Post your best griefing videos

Post your best griefing videos.


I don't have griefing videos, but I have griefing stories.

Does anyone have a server news post or something that confirms the server shut down?

Best Griefing series ever.


No, I don't think so.

where is the autistic russian child, I need it

I'm on it.

God bless you.

Anyone got ArmA2 griefing stuff?

posting something the Holla Forums griefing group has done



only really counts because he can heal the mobs but whatever. still a fun watch.

here's one from the former Holla Forums group before Good Roleplay Friends

Britbong and Danielfromsl


What's your point?

His videos are shit and he's a faggot. I shouldn't have to explain this. Danielfromsl is hilarious though.

You have shit taste then.

Britbong makes my sides explode.
He does the voices well.

Daniel sounds boring, the fun comes from the game actions itself, not the person.

The irony isn't lost on me.

Daniel sounds like a sociopath, that's part of the fun.
Britbong is further documentation of the world of middle age failures that chargglez firecaster also did well in keeping. Otherwisr he's an obnoxious faggot that is good at pissing people off and calling out twitch nepotism

I usually mic spam servers for fun. Embed related is my latest concoction.

Don't hate on the grand wizowd.

I'm just stating facts. I don't despise the guy but I don't watch him for his characters, just the reactions he garners

Is this the guy that did SL videos? I can't find his YT channel.

nvm fixed it

What happened to our gmod servers?

That's because you're a 12 year old who likes bottom tier trolling.

You just made my day mate



i remember there was anotehr russian one when the kid gets griefed and starts screaming, and you can hear his mom coming into the room and slapping him for screaming so loud

It took me a minute to realize he was walling

Does anyone have the video with the guys from ohmygot I think it was where this one dude was screaming constantly into the mic?

Small one

Think this is it, don't have the webm though

Does anyone have the Darunia team one, where australians admit they did 9/11?

yeah, thats the one, thanks



Try 10 years of halfchan/Holla Forums. It's a wonder I'm still functioning.

This was one of the most amazing and autistic things I ever watched. I watched all of them in one go.



thats low energy griefing right there friend

actually that was GRF but we just didn't slap a name on it

here's another one



When man can no longer hunt big game, we will hunt ourselves.




Fuck off faggot.


Get on my level fam. It's high energy if done right. You're just doing it wrong.