Does china even make games?

Does china even make games?
They sure do consume a lot of em, why haven't I heard of any good chinese games?

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People's Republic of China (communists with no culture) doesn't but Taiwan (real chinese) has made some but pretty much none ever made it out of there.

They are all chinese knock-off or shitty mmorpg stolen from korea.

China has not creativity, it's a dead country.

They do make games, but the games they make are just knockoffs.

Heroine Anthem: The Elect of Wassernixie.

How about you look into shit before you talk about it

I'm guessing they make tons of knockoffs for national use and millions of mobile games. Good games? Probably very few.

Shitty ripoffs might as well not count

comrade, those are distractions made by capitalists devil. go back to gulag and suck a bear.

is this for PC? looks kinda neat

dude, League of Titans is small time

Get "300 Heroes" , it has a Not-Shrek

i played Jade Dynasty MMO RPG

It was your typical chinesse grinding MMO but had interesting art and talent trees, hell i think the talent trees are most interesting stuff in entire game

Yes, it also had a fan translation in the works but it sadly died.

Commies made the best game ever.

Alexey Pajitnov himself isn't a communist, though.

Depends on what you mean by make.
99% stolen assets in a stolen engine count?

Does anyone have that image of the indian guy sperging out saying all chinks are shit?

Get the fuck out faggot.

The day of the rope cant come soon enough

and the said communists prevented author from getting a good deal from the said game letting everyone ride the tetris money carrousel except him

you mean this guy? good read

the guy who actually made it got completely screwed over by the sovjets though.

no comrade you must take bear and proceed to gulag.


When does League start ripping things off from this game?

I don't think you understand the whole concept of communism.

Nope, not him. The guy who I'm talking about was actually pissed and insulted everyone who dared to disagree with him. He started by complaining about how some random chink kid started peeing on his street or something.

Regardless, nice image

everyone is starving and the country is at the brink of collapse while filthy pig capitalists were having fun with the games they invented on their brand new japanese consoles? sure thing

What others do is others' business, tovarish. Just because japs are bigger kikes than kikes, doesn't mean you can fuck over your own comrades.

Let's swap chink tourist stories.

There's not even paper in those booths what the fuck man

I get it, I hate it but I get it.

Thanks to their internet, they can rip-off western products and claim they are their own.

But now they own shit like Unreal engine and a few others, they can keep clawing away at the market until they own it.

Chinese corporations owning activision, or american corporations owning it; I couldn't really give a shit since I'm not getting any of the benefit.

Chinese haven't made any good games, but neither has anyone else apart from Japan and eastern Europe.

Are you saying that those assets should be owned by the people that use them to produce games? That there is a problem with faceless corporations having monopolies?

The chinese can't innovate, only copy.

I find really people just don't. They've been told communism a shit and that's about it. And even then, it's because that was about the only thing the propaganda could cling to, to present entire country as an enemy, otherwise such attempts would be laughable and terribly hypocritical.

So in general, it's about collective ownership of businesses. In free-for-all system, money tends to aggregate in hands of handful of persons, at expense of everyone else. I.e. in a factory, a worker is being paid less than his work is actually worth, and the money saved through this goes upwards on the ladder. That's because if you'd paid worker what his work really worth, owners would be left with no profits. In communism, all that money goes back to the workers, so they're the ones profiting from manufacturing. That doesn't implies that workers own company assets - they don't, they just get their fair cut from company's profits.

To put it simply, communism removes the middle man in business profits chain. Just like online stores remove the middle men retailers in goods chain.

CBoyardee would be proud of this.

Like literally everything else they make

Jesus OP Google tencent.

Billion dollar company.

To be fair most of Chinese games are smartphone or pay2win trash for Asia.

Kek everything is made in China. So how can they be knock offs?

Xiaomi phones are made on the same factories as Samsung, from the same parts, by the same workers. It's just Samsung charges up the ass for the brand, and Xiaomi doesn't. Welcome to free market.

I am legitimately fucking angry right now.
Forget the jews, gas the chinks.

and in practice it all really goes to the faggots on top.

even in theory what incentive are there to even open a business if the government is going to sweep in and take all your profit and split it up?

2k and Ubisoft have studios in Shanghai, if I recall correctly.

Also they just ripoff Western games.

I'm honestly shocked how more people don't hate China.
I have a friend who was born in a slum over there and he tells me it's fucking hell, seeing suicides is a normal thing that doesn't phase people. He robbed a few stores for money just so he was able to leave the fucking country.


And thanks to patent laws Xiaomi phones can't be sold in the West DESPITE Xiaomi phones actually being at least equal and cheaper.

Maybe there isn't. Maybe you're not supposed to go an open up a business unless you want to.

Communism is too advanced concept for modern economical system. It takes nothing less than 100% AI automation of the whole market, elimination of humans in decisions chain, to get it running. But once it does, it's clearly superior.

Take earlier retailer example. What work does retailer do? He doesn't produces goods - factories do that. He doesn't transport them to local stores - logistics companies do that. He doesn't sell them - cashiers on the counter do that. But he still takes a cut, for doing absolutely nothing productive.

I don't hate China because they give me lots of cheap electronic goods.

I'm old enough to remember how expensive TVs and computers used to be.


Please kill yourself



So patent laws are a distortion of free market, right?

Suppose you have a deeply racist community, like in some african city. How are you supposed to get those fucks to collaborate with white people without eliminating deeply rooted racism first?

Don't the chinks own SNK.

Those phones are shit, m8

Who said they weren't? Their sole purpose is to limit market freedom of others on the grounds that you got a patent for XYZ first.

Well, the government isn't going to take your stuff, despite what you've been told, and secondly the incentives of helping yourself, your friends, family, and community all surpass the incentive of money.

People work better when given options for self betterment as a reward rather than just money.

They do make their own stuff but it's all knockoffs of other brands.

Is intellectual property really property? Remember, you only "own" the license for using the games you buy. You can't own them.

That's of course on top of being given extra money.

I support my wallet user.

Fuck people are complaining because the Chinese are better capitalists than the West.

The yuros and burgers are higher tier than niggers and chingolingo ching chongs. Heck even boomerangposters are superior than them.



What you described is wealth redistribution, not communism. In communism, the means of production would be owned by the workers, with them democratically deciding things like wealth distribution and the general direction of the company.

Not to argue for or against the system, but misinformation should not be spread for people to draw their own conclusions.

Well they want free shit, and since the market in your ideal scenario is fully automated and we need to do no work to create wealth, a shrewd technocrat may offer free shit incrementally to them until they mellow down, in exchange for a few obligations such as not chimping out. But talking about hypotheticals gets us nowhere.

What does that have to do with private property? You want free market or not? Because patents limit market freedom on some bullshit grounds. In case you couldn't see the implication, I'll spell it to you: they limit competition.

Market management is automated, not the work. You don't need human initiative to start a business if it's needed. AI just decides that if some goods are missing, a factory is needed, and strikes a building deal, then strikes production deals, etc.

Patents don't limit competition or the free market, dumbass

There are various Chinese titles on Steam, but I'm not sure if they were developed in The China.

Oh. So instead of stock drones and assorted owners we have the computer programmers who made the automation syphoning the wealth. Yeah that solves problems.

You can't seriously be this retarded can you.

Because Jewtendo patented a cross-shaped D-pad, entire vidya industry but them was stuck with shitty D-pads for 25 years.

Postmodernists out.

"Dude it's so deep, I mix zen and kitsch mass culture, heheh. I do LSD professionally, it helps me write my texts. Also I flunked out of college on my second year for being a retard, but dude, you know how even Einstein got shit grades in school. I'm a genius, man"

Picrelated is the cover of another masterpiece of his, "Batman-Apollo", it's about imageboard culture and it's utter trash as well.

I don't even know what kind of fallacy is that, looks like strawman but it's so much bullshit I don't know if it even qualifies.

Oh lord we have actual commie apologists here?
This is a video games board I guess so I'll just tell that we'd have no video games without capitalism.

Its in the nature of man to try and climb onto his fellow's shoulders, that's why. History has proven that time and time again.
The leftist mind at work.

Which has created more competition to make a d-pad that is great but doesn't copy Nintendo's pad. You rather have a market full of uncompetitive clones?

No, you presented some retarded idea as if I was saying it.
This is precisely why AI needs to decide on things, not humans. How does that connects with supposed money syphoning by programmers? Programmer is a regular full-time position, not even some special shit. The AI controls the market decisions, not the banking. I mean come on, where do you even see any intersections?

What good thinks did china invent? I am not talking about producing stuff but actually inventing new stuff. There are like 1billion person there.

No, look at people who take time out from their normal job to start a venture, build a home, learn a skill, or enjoy their life.

People prefer to work for a reason rather than work solely to pay to consume.

Except that it was proven time after time that only the cross pad was the good one and everything else was shit. As a result, development of D-pads was stalled by solid 25 years because Nintendo didn't gave a shit and just kept original design with no changes, whereas others were forced floundering with stillborn concepts.

Good job there Schlomo!


Haha, oh wow.

This bot's busted, bring in another.

And who is at fault for companies not trying? Nintendo's?

You sound more like the jew, wanting every idea and invention to be public domain so you and just copy it for a quick buck.

And the AI in your scenario magically materialized out of thin air and was not made by humans. Or all the humans that made something with the potential to rule humanity wouldn't be interested in controlling or taking advantage of it, installing backdoors as they went. Your scenario is shit and even if it wasn't it's worthless as it is not based on reality.
am i being baited hard

they do but literally the only thing chinese can do is make a cheap copy of something. so anything they make you will have seen before

thats what happens when you have a billion commie drones, a whole pile of shit

In what world is communism not a Jewish ideology?
inb4 the usual argument "but the communism that universally failed everywhere wasn't REAL communism!" - your ramblings about AI-controlled communism already prove you're delusional, though.

They're all basically peasant farmers. Any chinese person who was worth a damn fled or was killed.

Oh they were trying allright. Look at all the non-nintendo D-pads. It's just they were all wounded up being shit, because there needs to be a solid guide frame for D-pad, and you don't get one with a round slot with no features.

Well yeah I see you can't imagine there being a system that isn't solely built upon ulterior motives.
No, but your PTSD is showing.

and, finally

And it's a retarded concept, because it can't work without eliminating humans entirely from the production-distribution chain.

I'll post it once more to illustrate its retardation.
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" promotes parasitism. To wit: make a table with four cells:

high needs / low abilities || high needs / high abilities
low needs / low abilities || low needs / high abilities

It reward leeches that contribute shit but demand much, it handicaps those producing surplus to their needs, making civilization possible. Is anything needed to say more?

Nigger, communism goes against everything kikes want about market, because they wind up with nothing under communism.


I doubt that severely. Tons of the most important inventions ever made were created before capitalism. There are even things invented after capitalism that were made with the creator having zero intention of patenting it and hoarding profits, which is a complete failure of the capitalist system from a logical perspective as capitalism's only motive is profit.
Example: Jonas Salk, the guy who created the polio vaccine.

Who said I'd agree with Marxism? Who said merit isn't important, too?

That's fucking hilarious. It's like you know nothing aboot history. Jews were at the top of every communist society they had created. Since when did they have to practice what they preach?

I guess you're fucking right, communism could work if we weren't human. Confirmed for a literally subhuman ideology. Shower me with more ad hominems now please.

There weren't any personal attacks there though.

listen up tumblr

capitalism is FREEDOM. FREEDOM to choose, how much you sell something for and how much you buy something for, when there is a contention in the transaction you are FREE to negotiate. salk was FREE to decide to sell his creation for zero dollars, thats not a 'failure of capitalism' thats working as expected and intended

well, everyone me included can imagine societies without ulterior motives, that's why we have children's books, fairytales and assorted fiction. Thinking those apply to reality has a name, its called dissociation from reality, and it's a mental problem. Keep thinking that i am the deranged here. You're too far gone but it's amusing to watch.

This implies that you buy shitty chink products on a regular basis because you think they're better at being j— capitalists.
Kill yourself, do the gene pool a favor. I know it's you, Goldstein.

Communists want to end all religion, money and national borders, yet they are Jews. Right.

OK, time to just take the conversation to Holla Forums or Holla Forums.

Not video games related.

Listen up, Holla Forums.
If the ideal form of communism is stupid to discuss because humans always fuck it up, so is the ideal form of capitalism.

Then I guess you're right, it does takes eliminating humans to get positive results anywhere. And the reason humanity fails so hard is because it's in human nature to fuck themselves over because of some fleeting greed.

Paper money.

I know being knowledgeable is not the cool thing to do nowadays but China was one of the most advanced civilizations for a few millenia.

the ideal form of capitalism is fine to exist BECAUSE it allows people to fuck up, in fact this is an inherent part of the paradigm

FREEDOM to win and FREEDOM to lose

this is called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. you are beholden to yourself and none other, you CHOOSE what to do with the bounty of your success and the burden of your failure. accordingly, no one else gets to take your success away or dump their failure on you

How has it failed? We got quite a good amount of technological and scientific development
Yes, our entire history has been two steps forward and one step back. Try to keep up.
or dont, just double down on the absolutes and throw a shitfit because your pet ideology is fundamentally flawed. Did you follow your own pic's advice and feel better now?

They had most inventions long before europe, but they weren't doing anything useful with them. They were using compass to tell fortune, and using gunpowder to ward off evil spirits, and other shit like that.

Video games were created in capitalist societies specifically, though. It's less about capitalism being supreme (it's not a perfect ideology) and more about communism being against any invention or economic development.

And I was about to respond in a civil manner. Do you even know how Jews function? It's not that they are inherently communistic, they just take whatever suits them at the given time. They're not going to practice what they preach so they'll reap the benefits in a communist society while everyone else starves. And they sure wanted to eliminate religion - because it acted as competition to the ideology.
They did invent communism anyway.

Not without fighting tooth and nail to get any funding unless it's for weapons, and even then people call sciencitific field the second biggest welfare queen after military.
Some things don't work unless perfected. E.g. nuclear plant controlling software can't have bugs in it, otherwise there could be another Chernobyl. Nevermind that Chernobyl disaster was caused by humans and there weren't any problems with PLCs.

I can agree with this, but I can't agree with the idea that no other type of society would ever have created video games. Also, saying "X would still have been invented without capitalism" doesn't mean "communism would have invented X." There have been many, many, many more types of societies than capitalist and communist, and those societies gave us things like the printing press, gunpowder, metallurgy, and mathematics.


Thing is, capitalism is much more accommodating of fuck-ups than communism, since if there's someone doing shady shit it doesn't shit all over everyone else.
There's a difference between Stalin deciding to kill everyone he didn't like versus Dr. T.J. Shekelburg deciding to jack up the rates for eye check-ups because the only other optometrist is an hour and a half away.

Government budgets in general are utterly fucked, since the thought process of the people behind that is "if it doesn't spend the full budget, we can cut it," so you end up with shit like $500/plate officer dinners or science departments blowing that last couple thousand dollars on comfy chairs because if they don't spend that money it gets cut to ribbons.

You mean the Indonesian guy who called them sexual jews?
I don't have the image, but I think I know the one you're talking about.
Actually, this is the one I'm thinking of

Chernobyl disaster was caused by it being a piece of shit even by 1950s standards. And of course, communism was the reason for that. Communists never gave a shit about human safery because people are just disposable, replaceable grey blobs to them.

Why wouldn't it? Bugs don't just randomly pop up, they're direct result of poor programming. If you code properly, there wouldn't be any bugs to begin with.

So we agree that we got development going on. Despite all the legitimate caveats you posted. So I hardly qualify this as humanity "failing hard".

And no, you can't "perfect" things. You can make them work "good enough", that's why we have tens of thousands of nuclear plants around the globe that you won't hear about, just because they work.
Unfortunately you can't make communism work "good enough" because it relies on perfect human ethics. You can't fix human.

No, the power plant worked perfectly. It failed because of so called "human factor", i.e. negligence and overconfidence.

1) They were running stress testing. It's a standard procedure.
2) They disengaged the failsafes because they prevented doing some mad shit the chief wanted to do.
3) They didn't appropriately reacted to steam drum drying up, which resulted in temperature skyrocketing.
4) And for the kicker, they throttled the reactor by dropping all the retard carbon rods at maximum speed, which have a nasty effect of boosting the reaction speed when inserted and only then slowing it down.

And there you go, the thing fucking exploded from the steam pressure, and then proceeded to get even hotter and eventually melted.

im going to let you in on a secret because you obviously dont work in the software industry

for a project the size of a NUCLEAR POWER STATION (and a lot of things much, much smaller), it will be impossible to certify you have zero bugs against all inputs, states, events and so on (even if we only consider fatal bugs)

this is the basic problem of the commie, they have everything worked out on paper but have no idea how the world actually functions in reality

This one?

You mean the Indonesian guy who called them sexual jews?
I don't have the image, but I think I know the one you're talking about

capitalism has existed since the beginning of trade.

That's the one

Daily reminder that christian church offset human civilization progress by 5-8 centuries.
But you can create a "perfect algorithm" AI to do the thinking.

the christian church (although they are cucks) were the one of the biggest groups committed to knowledge in learning in europe from the dark ages to the renaissance. pack that fedora away you dope


i work on a big data AI. you have no idea what youre talking about

erry time

Fucking fedoraniggers don't know their fucking history.
It was the post-Roman dark ages, a century or so of anarchy is going to set back progress regardless of what ideology is the current hot shit.

Fuck off Major Zero

I don't know if programming PLCs at a factory counts as "software industry", but it's nowhere nearly as "impossible" as you make it out to be. In fact, it's perfectly doable. When we just received the apparatus from supplier, it had only one bug in it (it would bend lubrication rod if you engage bypass mode on one particular machine), and after ironing that one out, all we're doing now is improvement of existing algorithms' efficiency - they can be made faster and more accurate here and there. I assure you, there are far more stringent entry testing on a nuclear plant PLC software.

None of which are specifically inventions of leisure.

They used to be major innovators a long long time ago.

All of those are capitalist inventions, dumbass

nigger, embedded systems with ONE function are simple cogs of a larger machine, its making the whole machine run properly that is wobbly

several uk nuclear powerplants had a problem a couple of years ago where if you pinged the ports the core regulating software was listening on the process would crash

you have a very simple and naive world view

That's true. China was too insular.

Europeans sailed the oceans to enslave niggers and colonise continents.

I don't think you quite understand what a PLC is. One thing it isn't, is an embedded controller.

That says volumes about your software vendor, when they don't do basic fucking unit testing (let alone stress testing) before releasing their software to run on a fucking nuclear power plant.


the point is, you cant rely on mr house to run the fucking show

How aren't they? Got anything besides a gif and some greentext to prove your point?

Fuck you Just Cause 2 you lied to me

What authority do you have to tell this though, if you don't know much about the field?

It's a bank, not a gas station, dumbass

i am sure those chinamen that invented gunpowder were all "Ni hao this is for capitalism dog bless ameriga nihao"

Mate, if you ever said that to a mathematician you'd get your shit beaten in.


How is that not capitalism?

i do know much about the field, like i said i have a masters in computer science and i work on an ai that is set up to manage entire factories, chemical plants, oil rigs etc. while you install individual low level and comparatively simple components. you seem to think complexity scales linearly, that designing a logical system for the whole world is just going to take a little bit more effort (it wont)

just to start, industrial processes are very easily quantifiable, consider how you would go about teaching a machine to recognise things that are a bit more nuanced

your logic is american.

So you're saying it's right?

Your argument is a logical fallacy.

Okay, you hate freedom, liberty and independence, we get it.
Now where's your argument?

That's cute, I've yet to meet a guy with this degree that doesn't code like an utter fuckwit. It's like they specifically teach you to shit out lowest quality code possible that doesn't gets you fired on the same day.
Yeah, that's what we're doing. We're not just programming dashboards to blink LEDs, I don't know why you're insisting that's what we're doing.

There isn't such nuance in the market though. Just supply and demand. New goods needed? Simple - add new category with set demand and zero supply. AI will then see supply is lacking and will go towards resolving that issue. Some goods are in excess? It'll cut production.

How is this not capitalism?

How is this not capitalism?

Holly shit user, go and learn what capitalism actually is. Hint: it doesn't just mean trading goods or services for money.

Shit. Go to fuking school, mate.

yeah thats why im paid in the top 20% nationwide at age 25, cos im a shit programmer. hint, im not a code monkey such as yourself, i am a software engineer

jesus christ im taking a screenshot of this post, let it be a testament to your fucking sophomore tier understanding of the world at large

naive, there is no better word to describe you

First isn't capitalism because the slave isn't producing a product for sale or consumption and the slave isn't performing a service willingly.

The second is the same.

Sorry, you're wrong, again. Please leave.

You mean it removes the wealth from the workers and gives it to the government.

If your ability as a programmer had anything to do with position you gonna take, there wouldn't be all those embarrassing software failures, such as aforementioned crash in large sums for piss poor work though.

too easy

If your ability as a programmer had anything to do with position you gonna take, there wouldn't be all those embarrassing software failures, such as aforementioned crash on ping. Congratulations for getting paid large sums for piss poor work though.

How is this not capitalism too?
TL;DR You're always gonna get exploited, even if you sell things at 100% of their value some merchant is gonna pay you then sell them for 120% in their shop because they also need to make a profit

whatever helps you sleep at night ameritard

You think like a kid.

Because when you say you aren't going to make anymore tanks until they give you something equal to your work the government shoots you and your family.

Now you have bullets to sell and hunt deer with, good deal

It might also be that he really believes in (((Kurzweil)))'s dreck about post-scarcity and singularity. As if there were no limitations to every physical variable.

Except for the part where you and your family is dead.

Socialist cancer detected.


Neither are capitalism, but simply producing something for sale or consumption isn't either.

The slave is producing a pyramid for consumption, and he could choose to starve, the peasant is producing crops for sale and consumption, and he too could choose to starve instead. Neither are capitalism, and neither is a feudal Chinese alchemist producing gunpowder for the emperor.

Capitalism is when production is owned privately for profit, and workers are paid a wage in exchange for their labour to produce for said profit.

The emporer in China receiving gunpowder would be considered the state, and the alchemist making gunpowder would be considered his vassal, who produces for him.

Shame, all of you.


That's quite old then.


Jesus. Read a book.
What you described is closer to capitalism than "communism".

Seriously, this is a shit discussion on a video games board.

If people actually want to learn what they are talking about before they have an opinion, then go read up on terms and definitions, and start a discussion on a politics board.

You needed Bacon to reverse the retardation of middle ages and put technological progress back on track.

this is your home now Holla Forums

age of wushu is a fantastic game, my all-time favourite

Including theoretically maximal possible information density and processing power.


That Way of Wushu was Chinese wasn't it?

There were a few others but I'm pretty sure the vast majority are either copied from others or just romhacks.

There's a bunch of Chinese shit on their version of the Apple Store as well.


You know very well they were even worse off than under the fucking Tsar.

The term 'serf' has a specific meaning, and you should learn it before using it, and no, the average Russian was a lot better off after the tsar.


The Chinese did something retarded once that haunts them since then. That's called censorship that ended the hundred schools of thought:

Pretty similar to what usually happens in totalitarian states like Soviet Russia.

Those Russians that weren't shot or died in the gulag for being an enemy of the people, of course?

Even if that were a gas station the pump wouldn't explode, they have breakoff safety valves the close up if it gets broken. Apparently they're very good at closing the gaslines in the event of a break or shear. But not so good at closing if they just get cracked slightly.

Yes, of course.

Don't just imply. Link us to the event.

Once? More like every time they do anything. Hell you could say the Boxer Rebellion was a bunch of Chinese martial artists being retarded and be completely right.

But their rate of creation was abysmal, even if compared to antiquity. Proportionally to population, of course.

Ha ha ha. It wasn't a single event, that's an ongoing policy. But its greatest outburst was the Great Purge:

I don't deny the existence of Okhrana either.

This is why communism is a failure, it creates nothing and produces leeches.

the not mount & blade picture bothers me every time because it actually looks cool as fuck albeit a bit campy
Spicy Horse was started by American McGee but it's largely staffed by chinks, Alice: Madness Returns and his Grimm were made in China
Perfect World is Chinese but that's mostly a shitload of mmos, though I'd say they're across the board of good quality even if they're not to my taste, in particular Jade Dynasty and Neverwinter are pretty generally well received, but that's about it overall

Not to mention it kills all the productive people that want to be adequately compensated for their work.

A purge of the bolsheviks and military officers is not really the same as book burning and scholar killing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending it, but you implied the soviets burnt books and killed scholars.

Huh, interesting.


Everyone in the region hates their guts though

I once read an interview with a Soviet premier's bodyguard. Apparently Brezhnev was one of the world's most hardcore luxury car collectors. Dude also had so many mansions it's not funny. The bodyguard got an existential crisis every night coming home to his shitty apartment.

Well you can't really take woman logic out of woman.

1. Weebs like Jap stuff and fucking hate chinks

2. Weebs hate 3D women regardless of where they're from

Unless you mean the actual gaia-tier weebs who buy katanas and brag about how they're 1/10th Asian and shit, but they're so retarded you can't take anything that comes out of their mouths even remotely seriously

that wasnt me who made that dumbbell, it was just an example of why muh machine spirit isnt a good idea

You deserve to be turned into a servitor

nice trips
as far as scholar killings, anyone who knew absolutely fucking anything about the NKVD, the Katyn killings, or so forth, were executed or imprisoned, short of Zamyatin. As Stalin grew more and more entrenched, so too did the NKVD, and you can point at any number of expatriates, locals, and other critics of communism and Russia executed by the NKVD or "trial" by the end of the 1940s

I hope the tiger wasn't killed. Shame that it was the mother who died instead of the retard who lacked awareness.

Because R&D and QA are completely free, right, you fucking tard?

chinese kill the most tigers out of everyone in the world by far, cant be going without those traditional limpdick remedies that just happen to require pieces of rare animal

Yes, there was plenty of censorship, as well as political prisoners and so called enemies of the state being put in prison or executed, but no outright purge of intellectualism focused on scholars, scientists etc, and you could argue the outlawing of anti government thought was along the same lines, but it's still a different thing to the context of innovation, production, and learning we are in.

China would have been a better example than the USSR.


How does it feel being below pinoys?

The thing you typed on was likely made in China.

IIRC Apple did an experiment making stuff in America again. It didn't work. You get lazy niggers who don't care.



Holy copyright infringement, Batperson

That's fucking BULLSHIT

This can't be happening

You can't seriously defend that shit you cuckolded nigger.

How do you protect the invested made developing a product without a patent? I'm all ears

I spent an afternoon reading through that a few weeks ago. It's fucking amazing. The best part is that the names of the abilities/spells almost all make sense for the character making it seem like actual quality. I sort of wish copyright laws were loose enough in the west so we could get shit like this. It's still really sad that Shrek was removed though.

The mask makes Shrek look like the asari from the new Mass Effect.

How do you justify patenting something as basic as a cross shaped fucking D-PAD? How do you fucking justify pretty much allowing them to ruin the competition by banning them from the doing the most efficient configuration, which is simple and obvious as fuck?
This is the equivalent of patenting transistors, you can't seriously justify this fucking shit.

Answer the question

Not restricted to Red Army. And being enlisted in the Communist Party was practically a requirement to any upper echelon position, including academia.

what if I play league casually but don't spend money on it?

Oh, it's worse than I though. He actually thinks he's smart and made such a good fucking comeback that I changed the subject or something.

I didn't answer your question because it's a strawman. You weren't talking about patents in general, you were specifically talking about patenting the d-pad. A human being with normal reasoning skills would've deducted I wasn't talking about patents in general.

Jesus Christ I never actually looked at the whole roster before

I almost want to play this

No, I was talking about patents in general. Note the IDs.
Now answer the question.

Chinks have never had an original thought in their lives.

Did you just leave an education facility for autistic kids that teaches them basic social skills and understanding of their surroundings?

I'll lay it down for you: if I wasn't specifically arguing your point and instead arguing somebody else's, chances are I have nothing to say about your point because either I agree with it or just have nothing to say about it. You can't argue a point to someone different from the person who made it. That's not how conversations work. Tell your tutors they're terrible for not teaching you this.

I never talked against patents in general and I'm not really against them when not abused like that d-pad thing, so I have no answer for the point of "how to protect investment" because I never cared about that point. If you want to envision a world without patents and are actually asking for ideas on how to make it happen, that would be a different story.

Overreacting this way is unseemly for a grown man like you, get a grip.
I'm not interested in your opinion anymore since you don't look like you can think straight for more than a minute.

Ah, not only do you lack basic reading skills, but you also can't respond to an argument without ad hominem or other logical fallacies. Not even to cover your ass. Great.

Before you go back to your special classes, I'll let you know I do in fact feel deeply afflicted by your rejection of my opinions on matters I specifically said I had no opinions on, so be well.

Slightly relevant, since we're talking about the Asian Jew.

Have you read the article on "book burning and scholar killing"? I called that censorship, because the sensational slant contained in historical records is rather dubious. You don't have to kill all dissidents in order to silence them. You kill a few in a show trial and the rest becomes cowed:
Make no mistake, even being a jew wasn't a "get from jail free" card:

You called him autistic and a cuckolded nigger and now you're mad that he called you childish.

I dont think you know what a competitive market is.


If I were to point out any single instance in which I was mad at the conversation, I'd say it was when I had to deal with the autistic part of his replies. People without basic conversation skills piss me off and it's frustrating to talk to them because they don't understand shit. I'm not the only one here who thinks that. Try speaking with a Downs syndrome case.
Either way, I never said I wasn't childish and it's a point I'm indifferent about. I don't care about being labeled as such.

for every game made in the west they've developed several dozen shitty knockoff clones of it


You don't.

Fuck patents.

My country didn't pay China one cent for the compass.

Evolve or die.

I wish there were more honest people like you when Andrew Jackson was elected user.

I understand pretty well. Murder millions of Christians at the behest of Jews, then put your people through decades of hunger and poverty. Communism!

Not even jews are this fucking disgusting.

He's right, math and philosophy are constructs of the human mind that we model the universe after.

Damn that is a lot of shit anime girls. Shame, It has some good ones


What the fuck?

I want to play this

There were patents for more retarded things:

Take out the freemium shit and I'd play this shit in a heartbeat.
With the freemium shit though, fuck the Chinese.

Call me when they add Donald Trump

China makes games, movies and music like every country in the world that is not America it just doesn't do it as well as America does. And it's the only thing America makes

I'm bored today, so here you go:

planet explorers straight outta chongqing china

This. America is the only one who cares about digital piracy because the entertainment industry is vital for the US economy.

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Holy shit you commies are fucking adorable. You retards really don't do any research even into your own ideology huh?

Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Ehrenberg. All the pioneers and inventors of Communism and Marxism = Jews.

At least 85% of the first Soviet government was Jewish. Even Putin admits this.

100% of the German Communist Revolution's leadership was Jewish.

Your entire leftist movement, your anti-white cultural marxist movement is 100% lead by Jews. You are nothing more than a useful idiot. Once again, they are using the most unintelligent goyim for their own gain, and once they've succeeded, they will genocide you all over again, just like in Russia.

Don't know why 8ch is not letting me post several pictures at once right now.

Everyone knows that there was censorship in the ussr, I was after the implied book burning, and rounding up and murdering scholars for the anti intelligitsia context. As I said you would have been better off using Mao's China as an example. There is censorship in most nations, not that I support it, but book burning is a special kind of ideology.

Read carefully then:

Everyone is equal, even though some are more equal than others?

Because the Chinese vidya market has minimal fucking overlap with the US. They don't bother releasing in English or any other language. I'm sure there's good shit out there somewhere. Country's so massive someone had to make a diamond somewhere, but fuck if I know what they made or if I'll ever get to play it.

I like how in your second pic you have provided no names etc, so people can't fact check the image. I only recognise Karl radek, and he wasn't a Jew.

Ah, good show, thank you for pointing it out

Did they literally rip every single asset?

China needs some serious nuking.
also this is officially sanctioned by valve. I didn't think it was that good, but I only played with bots because I don't have a chinese IP
also it has zombies

I didn't make the picture, but surely you are not retarded enough to dismiss the second picture while replying to a post that has another picture with sources you fucking mongoloid.

You can literally see in the other picture that his wikipedia page lists him as a Jew.

Premium level Holla Forums salt extracted ITT

Don't know of any good games, but league of legends is incredibly popular. Pretty sure they're even the same guys behind that tf2 rip off if I recall correctly.

china steals games from the west.

also they dont have culture, when the communist took over they were told to throw away their culture and be uncivilized. they got rid of all their temples, religious figures and now shit and piss on the streets because the government said its healthier.

Shrek I can understand, he's big and strong and is more than capable of fighting, maybe he'll even throw onions or fart on things, I dunno.


germany is and always was under jewish control

Is there anywhere can download this, it looks pretty cool.

I recognized Rosa Luxemburg, and she fits the pattern.

The question you should be asking, user, is why not?

is in.

Not for 12 years, between 1933-1945.
We can bring back that time of freedom and make it permanent.

The guy he claims not to be a Jew, Karl Radek, is indeed a Jew also.

dont forget not documenting anything so you can get re-hired to re-code or even train the new coder with misinformation thus securing yourself extra cash while you do the same thing to the next company

Do you know the saying that revolution eats its children? Even if they were to win, the resulting infighting would leave only few standing, most likely one dictator like Stalin in the USSR.

Don't see what that has to do with this. As long as the Jews are allowed to be a part of your society, they will hold the power and they will oppress and kill your people.


so Holla Forums, which is worse?

*if Disney gets their way again before 2024


What happens in 2024?

with Gestapo around

Are you a German from Germany? If not, then shut your trap and watch the German trainwreck with the rest of us.

If you are a burger, then losing freedom of speech and freedom of association is too high the price.

They didn't take away freedom from people :^].

Truly abominable. If only there could have been a communist Germany, right comrades?

experience the magic for yourself!j0AgRKbD!jZ_k1iK_5mT18k-MJoRjQutl2YPxCjUzkpRAkMPJaUM


euthanize yourself

jews are pretty much the same; difference is, they own the global money market, the us-american media and politics

ww2 was entirely orchestrated by the jews. hell, they were counting on the allies to lose

Daily remainder that china is the worst model of authoritarian capitalism on earth


Because China sucks in terms of society and their rules for videogames, if you create a game it's basically "no fun allowed" thanks to the requirements they demand, I'm pretty sure their ESRB must suck too.
And don't forget how much does it cost their services and they can take years to approve or disapprove your games so I'm pretty sure it's difficult for local developers to create games. Surprisigly the market is huge, that's why people still release games on China nowadays but local developers mostly play it safe releasing rip-offs and shit like that.

Not to mention Marx's manifesto was partially written by a council of rabbis.


Region locked and remains in open beta. Shit closed last year and didn't refund nobody and reopened into Steam to the West instead.
Enjoy the cancer, shit's now locked from my region instead.
No, they're just imitations of 3dpd, in other words, sex sells.

Why would you trust them? Surely they might lie to appear a certain way. Is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a.k.a North Korea, a democracy?

China is a capitalist state with enormous state power. You need to learn what capitalism is.

Communism is both the competitive Smash Bros of economic systems and the NEET's secular cult. The only way it can work is if the group of people who operated under it were either a hivemind, or a homogenous group led by a robot, and in both scenarios, there was a confirmation of there being an existence of infinite resources. On the NEET aspect, it's attractive to them because they use the lack of absolute Communism within the western world as an excuse as to why they're NEETs, while believing in the concept of automation as it would allow them to be NEETs for life as they wouldn't have to lift a finger to gain any resources.

Ironically, most Commies I find who wouldn't mind having a job want to be white-collar workers, which are the last kind of people Communism would allow to exist. Doubly ironically they claim to be for the working class, but they have no respect for anyone with a career that requires lifting anything heavier than a beer mug, or operating anything potentially dangerous enough to require warning labels or safety equipment. They believe that anything that requires more work than just typing on a keyboard is work that's beneath them.

We need another McCarthy to wipe out the champagne socialists, then a third McCarthy to get rid of the rest. Holla Forums users are just closet SJWs who believe that aiming for the brain instead of the heart mitigates the fact that you're trying to shoot somebody.

you are so wrong

What is the hunter-gatherer lifestyle? Not the highest ideal for a communist to aspire to?

Slap proto- at the front and then we can agree.

Even without Jews there is always somebody willing to take their place.