Kronos general

A WoW private server that a slav kid has not been working on.
Basically it's a temporary replacement for Nostalrius.


Contact Toomykins or Grimgorks

-Don't be an autist
-Don't be a normalfag
-Don't be swami
-Don't be petpriest
-Don't spam
-Moderate your mememastery to a tasteful minimum

We used to have a teamspeak, but since it costs a lot of money, you can find our discord info in the guild information.

Ask in the guild if anyone wants to party with you

Whatever the fuck you want really.

Whatever the fuck you want.

Make an account at
Download the game here:
Change the text in to
set realmlist
Select the "Kronos II" realm on login
There are some people currently playing on the L4G server, you can go there if you want as well.

Too bad.

>>>/nostalrius/ is the old one for nostalrius. Heavily outdated.

non-existant. Probably not neccesary for a long while.

Post in this thread, or message one of the officers at the top of this post.

Strength and autism.

Other urls found in this thread:


Yay, vanilla WoW without the vanilla WoW community.

No thanks.


We're very casual.
It's like you faggots don't want to play on a buggy server. :^)


do you mean in terms of numbers or personality?

Gotta do something 'til any good servers come out.

It's before TBC right? I think that Flying mounts should have their flying ability gimped so that the world pvp will not be rekt come tbc

what about playing other games

flying mounts are not allowed on Azeroth in TBC but thats a good idea for TBC Outland since it would bring World PvP back

I am ware of that. I was just suggesting that eliminating the flying mounts ability to fly would be the best of both worlds. But first is Kronos TBC or vanilla?

wpsg pls go, not even the shitters on 4chumps want you


We're mostly just an old guild getting together. It wasn't really wpsg until nostalrius shut down and we scattered.


Holla Forums's TBC server should be coming back in a week or so.

Those plus a higher circle jerking tendency.

We all know that aint true

Razor Hill is really comfy at night. Are the lantern guards a Kronos thing or did I just forget about them?

Pretty sure those were in Nost and old vanilla as well.

They were an old thing.

RFC today?

Is kronos still kinda empty?

I stopped playing there because it took forever to even form a party, just for SFK.

i still can't believe they changed it

Played on k2 when it launched ad was one of the first 60s there.

Devs were huge faggots. There were multiple reports of rage generation for Warriors being broken as fuck. Rage from outgoing attacks was basically non-existent, rage from incoming damage only gave 1-2 rage per hit no matter how hard you were getting hit and Berserker Rage offered no extra rage. Whenever people brought this up to the devs, their reaction was to deny the problem and ask for proof so they could fix it. Instead of, you know, instantly making a lvl 60 warrior and looking at how bad the problem was by themselves.

And then there was the whole ddos and server upgrade/migration fiasco. Don't worry guys, in 2 months we'll have the new servers ready! Not to mention that the server was still filled with bots and gold spam.

Fuck kronos.

only in beta was it dark, darkshire originally going to require a lantern to see more than 5 feet in front of you

They still did a better job at handling the gold farmers than Nost



Bad posture



Wailing caverns tonight lads. Get your quests ready.

Might as well try and get back into this

did you really run it with 3 warriors?

as in, be a little bit more social?
as in, be a little bit less fucking social?

Try 4, all mains.

Two warriors, a shaman, a hunter and a priest.

Oh thought you meant guild composition for some reason.

for some reason the guy in the back looked like a warrior to me.

First elf removed.


Well done

You're doing God's work son.

I begin my journey to make Azeroth pure and white


The first of many I hope.

who are the Germans of WoW?

Well if I had to take a guess that would either be the orcs who are more like the German military, or the forsaken who are more like those crazy nazi scientists you see in cartoons

what about the Gnomes? they invent things and literally gasses subhumans.

Orcs are elves.

Well I guess the forsaken are nazis.

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Let us fix this damn thing.
But what else?

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Fuck off knife-ear scum. Elves are the worst degenerates to ever be in anything ever.


Why don't we just wait for that new valk server next month and kick into full gear over there?

Don't feel like investing time here when half the server is gonna leave.

Your post is pretty much answered by our guild MOTD, "Burning out right before any good servers pop up".
It's mostly just a temporary measure to unite Infinity.

Is valkyrie better than kronos? Why?

I don't feel like investing time there more than I do here, it's the same broken shit so who cares? This is just for people in the guild to have something to play while they wait.

been playing on nost before it got shut down and that's what i've been doing. games and anime.

despite missing it immensely, i just can't make myself start over on a heavily policed, far more buggy server. it feels like forcing myself to go through this will tarnish the great experience i had on nost and the actual vanilla wow. guess i'll just keep waiting for a proper server.

Well their scripting seems to be better from what I saw on the PTR, and depending on how aggressive their marketing is, they might just overtake Kronos in the end.
You can go and see the quality of their work for yourself if you want. I might actually still roll on Kronos, but just as a fallback plan in case something goes awry on that new server. We should at least test it when it releases, imo.

You're right, there's no downside to wasting some time on K2 I suppose. I might join up for some time.

I wish the new nostal would just show up and not be run by cucks, I play this game so damn slowly that I'm literally never going to hit cap at the rate shit is getting shut down/given up on

I'm a nolifer that rolls several characters to cap during the lifetime of a server, but I have no motivation to do it when there's no population to justify the investment.
The best we can hope for at this point is that Blizzard announces official legacy on Blizzcon.
In other news, I've thrown about 250 Ultra Balls at this fucking Articuno and it just won't stay in.

they probably just killed the devs and dumped their bodies in their scrooge mcduck styled vault.

I think I'll get back into this.
Does anyone wanna do some SFK?

no the meeting amounted to blizz saying "we're in listen mode guys"

and nothing coming of it, and then nost reneging on their promise to release the code to their server because "lol our custom anti-cheat"

which is a cop out

Nostal only really had numbers going for it

I'd advise against rerolling on Valkyrie.
It won't have the population because it is advertised only for Russians. If you guys played on Valkyrie before you'd know the GMs are very biased against anyone who speaks English and will have no trouble banning you for causing trouble like making fun of Putin/Russia. Russians there will never party with you and ninja loot all your shit. Besides that, it's always been a low population server, the original Valk had 300 online.

Kronos 2 has 2-3k on each side daily. Which is what really makes Vanilla fun. Plus we already have people playing here.

At this point I'd say the only reason I'd reroll on Valk is to get an IGN that I can't get on Kronos, but that's about it. I believe it will be low-pop Ruski only like the previous Valk server.

Remember to remove rice too.



Wyattpowah now is burr

Burr removes elves quicker

I don't even know were to begin…

It's not my image faggot, and I am not hearing any suggestions from you.

On another note, why is it that the private servers all seem to be buggy as hell? Is it simply the fact that blizzard either does not have, or will not release the source code making it impossible to apply the fixes they would have implemented? Or is it general incompetence?

As far as I know, all the server-side content has been reverse-engineered to sort of work how it used to back in the vanilla days. They don't have access to blizzard's source code.

But for example Nost was in development for what, 5 years? I find it rather dubious that they could not have done better

You should have played a vanilla server when retail was in vanilla. It was pants on head.

Sounds like you have some stories user. Care to share them?

everything has to be emulated based on speculation and old videos, vanilla doesn't have as much documentation on each patch as say TBC or wrath

also Nost originally was a [FR] only server, so they had their server already to go long before the internation nost release

That sounds like trying to copy a picture by looking at very small images of a slightly different picture.

thats like that for every private server

everything is emulated because the source code is not available thus they have to use what documentation is available to recreate systems

I actually take it back, it's like that for EVERYTHING that requires emulation

No private server is perfect in the long run and any "official" legacy servers tend to be turned to shit quickly by the devs as they try to make as much money as they can off it

more like a blind person trying to read a textures painting as if it were braille. there's so much inaccurate shit on every private server that's always consistently wrong that I'm sure none of them even try. they just use the same third-party framework, spend time setting up some kind of donation system and then call it a day.

Does Cuckronos still have a large amount of active players outside of 8/v/? I logged in and found nobody online in the old guild.

fukken 502chan let me post

K2 is online and we're rebuilding there because people wanted to start fresh there for some dumb reason

well, i guess i'l just keep waiting for burning crusade even though it's looking a lot like never ever. at least the dev releases a video every now and then, letting us know he's not dead. speaking of, there was a new vid 3 days ago. embed related

This is probably the worst setup for RFC I've ever run. Basically 4-manned the whole thing with 2 players being underleveled. Lots of deliberate ninja pulls and still 0 wipes. Onafag BTFO.

It's like a 4 warriors 1 healer setup, but instead it's a 1 hunter 3 healer setup.
with extra autism.

Any class or role typically lacking in terms of dungeoneering or raiding?

There's never enough warlocks or druids.

Because they were shit in vanilla ? When you defeat Nefarian and read the letter near his throne he says something about the Red Shards (for AQ timed quest) and at the end says "PS: I Hope you enjoyed the Nemesis and Stormrage gear i left for your raid" that is joke from Blizzard because raids always complained when Nemesis or Stormrage tier set dropped because warlocks and druids were utter shit and not desirable in raids.

Warlocks are nice but druids are only good for their buffs and battle rez.
In the end game essentially 2/3 of your character is completely useless as a druid.

it's not that those classes sucked so much as the set gear wasn't particularly great for what they were actually useful for in a raid.

druid were shit in every spec and only were in raid to innervate the priest and buff people

warlocks were shit in every spec (Sacrifice Demon + Ruin spec became viable after Naxx patch talent changes) and they only existed to apply debuffs

This is why I can't ever get excited about private servers

Warlock, mage, resto druid/shaman are all extremely solid picks if you want to be desirable for a raiding guild.

Are kinda convincing me to go with a warlock but

makes me unsure. were they really so terrible? also, whats the alternative?

Warlocks are one of the top 4 contenders on DPS meters along with mage, warrior and rogue. That coupled with the fact that no one fucking plays warlock makes it probably the single most attractive choice for a player who wants to easily get into raiding, easily perform (shadowbolt + lifetap) and easily gear up (almost no competition on tier gear). I played warlock on Nostalrius I can confirm that warlock life is easy. Hell you can even farm DM east easily with AOE as warlock.

Thanks a lot for the info user. It'll be put to good use.


Holla Forums does RFC

Decided to check in on that since it's been ten billion years since they told us summer 2016 release and I find this gem
wew, no nostalrius 2.0, china not welcome. Get a gander at all the fuckboys screaming racist in that thread

looking by other statements it will be no europeans aswell since Gummy said he thinks "US playerbase will be our core and from that we can build perfect WoW community"

Its hosted in Chicago

I actually started that thread with the intent of finding out what they intended to do with the china problem

Well shit, infinity on nostalrius was loaded with those euros and a few ruskies last I remember right. The hell are we supposed to do with half a guild? If he's serious, he might start banning common VPN IPs too or something.

only says no ruskies and no china

and let's be fair chinky doesn't speak english so why let them play?

b-but muh 10k crits

leveling is also probably the smoothest of any class. the closest thing to a challenge in 1-10.


It depends upon what you want. Ultimately mages are better than warlocks hands down in terms of survivability, and are also quite powerful on their own. Warlocks suffer from serious problems in that they have very few instant cast spells compared to most other classes, as well as having those same instant spells spread across their tech tree. Mages also outperform warlocks in any dungeon that has undead. For example mages make straltholme, and scholomance much easier because warlocks fear abilities do not work on undead enemies. But like the one guy said warlocks do very good sustained damage in raids, but do not spec SM/Ruin until you have the right gear for it. Warlocks are also pretty comfy in raids because all you do is spam shadow bolt because nobody can use dots due to the 8 debuff limit, and of course it means little competition for gear. But also understand they are complete shit on their own in pvp, but powerful when paired with almost any other class. For example warriors have an item that lets them become immune to fear for thirty seconds, and rogues have more than enough spell interrupts to kill you without much effort. Warlocks have their uses, but they were shit in vanilla in general. It wasn't until TBC that they received one of the biggest buffs any class has ever received. So playing as a warlock now will prepare you for when we have a tbc server


Warlocks are extremely strong in 1v1 situations, their CC doesn't heal your opponent fully like the mage's CC does. And warlocks perform much better against the classes that counter mage (hunter, shadow priest and warlock for example). So they are a decently solid 1v1 class even before factoring in the soul link spec which destroys any semblance of 1v1 balance.

OnGarith here, Is Toomykins not online or something?

pvp advice in general really only applies when you're fighting someone who actually knows what the fuck they're doing which is rare. I've mongoose'd people to death before because no one knows how to play, even over a decade later.

I am now, but you're not.

Kronos II right?


Where can i see how many players are online currently? Also where is the server stationed? US or EU?

we have about 9 online right now, it peaks at night and the servers are slav based

Thanks, but i was actually talking about the entire server player count, not just the guild. I don't want to play in a ghost town.

We don't really know, but it's estimated above 1.4k on kronos 2 if not higher.
It's a pretty average server.


you god damn cp hoarder, do you ever play anything else than MMOs?

Is this Legion?

are you implying druids ever required more than 6 hotkeys?

Not when it's not neccesary :^)

I mean in the guild, we have 9 online

whatever happened to nost? did it finally drown in subhuman orientals?

It drowned in Blizzard's lawsuits.

aight. See you around dude.

who are you btw

it got shut down and they lied about releasing their source code

Superior scripting. It's a much better server than Nost, pop excepted.

the source code thing was dumb because as far as I can tell they're using the same framework as almost everyone else.

they are and they used a fucking weak excuse

Looks like somebody else took my place as the cloth guy who pulls everything


poor mr smite

I am setting up my computer partitions soon so I hope to be able to join you guys. It'll be nice to be running dungeons with you guys again. Just be aware I enjoy large pulls I'm a clothy.

We're currently 9-manning DeadMines and we're dying because we're pulling such large groups.

Really? Doesn't that mean you get no exp because it's designed as a fiveman? Do you still get gear?

we still get gear

you just can't do quests.

Cool. Is deadmines really that hard, or are you just really underleveled?

There are no quests for DM as horde

we just felt like it

deadmines is pathetic. I would consider it the second easiest dungeon in the game if not for the fact the last couple of pulls are a noob trap.

I know. I'm just saying that if you try to do any dungeon quests with more than 5 people you won't get credit.





In terms of mobility, mages have it much better, yes, owing to their superior slows and blinks. But Warlocks have a ton more health and self-heals (Healthstone, Death Coil, Drain Life, CC & Bandage, and for spec-specific options Siphon Life and DS on Voidwalker). For slows Warlocks though really only have Curse of Exhaustion (for affliction warlocks) unless they actually specced Aftermath (no one ever does this) and procced a Daze. Warlocks depend rather hard on Fear to kite enemies, so it's best to play Horde unless you want to go up against Will of the Forsaken and Tremor Totems.

And Warlocks outperform Mages in any dungeon that has demons and elementals, being able to enslave demons and banish both demons and elementals. In most dungeons he can both Fear (assuming you'd want to do that since it risks aggro trains) and Seduce to CC while the mage can only poly 1 and has soft CC.

True, but a Warlock does have an assload of DoTs. A SM/Ruin Warlock can put Curse of Agony (but will probably use a utility curse like Curse of Exhaustion or Curse of Tongues), Corruption, Siphon Life (21 point shadow though) all as instant casts and Immolate as a non-instant cast. Warlocks can compete with Shadow Priests in DoT damage and throw nukes like a Mage on top of that. They also have two instant nukes: Death Coil (which also gives you 3 seconds of casting time) and Shadowburn. Three if they're Nightfall spec and proc an instant shadowbolt or if they're 31+ Destruction for Conflag but that's more of a glass cannon PvP spec (there's conflags specs that get both for the instant cast bursting). But Conflag does have very crazy burst.

Glimmering Mithril Insignia. But that's a 10 minute cooldown blacksmithing trinket. They also have Berserker Rage (break fear+incapacitate 10 sec immune on 30sec CD), Recklessness (15 sec of Fear immunity, everything crits, but they take 20% more damage and it's like a 30min CD), and Death Wish (30 sec of Fear immunity and 20% increased phys damage, but requires 21+ fury spec, so no 31/20 Arms/Fury). However, not a single one of those abilities protects against a Succubus seducing the poor bastard while you bandage, make some space, and trinket Soul Fire him (Soul Fire is the Warlock's Pyroblast) which you could also follow with a Death Coil into a Shadowbolt into a Shadowburn if you want a really ridiculous burst combo (if you're Conflag spec, replace Searing Pain with Immolate and follow with a Conflag then Shadowburn for a really crazy burst combo). If you want to get clever with Curse of Exhaustion you can also DoT and deadzone kite (too close for intercept, too far for melee) them into the ground.

Honestly Warlocks have fuck-all in interrupt resistance anyway so if a Rogue is meleeing you, you're not gonna cast shit anyhow. You need to Death Coil and Fear them off of you then try to kite with Curse of Exhaustion. Or Seduce and fuck with them. If you have a Felhunter you get +30 to stealth detection though so if you go Engineer and get Catseye Goggles (+18 stealth detection) on top of that, you could actually spot stealthed Rogues from a distance and prevent them from getting the drop on you. And if you play an Orc Warlock, you get a spiffy 25% chance of resisting stuns. Good times.

I never really liked rogues or DPS warriors. They usually had bad attitudes. were underleveled, and had no good CC or other utility. DPS as a role are wholly replaceable, except for Shaman (buffs) and Mage (CC+free water). Warrior tanks are the scarcest and most valuable class.
But now I rolled shaman, so I can't do that as much

Prepare for C&D

Can someone invite me to the guild? I asked Toomy and Grim but neither responded.
IGN is Elygiggle.

You guys coulda said something about this.
I missed out on it.

It's literally the first thing we did after we walked out of Deadmines.
Also you could've known if you were in the Discord's voicechat. We told ye numerous times to join :^)

Shamans can instance tank just fine. Earth Shock gives high aggro. Lightning Shield gives reflective aggro while you auto. Rockbiter Weapon gives you extra aggro on your auto, assuming it's not bugged. Windfury usually ends up being better aggro through the bonus damage. Stoneskin Totem reduces the damage you take. Plus you can pull with Lightning Bolt. If you go Enhance tree (which is typically recommended for leveling) you can easily pick up a solid block and dodge too. It's not until partway through Burning Crusade that Blizzard officially killed the Shaman tank.

Pretty much every fucking class short of mages can tank instances with the right gear, talents, ability use.

I never really saw any sham tanks past 40, and only rarely before then. I've seen gimmick tanks too, but none are as consistent or powerful as a warrior or druid. Have you seen sham tanks in 40+ instances? How do they do on trash?

Oh that reminds me of a great story I have. One time near the Nelf area that is just off stonetalon, me and one of my mage friends in the guild both ~30 were attacked by a skull level warrior. I had my succubus out and seduced him, I was so surprised to see it hit. We high tailed it out of there, and actually got away scot free. The mage guy a troll said "boy that was scary." Succubus is pretty powerful.
Engineer mages/warlocks are really powerful. It's basically a bunch more CCs and mobility abilities onto classes that already have quite a few

Are we using discord now instead of teamspeak?

Zel's TS died years ago

also WyattPowah can invite

Saying that Shamans can tank when you compare what a great Shaman and a great Warrior can do is an insult to Warriors. A good Warrior in vanilla can hold 5-6 mobs no problem. A great Warrior with a Paladin giving salv or a Shaman giving WF can hold 7-8 mobs.

The best Shamans can do without getting completely shit on is ZF if there's someone CCing at least 1 mob.

Yes. Teamspeak quickly becomes expensive to host if nobody uses it.

any tips on holding 4+ mobs as a warrior? spamming battle shout seemed to do the trick on nost but don't wanna rely on it too much.

If it's an isolated group, I charge > zerker stance > WW > def stance > demo shout, then keep tabbing and adjust appropriately for each mob whether they need an autowhack / style.

how many ranks in Tactical Mastery do you have?

5/5, I consider this the most important talent for tanking and PvP.
Oh also, remember that you can go to zerker stance and use Berserker Rage before charging into the mobs, you don't need to actually remain in zerker to benefit from the buff.
No clue if it works on Kronos though, I just started playing here and am currently a rogue.

Are you a tauren? Warstomp em

You mean after Shamans gain mail armor proficiency and have 31+ talents? They typically do better. At level 50, the Shaman even gets Tranquil Air totem which if you position it right will ensure the ranged classes and healers cannot steal aggro from you.

With Lightning Shield, Thorns, and a shield spike, a Shaman can hold around 5 mobs easily enough if he pulls with Chain Lightning (have the primary hit go to a secondary target to build more aggro on him).

That said, no one said you should go "Step aside silly Warrior, let me show you how a REAL tank does it!" (but if you need to shitpost, do it). I'm just saying if you're in a shithole group waiting on tanks, then Shaman tanking is a legit option.

5/5 TM is the second most important tanking talent and the most important PvP talent.

The general idea when it comes to holding threat against multiple mobs is to start the pull with a lot of rage (1), generate threat in the order the mobs will be killed (2) and to have a general feeling of how aggro works (3).

1) To get a lot of rage at the start of the pull, simply start the pull with near max rage from the previous pull. If you have less than 25 rage remaining, do Charge > Berserker Rage. If the mobs are particularly high melee damage ones, throw a Demo Shout before you start generating threat. DON'T USE WW UNLESS YOU'RE IN AN INFINITE RAGE SCENARIO. I literally can't think or remember of any scenario in vanilla/TBC where, if you start a pull with 0 rage with Charge > Berserker Rage, it becomes worth using WW as your first threat ability.

2) Once you start the pull, you need to decide which mobs to hit and in which order. Mobs should be marked and everyone should be on the same page. There's 2 methods to use here depending on how fast the first mob will die. First method is the slow death one where the first target will take 10+ seconds to die. What you have to do is start off with a Shield Slam (or Revenge if that already proc'd) on the first target and then start using Revenge/Sunder on the rest of the mobs in the pull, following the kill order. If there is a lot of incoming damage and a lot of mobs, you'll want to use Heroic Strike between GCDs on a "fresh" mob to generate threat on it. Means you have to swap targets really fucking fast. The second method makes your life significantly easier: if the first kill target dies in less than 10ish seconds, then what you do is open with Taunt on it and start generating threat on the second/third/etc targets. You generate no threat on the first target. Once the Taunt debuff fades, you either Conc or Mocking Blow the mob. Once that debuff fades, you Taunt the mob again. It'll die with you only using 1 GCD, letting every other mob stick to you like glue.

3) This is the important part, knowing how threat actually works. I won't go in the nitty gritty details, but I'll cover two important points. First is that Revenge is your most important ability for threat: it has, by far, the best threat/rage ratio of all your abilities. Second is that healing threat is divided by all the mobs on the threat table. Which means that if there's 4 mobs beating on you and the healer heals you for 2k, the healer will generate 250 threat per target (1healing = 0.5 threat). With Defiance, that's 1 Sunder or Revenge or Shield Slam or Shield Bash or Heroic Strike. That means you need to get used to having a feel for how often you need to cycle through each mob to keep aggro off of the healer

In a perfect world, here's how a pull happens:

You faggots are going to wish you didn't get burnt out on this game on Kronos when Blizzard releases REAL vanilla servers. Man I can't wait. By the way Blizzard's lawyers just caught wind of Kronos so have fun losing hundreds of hours of your life AGAIN nerds. That's what you get for being fucking thieves.


indeed, the lowest.

You're not even trying user

I remember when you faggots kicked me out of your guild because I was talking about Kronos on Nostalrius. You all said Kronos would bite the dust and you shit-talked it daily. Well who's laughing now LOSERS.

go be a cuck on 4chan

I can't wait for the much higher population, stability and non-buggy quests. It'll be like it's 2006 and I'm 7 years old playing WoW again.

You niggers are impatient. As for me I'm going to get comfy imagining all the FUN I'll have from not playing the game prematurely.

Blizzard have been bros lately; fixing Diablo 3, releasing Overwatch (GOTY?), adding a great expansion to Starcraft. I know in my heart of hearts they will release Vanilla WoW servers of their own and soon. It will be the best thing ever. Shame you people will have already done everything there is to do in this game in poopy Kronos and be unable to enjoy the superior version. You could have had so much more FUN.

gonna have to agree with this other guy you should have just waited for Blizzard's it will be way better

that post reeks of bait

wow, this is quite pathetic. i'm not even sure if this is bait or some seriously buttblasted blizzdrone

My excuse for playing kucknos rather than waiting a whole year is pic related.

butt blasted blizzdrone

prepare your anus buckos

do none of those scale with damage?

They all do. Which is why you don't need to generate a lot of threat to keep aggro off of the healer. The healer just needs to not be dumb and use a small heal the second you hit 90% health. For general purposes, in 5 mans the damage you take is low enough that a healer won't need to start casting a big heal until you're under 60%-50% health, which gives you more than enough time to generate enough threat to keep aggro on you as long as you're not tanking 10+ mobs (which should never happen, should wipe you if it happens and if it does happen and you don't blow up instantly you'd be using demo shout to aoe tank that many mobs anyways).

would you say the attack power scaling for shield slam would be worth focusing on strength gear? I know at 60 you want to get more +defense than anything but I'm talking about leveling.

You never level as prot. For vanilla/TBC you level as arms, always. Improved Overpower is better than anything in the Fury tree other than Bloodthirst and MS is better than Bloodthirst. Sweeping Strikes is really good for questing, too.

You can tank every leveling dungeon just fine as Arms spec, although it starts getting a bit harder with BRD and LBRS. The only two good Prot talents for tanking dungeons are Defiance and Shield Slam and you won't need either of them until the DPS you play with start getting pre-raid BiS gear.

The only argument for leveling as Prot is with cross-realm dungeon finder and heirloom items where you can hit level cap after you can start queueing for the first dungeon without leaving town.

For leveling gear, you want SPIRIT/stamina pre 30, after 30 you want to start picking up Str/Stam gear. Having 50-70 Spirit will make a humongous difference in your downtime to the point where you'll be able to level with only bandages.

I wasn't even aware shield slam was a talent ability.

legion druid actually gained spells with the prepatch, my bear has around 25 different spells give or take depending on talents, just under half of when the druid was bloated to around 52 max rank spells in wrath

fucking poison quest

also what stats should feral drooid be stacking?

I disagree. Sure, MS is way better than bloodthirst. However, fury gains attack speed on crit and +25% melee damage on being crit. The melee damage bonus can always, in every single case, be triggered by sitting down within a mob's aggro radius. It gets both these bonuses much faster than MS. Blood Craze minimizes the impact of being crit by returning some hp. You can also talent into increased slam speed, which hugely benefits slow 2h weapons more than even MS. Piercing howl is the cherry on top, because it lets you run away from almost anything. That said, Arms is still better as a pvp spec if you want to do that.

Strength and maybe agi if you're going catform.

That said, you can't get feral weapons unless you do AQ20 (Mace of Unending Life) or world dragons (Hammer of Bestial Wrath). AQ40 (Blessed Qiraji War Hammer) and Naxx (The End of Dreams, Atiesh) is where the real feral weapons are at though. But there's no feral weapon for PvP. But there is a feral armor set for PvP. For PvE all you get are healer sets though, so feral itemization in vanilla sucks really hard. You can try getting a Wolfshead Helm off the AH or with Leatherworking though. That one's fun for the bonus energy/rage. So is Barbaric Belt.

If you guys are going to reroll on a better server (Elysium Valkyrie) in a month, the end-game commitment is probably pretty irrelevant.


that's primarily russians

Thanks for the info but goddamn we need to pick a server and stick with it

Elysium is going to have English enforced in all public channels though.

*raises hoof*
Is the exp gain increased?
*puts hoof down, looks satisfied*

Just downloaded, what class should I play? Played a Troll Mage in Nost and was underwhelmed, what's the guild lacking?

pick whatever

try asking again and without the faggotry

a better pvp spec might as well be a better leveling spec on this server considering that consistency is pretty much impossible when you can get jumped at any second outside of starter zones.

Mage, priest, shaman, warlock, druid are safe picks if you want to be in high demand in any server. That goes for Infinity as well. At least with our current roster.


I think Toomykins and Grimgorks are offline, can anyone else inv me? Name is Arztkuh

Toomykins here.
Are you on Kronos II?
Shows you're not online.

well shit, i'm retarded, logged on the wrong server

They're rolling out a new server in a month targeted at English speakers. Valk is also completely autistic about script quality so they are way the fuck less buggy than other private servers. The only question is how well their server will launch. If Elysium manages a good pop, it'll be better than Nostalrius ever was (which was buggy as fuck - did they ever even fix fucking windfury not adding attack power?).

It seems like right now Kronos is just a temporary server while we wait for better servers to come.

Rogues are low in demand on horde. They're the most heavily played class in the game so the competition for slots is pretty heavy. Good for ganking though.


Why. Trolls are the red-headed stepchildren of the Horde.

Races and awesome fucking racials:
Orc: 25% stun resistance. Fuck Rogues. Fuck Paladins. Fuck Engineers. Fuck Anything That Stuns.
Tauren: +5% maximum health. War Stomp. Free nature resist.
Undead: Will of the Forsaken. Free shadow resist.

Then there's trolls, and they get 10% fast attacks and casts for 10 seconds. If they max out they might get 30% faster speed, but if they max that out (40% health) they could die before that really helps them. Only Hunters go Troll because for the bonus weapon skill. Other than that the only reason I could see going Troll is if you want to amuse yourself with ranged trinket auto as a Rogue or if you want to go female Troll to fool alliance into thinking you're a Night Elf.

10% fast attacks sounds good with a 2H windfury shaman.

what exactly do you mean?



it's like you don't want to be the most efficient choice to finish the Nessingwary quests or something.

Uh, no. Fuck no. That's a "win more" power. If you actually get to auto someone on cooldown for a full 10 seconds as a 2H WF Shaman, you were already winning that fight anyway. And if you don't, that power will hardly hand you an extra attack. Having a 2 second stun that does not GCD which you can use to guarantee a Lesser Healing Wave on demand like a miniature Nature's Swiftness and break someone out of a cast is MUCH better for turning around a fight you could otherwise have lost. (And if you're ele you can also cast Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning with War Stomp.) Plus, Tauren race gives you a flat +5% health, which is always sexy. War Stomp though is fucking god-tier for Shamans, who have zero fucking CCs and stuns otherwise and gain the benefit of casting shit while your opponent is stunned. (It is also sexy as fuck for Druids.) Even for auto shit, using War Stomp to waste 2 seconds of their time and interrupt their casts will help you more to get that extra swing (and shock) in than Berserking.

If you play a Shaman, go Tauren. It is the best race, hands down. Even the stun resistance racial isn't needed when you can break a stun with your trinket and carry a Living Action Potion to break another or instantly follow trinket with a Free Action Potion for 30 seconds of stun and slow immunity. With War Stomp (and possibly NS) you can self-heal safely anyhow.

I would also recommend you take Engineering for the beast grenade stun (again: Shamans have no stuns), the Net-O-Matic, and the Goblin Rocket Boots (70% sprint on 5min cd - sure gnomish rocket boots look better for not breaking when they malfunction, but they are a 50% sprint on a 30min cd, so fuck that). The Goblin Mortar, Goblin Rocket Helm, and Gnomish MC Cap aren't bad either. Probably should spec into Goblin Engineering for the boots.

It's total gimmick shit, but you use trinkets to boost your ranged auto and auto someone with a bow while berserking and cashing in on the weapon skill. Rogues can do that because they have assloads of agi giving them free ranged AP anyway so with some trinkets you can be a fucking oddball Rogue attacking people for decent damage from range. Make sure to mix in engineering so you can mix in Thorium Grenades and Goblin Mortars for long distance aoe and stun.

But to be honest you'd still be better off playing an Orc or Undead Rogue. The Troll racials don't contribute that much, even to range gimmickry.

It's spiffy, but hardly a gamechanger.

That's quite a lot of words.

First a squishy ass tank and now this

Fun fact: the other two are fucking warriors

So mad I forgot my pic

just gotta get a guild run going

I'm impressed.

Well now you ruined it Rtard.



I forgot to mention but there are a few items that make feral DPS much better: Dense Weightstones (which give you +8 dps, unlike permanent damage enchants which give you nothing when shapeshifted), Manual Crowd Pummelers from Gnomeregan (it has limited charges but the attack speed bonus works for feral forms, making it a godlike +50% attack speed item on a class that doesn't use the weapon's damage anyway), and Might of Cenarius (rep grind quest reward epic: Ring gives +4 dps and +1% hit along with some stam).

Have fun.

*starts counting the number of rules on his hoof* *runs out of fingers to count on*
um, why does anyone want to play in a guild with so many rules…? *question drops in pitch over the course of the sentence, sounds like a statement*

Does anyone here have the magnet for the TBC, or vanilla wow stuff?

check the discord or check the old >>>/nostalrius/ board

I really do not understand MMORPGs

I looked up several WoW gameplay videos and it just seems like the most dull, mind numbing shit in the world

I check the discord then, what is the link.

Ok never mind, I am being retarded. Downloading it now. Can I still get a link to the discord?

This just in: three cozy campfires stacked on top of each other are enough to overpower a level 1 character's natural regen. May take one more if it's a troll.

you can always try with Fire Nova Totem and logging out (usually wipes out low level characters)

Doesn't seem to work. The totem disappears as soon as the shaman logs out.

i think you misunderstood me, you are supposed to time your logging out and fire nova totem firing because totem goes neutral few seconds before you log out and is able to damage other players on your faction

So it won't work in capital cities/inns because of the instant logout?

This exploit is about summon the fire totem and then log out fast, totem becomes nutral, explodes and dealing damage to players. Here is a macro to pull it off if you can't time it well:
/cast fire nova totem
/in 3.9 /camp

you can change the value of 3.9 to something else, but 3.9 is the one I'm using 69-75 latency. It all depends on your latency, just tweak it out to something that benefits you.

The explanation:

First you cast fire nova totem (it automatically pick up the highest rank if you write it that way) , then with the /in X macro, your character will say something in X seconds. That's why you need to make a space and typ in /camp, If you are in a capital city, with /camp you instant log out. If you typ in for example /in 3.9 /camp , then that means after 3.9 seconds, your character will say /camp , saying /camp is the same as logging off.

Remember, do some tweaking on it it doesn't work every time it just depends on your latency.

A team of 7 lv 70 shammies doing it, and they killed even a lv 30-35 range lol…just too damn hilarious to see it.

Does /in x work in vanilla wow? There was a whole mess of slash commands added in TBC, lots removed due to the reworked lua stuff to prevent addons from playing your game for you

just compare it to even more dull, mind-numbing shit

log in and try it out

remember they are chat boxes with games attached to them, the fun part is talking to people

It is. Its saving grace is PvP and and the fuckhuge number of items and racial combinations you can bring into that to create more interesting circumstances.

Dude RS pking could get intense as fuck. Managing foods, potions, prayers, spells, and specials at the same time while trying to make sure someone didn't PJ your ass during an off move and risking 1m+ in gear made my heart race.

you deserved your deaths

not OP, but next thread we'll fix it so discord link is in the OP

Path of Exile flirted with that during its Cutthroat league but they never had the balls to create a permanent PvP league.

nah, keep it in the guild info. it's better this way.

and why is that?

because that way most people in it actually went through the effort of installing the game and joining the guild. would you rather have Holla Forums stop by for a visit?

whats from stopping Holla Forums from looking into this thread and joining anyways?

we have people in the discord capable of rooting out the retards like yourself judging from your posts

Is the account at twinstar really necessary? I ask because I don't like putting more information out there then I have to, and if so is the server Kronos I or II?

Yes. and Kronos II.

well basically you register on twinstar's site

and you'll see a box which asks what server you want to register with, select Kronos

you can choose either, I tested since K1 and K2 can be switched between

Everyone knows elf has the elf smell idiot aillanc 2pac alive in orgrimmar

wowrld ob warraf :-D


raib rebby :DD

Ganksquad when?

Posting old Nost screens for nostalgia's sake





posting some of my shit


I don't think I ever got to be in a screenshot with the nostalrius guild.

Shame its gone.


i was in both of the guilds too just more of a loner so i'm usually not in any of these. rip memories

lol someone got triggered

well happened earlier today

we're still here, just on a new server

Boy alchemy is real nice. Pays off a lot faster than enchant or tailoring

When Cata launched me and a friend made Draenei to explore the world changes, and during our travels we were water walking along the eastern shores of Kalimdor to get to the barrens. As we rode our elephants across the sea we came upon a single druid in water form, and he simply said AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Alchemy is baller. There are a lot of extremely useful potions, elixirs, and flasks out there which people don't really use. The trouble is that you can buy everything an alchemist can make so most players put the priority on getting Engineering and another profession with BoP loot (Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing) and getting alchemy through the AH/guild/alt if they bother.

Hmmm. WoW is now crashing for me immediately upon entering the world. It started happening after I tried to use bartender, and stopped when I removed it. But now it is happening anyways, I already tried to remove the wow files and start fresh. Maybe I can try wiping my Ram, and see if that helps. Worse comes to worse I can always install win7, and leave linux in the dust

Try redownloading the client and using a new wine prefix.
Aside from that there are a few client options that you should probably be using if you aren't using them already:

SET gxAPI "OpenGL"
SET gxVSync "0"
SET gxCursor "0"
SET useWeatherShaders "0"
SET ffx "0"
SET gxMultisample "16"
SET gxMultisampleQuality "0.000000"
SET gxFixLag "0"

Alchemy does have a lot of potions that sell for good money starting from low levels. Swiftness Potions, Free Action Potion, Lesser Invisibility Potions, and Restorative Potions are rather popular low-level potions, for instance. If you're making a new toon and need money fast, alchemy is probably one of the most profitable professions.

I hate… computers

I'm going to screw around on Elysium, but mainly waiting for crestfall.
Might go Horde on the former, Alliance PVE autism on the latter.

Heard that one before :^)

will elysium be a pvp server? sounds like it could be the best one on the "market" currently

I'd rather not start fresh again on a new server, let's just wait and see before jumping the gun here

Elysium sounds like a top server but no release date yet

but i'd rather not start on cancer like kronos so that puts us at an impasse

i agree about waiting and not jumping the gun tho. my post wasn't really about that

what was your name on Nost?

understandable, most of us are playing on K2 at the moment, but I don't speak for everyone, it's just that most of us on K2 are leveling now and leveling in vanilla is a fucking chore

we'll just wait and see if it really is well scripted and populated or ends up like ToD and just becomes raid logging

and no worries but if we want to seriously get back into WoW private servers again, we need to pick one and stick with it

They were pretty OP on launch, when Fear could not break early and diminishing returns did not exist yet so you were basically Fear-locking enemies. But then they began chain nerf-batting Fear (and Seduce and then Howl of Terror) which wrecked the Warlock class since they have no interrupt resistance and no mobility powers so they couldn't run and they couldn't cast once you got up in their face. All they have is Curse of Exhaustion for kiting, which is nowhere near as good as what most melees can do. It wasn't until later when they halved Warlock DoT duration (with same total damage) and added a Horror component to Death Coil and did some talent reworking that Warlocks became viable PvPers with a variety of builds instead of a free honor kill for 150% honor (stick around for the soulstone rez). For the longest time, the only viable Warlock build was SM/Ruin, which is still one of the best Warlock builds.

Druids are the red-headed stepchild of instance healers. You're the only healer without a normal rez, so your party can't actually recover from a wipe. Shamans on the other hand are the ultimate instance healer, because they have both a rez and a self-rez. A Druid's endgame is basically main healer in raids. But at least feral Druids make great flag-runners in PvP.

If you play as a Warlock though any healer with a rez is good, since you can just Soulstone them for the self-rez.

True. Warlocks don't even bother with mana potions, mana/5, spirit, or consumable gear. On the other hand you do get to farm some soul shards, esp. for PvP.

True. The real Warlock PvE raid gear isn't tier gear though. It's 3 piece Bloodvine (Tailoring) with maybe Bloodvine Goggles (Engineering).

DM is a Warlock's playground really. You have enslave and banish working for you there.

One thing you missed is that Warlocks can also PvE and PvP with the same spec (SM/Ruin). While DS/Ruin does slightly more damage, most raids want at least 1 or 2 Warlocks with a pet for the Blood Pact buff. So Warlocks save on respec costs.

IIRC seduce and fear did not share DR early on. That was stupidly strong.

They do want to chug mana pots in raids if you want to be competitive.

if warlocks dont have shadow priest in raid they will be mid tier

Meanwhile a Rogue's CCs tend not to share DR with each other. After a while they put Howl of Terror on the same DR too. And they added PvP trinkets for everyone to break fears better and shit. It really fucked the Warlock class since, again, if you get up in a Warlock's face, they're typically done for. Can't cast or escape (unless you're using consumables/trinkets/rocket boots/utility potions) and in those days kiting wasn't as good of an option since their DoT DPS was half of what it currently is.

True. If only Life Tap (and Dark Pact, but no one uses that) didn't gcd.

It's better to use a healing Priest with 5/5 Shadow Weaving than a full-blown Shadow Priest.


How long did you guys play WoDtanic before you left the sinking ship?

Three weeks maybe? I resubbed for the first time since late WotLK so I had never even experienced the horrid shit that was Cata/MoP. I was optimistic about going back to Draenor. Everything up to Draenor was dull, barely saw any other players because of the instanced areas and shit low pop. Draenor leveling was fun and was a high point for me, but after reaching the level cap I realized I had nothing but shitty dailies and a facebook game to do. All in all I played for maybe 3 weeks, then I heard about Nostalrius and jumped ship.

never touched it, quit during wrath and went back to play cata for a bit only to find out they removed a lot of shit to make casuals happy

RIP server


Wow that stinks, where did you come up with that awful design

Holla Forums less than one year ago.

join us on discord m8

fuck discord, use tox.

soz lad, I'd rather use anything else as well, but it is how it is, 30+ people aren't moving for one person.

thanks doc


discord is pretty much solid in terms of being a VOIP and text chat, on top of supporting pictures we have a porn dump channel and they
re adding video chat support in the near future

also if we get serious and start raiding again you're gonna NEED discord

if you're talking about infinite i am on that

TOX is a meme client

I miss Nost. I just can't make myself to level again.

hop on TBC hype train

Ey so what do you nogs think of this one? Came across it
good or just wait for TBC? Not sure if world of crusade/whatever it's called now is going to launch any time soon though

I levelled orc warlock to lvl 20 and then quit, literally dindu nuffin'. Why the hell am I ip-banned?

Screw this server.

Crestfall is shit, they are all talk and no action and may become an even bigger meme than WoC

come on discord so we may guide you

oh, well fuck me then
is the one people were talking about? Launches in a few weeks, that the one people are gonna swarm to? I just wanna play a decent server with you goofballs and not kronos

Elysium seems to be the new big thing but it launches on 17th i think

let's wait and see because leveling is a bitch


disregard, new one here