Recommend mods, raid join servers, build blocky hippy communes! All in a free as in freedom package!

Minetest is a free as in freedom (and as in free beer) barebones Minecraft clone. It more or less plays like a pre-redstone Minecraft

Well, the main difference with Minecraft is that Minetest has a mod API. Not only that, all mods are serverside as well, so you can connect to any type of server with just the vanilla client. It's just plug and play!

Mind you, the portable game works well, so if you want to download that one, all you need to know is the actual executable is found inside bin/minetest.exe inside the minetest folder.

That's the real question. The game has a server list in the main menu itself, so I guess we could all join a server en masse and fuck its shit up by building amazing contraptions that would eclipse the rest of the buildings. However, there are many servers, so finding the perfect one could be difficult: some are too full, some have very strict rules (one of the best servers I have tried out is "family friendly", which means we can't even say any kind of bad words), some are laggy as fuck, and some have boring mods. If someone with more experience in the Minetest community would like to recommend a server or offer their server to some bored anons, it would be great; meanwhile, the rest of us could be trying servers that can support a bunch of meme loving fucks like us.

Other urls found in this thread:


There's this server called Liberty Land (has quite a bunch of rules to be called that, though) that seems decent and not crowded at all. If someone wants to join, it's mt.rbose.org:30000. Post here if you enter the server.

I'm probably playing later this [West European, GMT+1] night or evening.

Well I am in.

I'm joining Liberty Land right now. Do you know of any other servers?

I'm eblum ingame, by the way

I do not remember other good servers to be honest. Most of them are ultra rulecucked

whats the best 32x texturepack? i'm using this 16x one called PixelBOX Reloaded and i think its probably the best 16x one: forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=14132

the default subgame does. theres Mesecons and i think some redstone clone as well to replace redstone. basically if you're not using custom content you're doing it wrong. i've been playing around with Ethereal mapgen which seems to be pretty cool, although it breaks some mods apparently: forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?t=7656
maybe we should make a list of mods that are good that work well together
by the way a useful command is /mods if you're on someone elses server, to figure out what mods they use.

there should be a Holla Forums server that provides absolute freedom except for maybe a small safety zone at the spawn so people can't be spawnkilled permanently.

Yes, an anarchy chan server is absolutely needed.

I think some /lv/ user opened a server, but it's been down since then. They changed to the libreplanet server, but it's also been down.

Who's up for the task? My computer is pretty much breaking down just by playing on certain servers, I don't think it could resist a server with many people

Is there a mod that adds the Minecraft music?

We have moved to beha.zapto.org:30000 "Survival in Ethereal".

remembermyname is suck a rulecucker holy shit we need urgent Holla Forums server

You could just play in the background from tbh

Alright, where do I change this shit

control panel>region and language>location
don't know if there is a way to force the game to run in english


Yeah, there is a setting in minetest.conf: add a line with language = en and it should work.

What happened to that user who said that he was going to be opening a mineytesta server? where hte fuck are you

we're at the Survival in Ethereal server. beha.zapto.org port 30000

coordinates in the image, press f5 to see your own coords ingame and make your way to the holy land. ethnoreligious sandmen die in water i think if you find them harassing you. but the wooden bastards float in the water so they will attack you in rivers too.

Your loss tbh fam

the banana republic in its current unfinished state. we're diverting a river into the desert too

eblum here, is the server down?

just got kicked for that reason, probably just a routinary reboot

thats too bad
the banana republic will rise again

is this server still down?

Nope, back up again. Come all, we will make bananas great again.

bullfrog built a bridge so the banana republic could expand into the redwoods. theres also a plan to build a moat to keep the sandmen out who apparently die in water by diverting the river. but its still unfinished cus we're incompetent. also don't drive the banana trees to extinction, they're a great source of food and banana leaves

There are a lot of bananas and giant mushrooms at around 50 0 -330

we're still here working on the banana republic. a ziggurat is being built and plenty of other stuff too. theres all sorts of neat stuff around it too. plus we finally hit zinc.

that was me, still trying to figure out a good way to run it
best way I can figure to run it, is during the day while i'm at work
so I could have it going for about 9 hours on weekdays
I just need the time to set it up, I only get about 2 hours free time on weekdays

So like 2b2t before e-celebs and their children followers found out about it? Nice.

D-did the server die?

we've made some sort of contraption and the ziggurat building continues

its still up for me

Guys on Liberty, join the Holla Forums channel with /join Holla Forums

I aint know where to go and some blue spitfuck is following me around I think he wants my ass.

other than the audio/visual stuff, this was bretty gud

some screenshots of the banana republic near the river

i think we all ended up going to Survival in Ethereal

I see there are multiple options. Which has the best worldgen?

v6 fam

Is TNG the best subgame?


i really miss being this autistic and the current minecraft community is cancerous.

Forgot link:

so is the server you fags are on owned by a Holla Forumsirgin or is it some random server ?

For right now, its a random server that's just mostly populated by virgins. Mods are nowhere to be seen.

*Holla Forumsirgins fuck



I'm loving these new furniture items.

Add this shit to minetest.conf
language = en

Use a Locale emulator for your animu games, twat.

now is a good time to learn then


they're kind of faggy, though we most definitely need a shower

Is there any mod equivalent to Terrafirmacraft, or any plan for a port of TFC to Minetest? I can't stand Minecraft without it.

Try RealTest Game


Don't you happen to be one of the Intcraft guys?

anyone on the server ?

Two of us

Meh. Why don't you guys just play Minecraft?

This is better than Minecraft imo. More furniture items, more ores, more content on this server than what Mojang could give us for 5 years. The combat is shittier but that's my only complaint.

you got that right i just got insta killed by a spider.

does Minetest have monsters yet?
I don't really care about fighting them but I feel like they add a lot of agency to Minecraft

The server we're on has monsters like tree people and sand monsters.

None of the devs seem care about proper combat, mobs etc. because they're more into building stuff and shit. As expected from autistic engineers.

for some retarded reason my mouse keeps drifting i even lifted it from the table and it still drifts i have seen people say that having the game full screen solves the problem and i have fucked up trying to do that now the screen is too long and i cant see half of the screen is there any way to reset it?

and the mods are not working too

Where's the server code?

Which server are you niggerfaggots on?

Now I'm not gonna tell you coz you're not being nice.


I just got reprimanded for saying "bullshit" there, someone needs to set up an actual Holla Forums server

pls Holla Forums server when


someone built a wall to protect us from the desert dwelling mobs


death to sandmen.



That was me. It was minetest.vidyagames.net
I dropped it because

* it became a huge pain in the ass to maintain and admin
* Stitching together mods in a way that didn't crash and burn was a huge pain in the ass, especially when many of the mods were half-assed and there is no real framework for making sure mods play nice together
* Dealing with my server host was a bit of a pain in the ass (they were cool, but every time some user came on and set the world on fire, my CPU use would hit the roof)
* Most people just got burned out and left
* Adding updates and stuff had a high risk of needing to reset the world (because a lot of things need to run on chunk generation in order to work), and I didn't like having to tell people they had to either start over on everything they built or just not get updates
* Minetest has some technical issues that make large-scale circuitry impossible, because game logic doesn't work more than 1 chunk away. So if you have a rail system for instance with a minecart recall system, it won't work unless the cart is less than 16 blocks from you.
* A lot of the cooler mods, like wardrobes, were a huge pain in the ass to work around

More complaints about minetest itself at >>>/agdg/26793 if anybody cares.

It was up for a few months though, and it was a shitload of fun. I liked it a lot, and I kind of miss dicking around with anons and IRL friends alike in there.

Gotta respect the Notch - despite his vast riches, he doesn't lets all the hookers and cocaine go to his head, and still graces us mortals with his heavenly shitposting.

I was, months ago. I was depressed as fuck when I heard there was an intcraft TFC server and I'd missed it.

Nowhere near autistic enough. Have you even played TFC?

Is this any more optimized than regular Minecraft at the time? I assume not. Not like I could play it on this netbook running XP anyway.

I think deleting minetest.conf should solve it.

By any chance, are you running your game inside Sandboxie? Because it fucks up with the mouse in some games.

Gee, I wonder why.

Somewhat. It's still nowhere near as optimized as it should be, but it's good enough. Try to turn down some graphics settings.

After it crashed my computer when I tried to run it the first time, I got into the menu. See you guys in there if I don't run worse than the time I played FFXI in single digit FPS.

Maybe I should have said this earlier, but there is an advanced graphics setting to make Direct3D your video driver instead of OpenGL. Maybe it could work better.

I'm having trouble joining the sever even. I kind of figured it would just take any password and say "yeah that's your password for this server now".

I can probably check the Wiki for whatever you just said, too.

Worry not, the shutdown is rutinary. The server should be back up in less than 10 minutes

did the server go down

I wonder if we could do a TF2C in that the server owner listens to us since we make up a bulk of his server's population

Alright fags, server's back

Back in Minecraft, I installed a "stick this block on something to turn it into an airship" mod. I used it to make a floating island into an airship. Basically if this happens that's the kind of mod I'd want them to add. I even found a tiny FLOAT sort of near the republic. When I'm done digging, maybe I'll lead someone more competent to it.

How does this game compare to minecraft if I were to just have a vanilla private server with friends?

Pretty shit. That said, as long as the server owner installs the mods, all clients will automatically download them on connection.

What is your opinion on modded minecraft versus modded Minetest.

Have you ever heard of this mod? It goes for quantity rather than quality but I think it easily fixes the problem of minecraft not having much content.

Have you ever heard of this mod? It goes for quantity rather than quality but I think it easily fixes the problem of minecraft not having much content.


Just got mobbed and gang-raped by sandniggers on the way there. Barley made it to a river in time. Glad that they actually fall apart in water, christ

I played the TFC /intcraft/ server, and even started to develop a world map of it I was DoctorFool, but we all had an extremely low framerate, because TFC is so complex. If only I could have completed the world map, it would have been awesome in one way. Otherwise, it wasn't that great.
the mod is awesome, but it's too CPU intensive to be fully enjoyed without a beast of a computer

That one was fucking awesome


You can access a minimap with F9, then zoom with that same key.
This is what our town looks like.

there's an area full of bananas outside our nation

With the minimap, I have made a map of (some of) the surroundings. The spawn is north.

Huh. Always wanted to play minetest with some people.
How many players do you have at the moment?
I'll probably join in a week or so, if you manage to keep it up.

Well, there have easily been 15 different people who have joined, sometimes we're 7 at the same time. We are probably going to set up a Holla Forums server with less rules, less kids and more fun, though.

I think it's perfectly fine user


Updated map

the intro is now my ringtone, 10/10



Does minetest have the features introduced in Minecraft beta 1.8? (villages, hunger, final boss, new world generation that defeats the fucking point)
If so then I'm not interested

Only hunger is there, though getting and eating food is easier than in Minecraft
btw final boss was introduced in beta 1.9 RC/1.0, not beta 1.8

Fuck. Suddenly far less interested
Everything in that update killed Minecraft. Many didn't admit it at the time, but now almost everybody says it's where they stopped playing, causing the game to be taken over by autistic kids.

everything in the subgame(s) are mods
so hunger itself is a mod. it is easily turned off. it is not in the default minetest_game iirc. it just happens to be used on this server.

fucking java, mang

It's a shame because the mod has so much sheer potential. I'd love nothing more than for it to be a standalone game, or get ported to something much more optimized.

where do i find you faggets?


yeah, a shame Minetest is like not optimized at all

Just installed the game. It seems the installer decided to act retarded and didn't install English language pack. How can I fix this?

reinstall fam

Didn't help.

wtf this is the first time I see this

For some retarded reason, I think "en" is hidden. Follow the instructions here instead

It worked. Danke, user!

What's happened? has everyone gone?

I think I'll get started on developing a factions mod or adapting an existing one

has anyone noticed any lag from having too many sloping blocks?

no, but it would kinda make sense

hey one one of you faggots log off i want to play.

We are the immigrant majority kek.
Seriously though, this calls for a Holla Forums server.

Holla Forums server now and don't build next to sand people, and if we do build that wall.

it depends, I know in minecraft it could cause lag because the majority of mods made slopes entities

in minetest it might not matter, since all blocks are 'nodes' whether they have functions or not, and both the rendering/hitbox can be defined with some simple math
I've not even heard anyone say that special rendering with models lags the game

Holla Forums server when? Add a fucking ton of mods to make it not shit, please. My wet dream is something team-based like Ace of Spades with more technology, crafting and autism.

Ace of Spades style is impossible due to the high ping of the server. Everything else is possible, though

If we are going to get factions/towns/intcraft nations, we gotta have flags or banners.

Updated the map. I've found mountains with golden apples quite far to the south west, also there is a giant barren stone desert which has a giant cave underneath it.

Yup, these are mandatory.
Also since minetest is so flexible, banners could be used as beacons to set faction territory, for more epicness.

Tell your coordinates


Otto you dumb fuck


What about wood spooks?


I'm planning to get one running this weekend, because fuck servers where admins babysit the players so nobody colors outside the lines. I get fed up with that shit on any game, where someone steps out of line and says a naughty word and suddenly the powertripping faggot admin jumps in to penalize you when literally no other player actually gives a shit or is offended in any way

the weekend is the only time I have more than 2 hours to actually spend on setting it up, this also should give me some incentive to continue working on my lua mods

There is no decent factions mods, I am currently working on one. Hop on Holla Forums's IRC for collaboration and coordination.

Wasn't this game horribly unoptimized?

I'll hop on this friday.

Not really, runs pretty well on my system, and I've had the same hardware for like 7 years now.
I didn't even bother compiling from source, but if you get terrible performance then compiling from source might help.

No, it was the lead dev (an autistic Finn with an Intel Atom) locked the games max. frame limit to 60, which makes the game really choppy

just copy-paste the green commands below into minetest.config to fix ur game

Thanks a lot anons, keep up the good work!

this game is really fucking comfy.

My first order of buisness will be making a giant sacrificial altar/pool of water to drop them in, I assure you.

**I think I nigged a bucket fro>>10192675
m that room on my way to town last night**

In my defense I was just raped by sand people and wanted the water. I'll just drop it off there again later.

You guys ever fuck with the other players on the serv or is it no f u n allowed?

its okay user thats why i have two.

I've only played this game for about 2 hours and it already seems infinitely better than Minecraft. What's the catch


The servers still full. God damnit.

just dced trips user, join fast

Couldn't connect. Fuck it i'll try later

server fuk

please send help

looks like the serber owner's serber is beginning to shit itself



Only via chat, only people from here know the coords of the Banana Republic, and so we never get to see any noobs. Sometimes we fuck with the 10yo boys who play this game through the tablet app. In front of the admin, and he doesn't care.

That said, I guess if we actually griefed, they would give us the boot, but this server is actually pretty lax when it comes to rule enforcement. I even think one of the mods visits this place from time to time.

Sorry fam, the Banana Cathedral is going to have to be built without me until the server lets me back in. I have faith in you dweebs. Design is based upon the Amiens Cathedral, Basically Each square is 5X5 and each rectangle is 5x10. Use your best judgement.

What would it take to get a server up and running for us here? My home PC is shit and im stuck on wifi so I can't host (well). I'd be willing to throw down a few bucks for a VPS or something like that.


So this shit automatically downloads the mods the server uses?

Yeah. Most of it runs serverside, but assets are indeed downloaded.

Alright, I'm going to at least make it to the republic tonight. It also saves player location on disconnect right?


Yes. We also have a public bed at the Resurrection Mudhut, so you can sleep there to set your spawn point in case you die.

Be wary of the sand people and the treefucks. Hold E to sprint.

I can host for a week or two, I just need to know what I need to do in terms of mods.

Just in time ;-;

Are custom skins possible for this game? If I had a skin template I could probably make some

I was thinking a permanent thing, like a 2b2t early on. no mods, no admins (aside from spam/DDOS) just pure anarchy with no rules. have a persistent world that is never ever destroyed. im 100% willing to throw down for something like that

very nice

not in the server most of us are using IIRC, though there are several different alternative skins

might as well name it 2testers2tools / 2t2t or something even more autistic

*polite sahgay**

well it doesnt have to be a direct clone

just something without a grip of mods and rulefuckery and not a ton of map wipes whenever the admin decides the world is "bloated" or w/e


Dude, what about NO DATING?

Not yet, but I guess it could be solved with mods. Not sure if the Lua API allows people to upload things to the server, but if it doesn't, a website for the server could do the trick. The idea would be to fork the skin switcher mod to load user-uploaded skins and then apply them, which shouldn't be difficult.

Server is back up again, btw

I think ill pass
those are two features that did nothing but make minecraft more like a chore to play and much less comfy

you warned me but i didn't listen


I made it so it's fine.

Let us pray.

It was more of "same shit happened to me" but yeah, I made it after leaping into the river to safety

Server is down. It will go up soon, I promise!
t. gentoofag


As seen with the command /status, the server will shut down on July 30th (this Saturday), only to be up back again on August 19th.
This gives us only two days to get a Holla Forums server running.

something happened

I contacted admin of that server and will temporarily host it. Was quite surprised to see that motd message.


Map update

I am currently working on a factions mod. My wish is to integrate it when it's done. Thanks for hosting it bro, you're doing God's job.

we got any dates before we can join?

Remember to copy the seed and to enable_local_map_saving = true in your minetest.conf just in case. I guess we will start over with the new server, but we worked so much in this it would be nice to keep a copy if only for nostalgia purposes.

By the way, is the server still down for everyone?

Today. Should not take lots of time, server will be running soon. I am in process of downloading server's world.

late :^)

Server will be started at new location, with exactly same world. No progress was lost.


Thanks gentorbro, we would be fucked without you
By the way, what's your opinion on the Travelnet mod? Considering how difficult it is to get a warp in the current server, I guess it would be pretty much cheating, and I guess not being able to teleport yourself adds some charm to this server.
Also dimensions and other mobs. Do you know of any mod that could be used for that?

Kek, this is great.


what server are you guys playing on?

Take a loop at the maps to find us if there is nobody on.
Be careful with the desert and the forest areas, as tolerant sandmen will try to culturally enrich you.
You can use the minimap (toggle and zoom with F9) to navigate. I will hop on later.

The one we were playing on is down. We will get a new one soon (matter of minutes or hours, according to gentoobro), though, so keep the thread open for updates.

Last time I tried out Minetest it ran like shit. Lots of slowdown and graphical issues. Is it better now?

Runs fine on my computer. Make sure you disable the full render range (key R), otherwise, you'll be rendering EVERYTHING, which can make it kinda slowly.

Nah, I am running this on a toaster and it works fine. Far from perfect, but it manages to get consistent 40 FPS. Fuck, I think my toaster of a 8 year laptop can run Minetest; not well, but what can you expect from a 1XXX Intel GPU
Sometimes it seems there are single-pixel gaps between blocks. I hope you don't mind.

Also , and if the game is still running slow, tweak the render range a bit with - and + keys. Turn down some graphical settings as well if it's necessary.

Any of the subgames any good? I loaded up Carbone as was greeted to this memeshit.

Isn't Nyancat a block in base minetest_game?

It is, but afaik it doesn't generate naturally

That's unfortunate, in another mod it says they spawn underground in minetest.


So why should I play this over Minecraft besides the fact that theres a server with people from Holla Forums on and the mod API?

* Minecraft community, you know it already
* World's height is unlimited, which increases possibilities
* Free as in beer and freedom
* Doesn't need Java shit

Alright, guess I'll join sometime this evening or tomorrow.

What does the "minecraft community" have to do with it? Just make your own community.
If height is unlimited doesn't that make it more prone to crashing? Also Minecraft height is plenty high enough.
Yeah Minecraft isn't free unless you torrent it or something, so you got me there.
Why do you think Java is bad? Its cross platform and it works.

Everyone who uses this argument should be shot on sight

There are plenty of reasons, which I will not detail since you do not seem to have the technical level (and that's ok) required in order to understand them.


Do not. That server is very rulecucked. The server we play on is beha.zapto.org:30000

Our serb seems to be down though

Ah, right. I am currently working on the mods for the future Holla Forums anarchy server, so I don't know atm.

Yeah, I can't join that one.

Come on, Java is not as bad as people say, but it's a terrible choice for a game like Minecraft, specially if it's far from optimized, specially considering how much fucking garbage Minecraft generates.

No. "Chunks" here are not grid-based, but cube based, so only the needed cubes get loaded. This reduces memory requirements and network load, which in fact makes it faster and much more optimized. I haven't confirmed it, but Minetest's culling algorithms are probably much more optimal due to this.
I have run out of vertical space in some of my older maps. Minetest has so much vertical space some mods decide to insert fucking whole dimensions in exotic Y coords. This is actually because of technical limitations, but actual dimension support is planned.

I mean, at this point it seems you are simply trying to justify that Minecraft "is not that bad" while Minetest is much better in pretty much every aspect. Just try Minetest and see for yourself.

pure gold, good work

So what does this have over minecraft? Try to answer without saying that it's open source and not written in java.

It's open source and not written in java.

Read and
Being Free Software (not merely Open Source) and not being written in Java are enough by themselves though, to be honest.

So is the server down or something?

Can't connect either, did it go down?

The server is currently in process of being hosted elsewhere.
Learn more @

Since it will have mods added to it, will we have to manually download them or does the game automatically does so when connecting?

The client auto-downloads mods.

It doesn't eat the shit out of RAM I've noticed. Been farting around exploring with Eden and it's pretty decent so far.

No they're not. Those things don't make a game fun. If I gave you an open source game about watching paint dry written in c++ would you enjoy it?

Being Free Software means people who have played the game and detected the flaws are directly making the game more fun.
Anyway, try it by yourself, it's not like it'll make you poor or something.

Go away retard

Honestly? Nothing but those two things. MC feels more solid, especially when it comes to mods and the already barebones combat.

generally the reasons laid out here: minetest.net/#about


Even fucking Oblivion has infinitely deeper combat, and we already know how barebones that was.

Also , some mods in Minetest feel more solid than vanilla Minecraft.

I wasn't praising MC's combat, just saying Minetest's feels even worse.

I can give you that, Minetest's combat is absolute shit. Vanilla Minetest is uglier than Minecraft, and the UI sucks. These are the only three downsides.

when is serbia?



I never said performance didn't matter. Just that if it's all the game has going for it, it's probably boring and you only like it because you're a contrarian.

Not surprised its you, AlphaBlaster. Don't you have a dead TF2 server to run with your butt buddies?

I have no idea who that is. I barely ever come to Holla Forums anymore, let alone Holla Forums, let alone some shitty general.
The fact that I provided a different opinion and it was only met with logical fallacies and insults kind of demonstrates why this is a shit place for discussion.


If you provide shit no-arguments as to why Minecraft is better despite being proven that you are wrong, yet you insist on it, expect to be insulted. I don't know which board do you come from but your debates around there must be pretty shit if everyone does the same as you.

The mod API alone makes it miles better than Minecraft. The fucking loops you have to go through to mod Minecraft, let alone the fact that you have to build yourself a whole fucking jar for every server with a different mod pack and game/mod version you want to visit makes me want to never touch that shit again. And vanilla Minecraft is shit, so go figure

I think you're a shitter and I don't want you here. Go away and never come back.

It's the usual faggot that doesn't actually play anything and attention whores every general possible.

To clarify things, world height in minetest is not unlimited, but it is so fucking deep that you can spend hours with noclip on and still not reach the bottom of the world.
Quoting minetest's "about" page:

Also, I kinda forgot the ideas I had for stuff to mod in. So far I've only got scaffolding that kinda mimics industrialcraft scaffold.
You can punch the bottom to build upwards from the scaffolding in your inventory, breaking the bottom will collapse it all, and I think I added the ability to build off the side of it up to a certain length.
What else would be worth adding in?

why are you smug that I don't bother with 4chan's identical twin

At least you challenged my ideas in this post rather than just attacking me

okay, add a tally to your internet enemies vanquished

that sounds cool I wish you'd replied to me

That's 238328000000000 blocks of space jesus fuck

What are Minetest's best mods?

whats the coolest thing you guys have made?

Can you provide some examples of good mods?

We have made the indigenous population into a minority.

Any mods on either minecraft or minetest that make the combat better?

Just use a goddamn search engine you lazy fuckface, or go back to reddit.

Factions/Nations and Flags

I'm working on this atm, I know it is possible, but I am still trying to understand the code of the signs mod (banners would work in a very similar way).
These are currently the shapes (you will be able to juxtapose them) I have made, tell me which one you want to be added.


You attitude is quite problematic, even offensive! I would recommend you to stay civil and nice, and show some respect for other persons around here. If this person asks about some help, then of course we can lend him a helping hand?

There is no need to be rude just because he occasionally visits some other internet web-pages, variation is good for your mind and spirit you see! A diverse community is a fierce (with love) community.

As for the point you made, google can be very hard to navigate at times, therefore he comes to us friendly companions for some advise you see. After all we are all one big community in here with lots of expertise and knowledge, so he is very clever in his attempt to seek this knowledge from us companion people!

Remember to be nice, it is what holds us community companions together you see! :-)

All I want is bi/tricolors and checkered patterns, looks fucking great. Keep up the good work.

I would add a multi-lined vertical flag. A SpĆ¼rdo flag would also be pretty dank.

By the way, can you make the size of the claimed area slightly bigger than the current protection mod? Or at least upgradeable, because with 11x11x11 cubes we would have to put banners everywhere.

how about in-game stuff like machines/ores/items?

it would be more accurate to ask "would you rather pay to watch paint dry slowly or would you prefer to watch paint dry free except you can choose the color of the paint and it dries faster"

here (you) go (you) dubsgetting gremlin

star of david and saint vincent and the grenadines, objectively the best flag, just make it blue yellow green descending instead of left-to-right

Star of David, and stars in general will be added. I'd like to add a Swastika for the lulz, too, though it likely won't be distributed on Github for muh reputation.

Yes, areas will be quite larger, though I have not yet started to consider how much.
One thing I know for sure is, they most likely will not be cubes, probably rather columns maybe only working from -512 to +512 or something, so that very deep and very high spaces can never be claimed

Checkered patters, I hadn't thought about them. Will add.

Technic, Mesecons, Pipeworks
Moreores, Ethereal, Technic
You mean decorative items? There is Building Blocks and XDeco for that.

By the way, look at this. forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8059

If we're doing symbols, be sure to add in obvious ones like Leopards, Ermines and Eagles. Plus shit like triskelions, suns, cresents, etc.
Sorry if I'm overwhelming you, I'm a huge vexillology autist.

I'm talking about making stuff, bud.
I'd like to actually make some mods but I'm a bit out of ideas.

Unfortunately, that would require banners with a resolution maybe too high for the game to run smoothly. Either that or symbols might look bad. I will try anyway.
Right now, I'm using vertical rectangles of 128*64 pixels, if you want to try it yourself.

What are you talking about, user?

Will add.

Remake the Zeppelin Mod from Minecraft.

that might be more than I can chew
I have no understanding of chunk entities or know if mounting entities is yet possible in minetest
at best I can add machines or blocks with special models right now

I was mostly joking, I know it's basically impossible. I have no idea how they pulled that off in Minecraft.

Upon further research, this appears to be the closest thing? Not sure though.


So, do we have a server yet? I'm still up for some temporary hosting.

blakmajik was an actual wizard

that's kinda neat, but as described in the first post it seems it only flies in the direction you hit it?

actually, a monorail mod would be pretty neat, I know there's a teleporting phonebooth mod, but something that you could actually connect a straight line of blocks and have a moving vehicle allow multiple users to sit and ride in around as long as the vehicle is touching the monorail

I should look into how chunk entities work

Oh, yeah, sorry. I didn't see you were replying to yourself and I thought you were asking for recommendations.

Fixing pipeworks to transport lava, teleportation liquid pipes and actually useful pumps such as those used in BuildCraft (takes a random liquid source from an area below it, and if the first level has been consumed, it goes deeper) would be a nice, simple start. Differently colored liquids would also be nice in case we want to invite /tg/ and they want to make their Golden Pissy Trees forest.

Modifying mobs to drop more useful stuff would be nice. Sandniggers drop a single fucking block of sand which can be found in their biome everywhere, just like mudslimes with dirt. I mean, it's still satisfying to kill them, but fighting them is not productive. Maybe make them drop something that could give something useful after killing a few, like a DEUS VULT knight armor or something like that. Maybe decorative stuff or ingredients for a half-moon banner.

What about intercontinental rockets, or long range TNT cannons to fuck other factions' shit up? Maybe also modify the faction mod so you can declare war to other factions, either by mutual agreement or a one-sided declaration that will make both factions able to modify each other's territory after 12-24 hours (to prevent surprise raids when nobody is there). Extremely difficult to make giant nukes of fuck you would be fun, but we know how badly would that end; could automatically enable permanent PvP with all factions if used if you decide to be an absolute madman and go with the idea, maybe even lose the protection of their territories.

Someone also asked for a jade ore and block, so there is that. Consider a faster blinky plant as well, although I think there is already an "adjustable blinky plant" mod. Consider intruder alarms as well, and maybe programmable bombs so you can have some terrorists vs counter terrorists game while at war.

Guys. forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8059

I didn't quite understand that one, would I have to build something? My plan was to get an island to fly.

I think it's just "place block, select area, fly". Pretty much a zeppelin.

Who'd be down for a crusader deus vult type faction

I'm adding crosses and religious symbols, plenty of stuff to choose from :^)

Cool, might be worth adding to the Holla Forums server.

neat, I'll read into that further

For everything else, colored liquids/modified mob drops/jade ore/ingredients would be easy.
Decorative stuff wouldn't be too hard, hitboxes would be a pain for elaborate stuff, and I'd have to look into how pipeworks actually functions.

How the banners are going to be positioned? Vertically or horizontally (i.e. like on the picture)? Because in the first case, stars and kebabs need to be turned sideways, and in the second case, I think they need to be made smaller because they will overlap with fesses. Also, the stripes and corner symbols need to be added, for more modern flags.

Both have their advantages, I think horizontally because it's simpler for me.
Ideally, but I can guarantee nothing, both ways will be possible, with symbols getting rotated, and partitions not. However at that point it'd become quite hard. Don't expect such a feature for a first version.

oops, meant it the other way around

heres some stuff that has been made in the republic

this game is fun because it doesn't suffer from many of minecraft's backward problems and technological limitations. there is a moddding API and it is much easier to mod and use mods than with Minecraft. texture packs are basically plug and play. joining a server with mods works exactly the same as joining a server with the base minetest_game subgame. theres more height in the world which is great. running out of space isn't a concern with a 238328000000000 (thats 238 trillion 328 billion) block playing area. if its your server or your singleplayer game its simple to not have things you don't want, such as hunger, that were added to Minecraft. it is more realistic for a random person to start making mods than it is with Minecraft. i have found that some mods are better than anything i have ever seen in Minecraft such as Ethereal mapgen.

i'm not him but 4chan uses google captcha and doesn't have user created boards. those are two pretty large practical differences. there are other differences such as software in general and the community as well.

from what i've seen, some of the people from the Banana Republic might be up for it.

Where the marble at niggas

Why is the zapto server empty?

Pardon me if this is a stupid question:
Where do I find clay?

in sand i believe, i think theres a good amount of it by variables place if you know where that is, if not it's by the barn in the river.

Under water, in rivers and lakes.

nope not running it on anything still cant get the mouse to stay still

What Minetest version is the server running?


Bah this toaster is only getting 5FPS. Unfortunate. I left a few seeds over in the snowy tree part.


only a few more wonders to go and we'll have a culture victory on our hands

the banana republic has under gone a great project Colossus

everything just got FUCKED

What happen, did piggybank destroy everything because of the hackusations?

it takes literal minutes for chunks to load ;_;

yes, and he claimed everything

Can the IP of the test server be posted here? I forgot it and don't feel like reconnecting just to find out again.

Here's a zip full of most of the mods on the server.

we need to change the enemy and animal mods the one this server is using is ass.

Good thing I didn't set up in the banana republic, and built my own crusader castle elsewhere.

Here's the unedited list of mods from the server.

Aight fam, new Holla Forums base up and running at these coords
4.9, 89.5, -936

take note

Anyone here good with lua?

Say, did he fuck up Click Clock Wood at all? It was a little off a ways. He probably did, but oh well.

From working on the banners mod, I have begun to somewhat understand Lua much better.

everythings pretty fine and they just rebooted to remove the prots

I agree, the only times that the wurm servers were bearable was when fuckers had to walk literally half an hour or more to get there

don't know anything about clockwood so i can't say. The buildings are mostly intact and donillo fixed the prots.

same server?


I need someone to help me add claiming to the factions mod. If you can, reply to this.

There are protections here but just ask and I can add you to them.

Which factions mod? Do you have any link to it?
My guess would be to use
minetest.register_onplacenode() and, in that function, checking whether the player is placing blocks where he should.

Okay, so you can register callbacks, but how do i signal, in that callback, that the player cannot place a block.

According to the documentation, which can be found at github.com/celeron55/minetest/blob/master/doc/lua_api.txt,
> * If return `true` no item is taken from `itemstack`
So, return true when the player cannot place.
There is also the callback
minetest.register_on_dignode(func(pos, oldnode, digger))

These do not seem really appropriate, though.

Should we enable hunger on the Holla Forums server?

I'm personally not against it.


.t farming fag

No, it feels pointless.

I forgot to mention that I'm against it as well.

Doesn't really seem to add anything. Maybe if we had to protect the food from fucking birds/mobs or something it could be fun, but as it is, no

farming is cool and I wouldn't be against it if food was fucking everywhere like it is here


I don't really mind it, but I would understand why others maybe don't like it as much. I still like farming, though.

If we wanted to remove food while keeping farming relevant, we could
>make food heal or not, but add different effects/buffs/debuffs to them (dig faster, higher damage, SHIFT abuse, etc) using forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=8343
I mean, there is a retarded variety of food that comes with Ethereal, it would be a waste to make them all do the same

s/remove food/remove hunger/
It's 7AM, can't think straight

So the Lua documentation truly does tell you to go fuck yourself if you want to build matrices/multidimensional arrays in a sane, non verbose manner.

This language is not bad but sometimes it does some really retarded stuff.

Can't you do
matrix = { {0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0}}

Why don't the Minetest cunts actually update the official package to the latest version, instead of always making it another god damn nightly build?


She was actually 13 at the time, she's 18 this year.

Well, I'm 19, so it's perfectly moral and legal :^)

This seems like a good idea regardless of what is done with healing and hunger.
The question is, would the modmaker manually assign effects to each edible, or is that something that can be semi-randomly generated on worldgen, necessitating experimentation on the part of the players?

One of the many things that ruined minecraft. If it gets into the server anyway god fucking forbid, increase the time you stay fed (relative to minecraft).




I want to say no again but will add some value,
we need a mod that makes food rot over time, only then would hunger be interesting.

Geez man, don't be so weak on the issue. Stay firm. Hunger truly did fuck up Minecraft, and anyone who wants to put that shit in should consider that only faggots like dicks in their asshole. Hunger does nothing positive for Minecraft (nor would it do anything positive for Minetest), it's a shitty mechanic to make the game "harder" (not at all) by making attacks that would otherwise be non-fatal suddenly become life threatening just because you're already wounded from not regenerating/starving. The proper course of action would be to introduce good combat, and continue to use food as a healing option, with most foods giving 1 heart, better food giving 2, and the best foods giving 3.

I thought this site would be fixed by now.

Yep, hunger is cancer.

So which server are you guys on?


Or maybe implement food items similar to how Terraria does.

Well Fed is a buff granted to the player upon consuming certain consumables. The buff slightly improves all stats (listed below). This lasts for 10 to 45 minutes (depending on the item used), but can be canceled at any time by right-clicking the icon.

Well Fed gives the following stat bonuses:

+2 defense
+2% critical hit chance on all attacks (except minion attacks)
+5% melee speed
+5% damage (including minion)
+50% minion knockback
+20% movement speed

Progress on factionsmod:

Looks like you have a new issue :^)


Only thing is, in Terraria they have a potion vendor who sells potions. In Minetest they don't even have vendors at all, so far as I can tell.

Most of the "Well Fed" items are either crafted or dropped by enemies. Only pho, pad thai, and marshmallows are purchased. Actually most potions are either crafted or looted.

I was referring to the healing items, not the buff items mate.

You talk about how food should give the well fed buff, well that means that food no longer regenerates health, and that instead you should be reliant on potions. Brewing potions requires mid-late game items, so in the mean time you either have a potion vendor to sell potions to heal with, or you just keep taking damage until you die, you know what I mean?

Could food do crappy 1-2 heart healing, better food do more and give a buff, and potions just heal a lot? Each of them have a purpose.

This is one big balance problem with both Minecraft and Minetest that Terraria does better. It spaces out the healing potions much better through out the game rather than forcing you to wait to late game.
Terraria doesn't have that either. Not really. The merchant sells low level healing potions but it's just as easy to make them yourself.

Are there any Minetest mods that allow for earlier game potion making?

so the republic is NOT fucked? i mean we have the crusader castle built not too far away, would a road/rail network be feasible?