.

Its core gameplay is complete and utter trash, muh regnerating sheilds, muh 20 second ttk, muh over reliance on boring shitscan weapons like pistol and battle rifle, muh two gun limit, muh anus shitting out a turd paced movement speed and overall gameplay, muh fields and hills maps.

Yeah no, sorry but I can probably think of 10-20 multiplayer fps that completely shit on it just off the top of my head.

Honestly everything about it except the vehilces suck but they aren't even that great compared to those in say UT 2k4.

His forehead can comb my hair with all those wrinkles jesus christ.

Garry's mod superseded all of that.

It still matters because if they released a content not many people ended up seeing, it means the money spent on making that content was essentially wasted.

Remember kids, with jews you lose. It fits any kind of situation involving jews surprisingly well, even eerily so.

true, I can't go back to halo right now, it just feels to slow even thought I had a lot of fun there as a kid. But the game modes were fun.

Halo always wasted too much performance to be fun.

Fuck off.

Halo is a game for hipsters, reach was the least hipsterish and its design decisions made far more sense than that of the other halo games.

Are you seriously trying to say that you prefer halo 3 to it because muh cinematic 55 fov?