Terraria Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

old thread was bumplocked and on page 9, time for a new one.

PORT: 7777

PORT: 27015

Don't be a faggot, don't grief, tl;dr be a decent fucking human being, and we'll be good.

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Are you on


Did an update get pushed literally two minutes ago?


One minute, i'll fix it. Was some hotfixes.

Okay, we're back up.


Feels bad, man. The server and my tree are still there, I just can't get to them.

Posted this in the last thread before I realised there was a new one. Wanted to share my tree house.

Also, you missed one of the servers from the last thread.

Port: 52000
No password

Are either of those two the one that was in the last thread?
Palm Tree House, started as flat land, had to deal with Tinker dropping landmines and Logic sensors blowing everyone sky high?

Nevermind, found it:

No, these are brand new for some reason.

Has anyone tried the phone version?

Faster internet speeds (probably), custom worldgen params, and a non-cucked host, apparently, so far w/o griefing either.

I'm currently at the worst part of the game in my expert mode playthrough: leading water to touch lava for obsidian mining.

EoC took a couple tries on expert mode, didn't expect that. Rumors has it that Skeletron is particularly challenging, and the subsequent bosses too for that matter.

Would post pics of my building but it ended up a nasty looking commieblock because I needed the NPCs to move in quick to be able to buy stuff.

I'll post pics once I can into cozy building. Until then, I'll soak up some inspiration here.

Holy fucking shit, did they need to make expert mode starting enemies tanky unless you have a Trident or Snowball Cannon? The Spear just does not cut it.

I found he's just not worth doing pre-hardmode. His treasure isn't great, the homing skulls way too damaging and you can do Wall of Flesh with Beenades/The Bees Knee's.

disgusting, terraria world gimmicks suck.

just simple shit like world size, which ores spawn, corruption or crimson (or even one with the other's world types), chests, enabling/disabling some features, couple of other fun things.

that ruins the fun of terraria and having multiple servers

Is this actually fun to play by yourself? I've tried getting into it, can't seem to.

Any tips?

It lets people have a choice in what set of items they can use.

there is such thing as generating another world

What part do you find boring?

It's a MP server and i'm not trying to host 8 servers just for some fucking ore generation.

I don't enjoy subjecting myself to RNG fucking constantly.

you are aware there is such thing as a single player mode, right?
since when has anyone ever had any serious problems over worldgen? Unless your jungle is crimsoned I've never had to generate more than 2 worlds.

I'm hosting the server, you tit. I want OTHER people to have choice.

Terraria's appeal is the adventuring and other fun shit, not the goddamn constant world-swapping for stuff I want.

Again, this has never been a problem for anyone else hosting a server, why are you making it one, you autist?

imagine this in the finest shitlord voice.


but you're not the one playing here, you're hosting a fucking server.

I'm playing on my own server too.

And it's not a problem, it's what i wanted to do, really.

Nobody else cares, and it's arguably more convenient just to have both gen randomly in the world instead of having to go back and forth between MP or Sp just over some world-gen.

Just let me enjoy the fucking game how I want.

You don't need to police other people's shit, and why do you care anyways?

I started a new character yesterday on singleplayer. It's fun to play by yourself, but having others around makes it less lonely and more interesting. Yesterday for example I watched some faggot on the old Holla Forums server jump right into a TNT trap and had a great chuckle.

oh boy here we go

oh boy here we go










There's a difference between spacing and





The reply box is tiny, anyways. It's easier to read, sorry i hurt your fucking fefes you autist.

Anyone on the fresh start server?





Quite a few, yes.

I don't see anyone on the fresh start server in the OP. I'm on by myself.

The fuck is going on in here?

You're on the build server, i think, if you're Moon Man.

OP is going on.

Oh, fuck off, are you even playing?

I already built my shit on the old server fam, why would I switch over?

Maybe you should stay in the old thread, too. Shitposter-kun.

okay reddit, I concede.

I just wanted to have some fun.

if you just wanted to have some fun then maybe you should hide your reddit better.

Go make your own server if you have such a problem with it. He's not going to remake the world just for you.

when the fuck did they add official xinput support?


My problem isn't he made his world a certian way, it's that he acts like a faggot about it.

huh. alright then.

You're being a faggot right now, good job.
Are you quite done yet?

Couch co-op when?

never because pc gaming isnt for people who may want to do local multiplayer
seriously its fucking impossible for me to have guests over to play vidya with because zero pc games have proper split screen multiplayer with the exception of sonic allstars racing transformed and battleblock theater

Nope, nowhere near done. :^)

Well this thread was ill-timed to begin with as we usually just make a thread when it reaches page 13, not page 9.

EDF 4.1

I guess I'll have to convince him somehow to download an earlier version and miss out all the cool steam achievements.

didn't mean to quote

Fucking faggots am I right?

I just went to TPB and first thing I saw was the kickass logo and bold letters "Kickass is BACK. Click here to access it!"
It's now .am instead of .cr
Also, fuck you for making me shit my pants for nothing you dumb nigger.

I hopped into that same hole and killed all of them with my bare hands. You need to stop being a kike and become a muscle wizard.

that's cuz you have non-kosher gear
fucking goys. You may have stronger gear but I have high quality, awardwinning breadwinning, fun enhancing gear which I probably bought from my fellow jews off of amazon.
You're just jelly of my expensive skill.

The owner was arrested in Poland and is gonna be extradited to the USA though. I have no idea who's hosting that site. I'm sorry user

I need some help, I have this friend on steam and google+.
Everytime im in a conversation with our friends he calls me gay 24/7, he embarrass me to all my friends.
I need help on how to make it stop, have you guys had problems with a friend calling you gay 24/7 and making you blush and stuff?


took a mid edging break to post this.
I'll join you guys in a few hours.

You can do a lot with world gen living trees.



Living trees are the coolest thing. Nothing's better than a tree mansion. The biggest issue I always have with it, though, is finding an efficient way to get up and down the trunk/shaft.

I've wated dozens of platinum on reforging end game gear. So much so I ended up farming a decent boss for it. The golem and I did that for a while it paid off.



ayyy lmao

bob is back!

why the shit is it not a new map op?
it has a fucking ufo with hardmode shit in it!
make a new hard large map and do it right…

You're on the wrong server.

How do I build a house that actually looks nice? Is there some simple magic trick for that or do you really need to git gud?

Your shit is too uniform. Try and use more material types and make more distinctive shapes. Glass and boreal and ice does not a castle make.

Use several materials, but make it coherent

I'll give it a try and report back later, thanks!

Wow so many fucks in this thread. Host maybe an autist but unless your hosting let him spawn what ores he wants in-game, you don't need to be prissy little faggots about it. Holy shit edgelords fuck off.

They fucked off and we had a blast in the server. I especially like the rail that leads to my house and ramps you into the guard tower.


Where the fuck is everyone on the playground serb?


I fucking told you/someone else that we should remove it like kebab. "no, dont do it". So didn't. Also there's those vile mushrooms in a chest in the storage, you can craft bags with them that remove it.

It wasn't me that you told, because I went ahead and quarantined that shit right away. If you think I'm tolerating corruption in the caves right beneath spawn, fuck you.

alright good, some other nigger said that it was """"fine"""" to keep. I went against my instinct and left it around, but would have removed it if I wasn't a lazy nigger and forgot how to craft the bags of powder that remove it.

He's almost definitely lying.

switch up the materials you use for different details, otherwise that looks kind of nice

i dont think you can craft purification powder. the dryad sells it

Quick question.
Which furniture sets, platforms etc. complement hay blocks and walls the best?

Gold, and the finest shekels, obviously.

palm wood if youre going for maximum hanalulu. otherwise just regular wood. boreal flooring may look nice if you want the contrast, or you could paint it something brighter

Just got done with THE WALL

3/10, wont make america great

itll stop corruption, which would actually go a long way towards making america great


Quiet server. Nice UFO.

unless your wall stretches deep underground and wraps around the part you want clean of corruption it wont stop shit once you reach hardmode

now were talking. did you know obama has lihzahrd bodyguards?

take off your tinfoil hat, everybody knows lihzahrd blocks can contain corruption and keep it away.

It's autistic and grindy if you're into that kind of shit. They add cool stuff both for the gameplay aspects, but also for the building.

It feels rewarding though. It's grinding done right and the fact that the devs keep adding cool stuff this long after release just keeps adding incentive for new playthroughs.

Procedural generation is all the rage now, and I think Terraria is the only successful example of that, and it shows just how much work needs to go into it in order for it to deserve being called a game.

I improved your border defense. You can thank me later user

They just migrated to our new one with their endgame chars and shit anyways with weak justification and not being happy because the other one meant for this shit was empty.

Nobody stays on it for more than two seconds so fuck it, i'm closing it.

that's what you get for being a homosexual.

So now we've got a bunch of endgamers running around the newfag server?


wow that's disgusting

Cool, the game could use more sunglasses.



1/10, apply yourself.


I destroyed the retarded-fuck geysers by the wall.


Presumably because they were retarded-fuck.

Not mine, found it on the forums.

To get them you have to defeat the Eye in an expert world with a hardcore character.

That doesn't sound that hard if you cheese it.

that's both rude and disrespectful.

What are you gonna do about it?

he was probably trying to let in refugees

It was blocking off half of the map.

I'm not the one with "decent fucking human being" as their server rules, user.

You haven't even come into the server. Stop acting like you have any idea what goes on here, you whiny little bitch.




It isn't. But hopefully it will be the first in a series of hardcore items.

into the trash

Shit server tbh.

Did you read? It was fucking frying people who tried to walk across the map without wings or some way across. It used player above logic gates to just melt you.


I'm coming back on, faggots. hopefully new people join today too


It's the subtle touches by other players that make this game so damn great.

also, fuck you, faggot


kek, you will never be as creative as the autists who play this game


oyy veyy whos gonna host goyim

Server is going down for a few days most likely. Going to upload the world for everyone if someone else would like to host. Will be back and rehosting soon.

dropbox.com/s/e0tlmyx6n19k2zh/Kiddy_Playground.wld?dl=0 Enjoy.


do you want to host the map so we can keep going? I would host myself if my internet wasnt so shit

Sorry. If my rig gets left here i'll leave it up but it seems to be likely going with me. We'll see.

My internet is also shit.


ded server
ded game
ded thred

yeah, sorry. R I P

You were a shit host anyways tbh

I disagree, I liked the worldgen and he was pretty open about giving things away to people who needed them.

All he gave was AIDS.


Thought someone had offered to host after world went down?

With lack of host this is now dubs thread.

I did this.

what biome? i dont know of any with the lake

It's just the normal biome, which can have multiple random backgrounds on worldgen

The regular biome. It's a pretty cool background, my favorite, in fact.

Is anyone gonna host?

No one currently

No, RIP.

if no one else is I will host give me a sec…

fuck yeah

make sure you use the world here

I just wrecked everything

the server isnt even online, retard

literally no effort was put into your bait

that's because DIO never linked it here

yeah and you will be banned on my server aswell faggot.

Why does every serverfag sans like 2 powertrip this hard?


what is the ip and port anyway

shouldn't I make a new thread?

itll just get deleted

This thread isnt too filled, so I say no. Maybe if we're lucky a mod will edit the OP to the new server you're hosting.

new large hard map?

this thread is/has
1. on page 1
2. less than 300 replies (not bumplocked)
3. plenty of discussion
and there is no new major updates newfags have to (really) be aware of

you need to use the world we've been using, you get it from here

thats the shit world with the dumb ufo and stupid shit right?
why not make a new fucking world…

because it's most likely they are a fat neckbeard like everyone myself included who never had any power in real life and got bullied constantly

so it's the only power they'll ever have

oh fuck off then, faggot. we wont play til the old host gets back on then since you're being a cuck

Why make a new fucking world when we've been building shit on the other one for the past 2 days?

Because the UFO isn't actually that bad, and other than that there is nothing wrong with the world.
It's also bigger and better than anything you can generate without external tools, considering it has a way bigger dungeon/temple and other specific things that I can't list off the top of my head.

Also, I don't like having to reset the damn thing every five minutes just because the host changed. We have the damn world, all of us have our damn characters, all we need is a new host. Why would we change the world? Everyone would lose everything that isn't on their characters, or be forced to keep an unused world to transfer shit to rebuild whatever they had anyway.
Your logic reeks of malice and butthurt, if you want to be that way, there are other hosts.

Top it off with easy ways to get around via tracks and rope so you dont have to waste so much time traveling.

does it even have hardmode npc's?

whaterver here it is :

well someone just joined and left so i'm assuming it was dante's alt?

is anyone even going to fucking play…

stop whining and it was your friendly neighborhood jew-kun

Not if you're gonna be so whiny about it.


So yes the new server is up and rocking

It's far from done, but the thread could use a bump anyway.
r8 my house

I can't seem to connect to the Playground server. Is anyone else on it?



So, uh, I tried that NPC teleporter thing in the spaceship, but I can't figure out how to send them home.

At least the race mixing hairstylist isn't living there anymore. 7/10 bananas


server dead

well anyway it was fun
i might come back tomorrow if the server goes back up



newest build up

Why can't I into comfy? Every time I end up with commieblocks and tunnel bunkers.

I guess I'll just stick to lurking these threads.


Someone carpet bombed the map

rolling back one day rip house.


it was the jews


Dude, you know both Piratebay and Kickass Torrents have a dev team?

Hsyz (696973) here, at different place rn i'll be back and hosting later tomorrow. Server will have decreased stutter on server-side especially now, as i'm running 24GB Ram @ 2400MHz and a slightly faster connection with a CAT6 instead of old CAT5 with gigabyte speeds.

If anyone has made significant progress on the world by tomorrow and wants me to re-host that version instead of the backup i made yesterday, I will.

So when did the change the endgame wings to not be stupidly imbalanced against each other?


They began the process in 1.3.1 but they fucked up the other direction. They fully fixed it in 1.3.2.

Well it's nice that nebula wings are completely outclassed bu solar anymore.

Aren't outclassed rather.


So Im the only one on the server tonight?

29 finished his base

ey niggers, why nobody play's Dio server? its like fresh pussy, still avaliable to those who are willing.
here's ip and port

pb now has

What's the IP, is it the same as the new character server in OP post?


It will be, but i'm getting back later today.

3-4 hours from now i'll be home and re-hosting.

I imagine everyone will be back on when that happens. I know I will. Maybe we can finally cuck skeletron later today.

Hsyz here, I'm back at my place. I need the most updated version of the map, i'll host as soon as I get it. IP is the same as OP.

The thread is dead, go home

Isn't this the latest version?

its there…
but yeah the thread does seam dead…

sweet digits, and if it is then that's what i'll be using.

Server up in a second.

Server online.


Progression server has 2 people on it atm.

Too many servers to remember which one is that


OP new character server, 27015 port.

What the fuck is the point on palying with you guys when people can just fuck it up whenever by joining with end-game characters

All it takes it one guy with a vpn and no life.
The first couple of terraria threads were the best because nobody had any endgame shit, now that we're on the radar it's going to be harder and harder to find good people to play terraria, and any method to sort out good people would involve losing anonymity which ruins the point of playing with anonymous people in the first place.

and what about people interested in joing now, when most of the heary crystals are found and many bosses killed?

Not much has been found just mostly fucking around.

Going to rollback the world, vandals out the ass.

Server rolled back and relaunched.

People think being a thief and a colossal faggot at the same time is okay, apparently.

taking shit out of a chest isn't stealing, if you leave shit in a chest you should expect someone to take it, use it, or whatever.

i didn't have anything to do with the changes made to that moon base, in fact, someone had come by and broke a bunch of shit and i repaired the walls and drained some water and lava out of the base.

after being called a nigger and kike a dozen times by host, i did push the button, wired by someone else that dropped a ton of lava and the host and griefer involved, killing one of them. it was glorious.

I got trapped in a respawn cycle because of a goblin invasion, and my best gear is dropped.


I tried following the suggestions you made and here's what I did, keeping the original shape that is. I think I'll sever the left tower from the main structure a little bit sometime later, it's also a tad too straight

Also, in another note, I've circled the areas where I'm still not very comfortable with and I have no idea what to place/do there. I'm also considering scratching the whole structure and redoing it anew with random shapes, but I'm a little uneasy about that, being that I already poured so much time into this one. It'll also be a fucking bitch to move every chest.

Gonna shut down the server today. It's been pretty inactive, if anyone wants it back up just tell me on here.

Nigger detected.

Almost comfy. It's still too square and brutalist, which makes it borderline commieblock.

As the grand master of marxist architecture, I don't claim to be able to do better, but I thought I could give some feedback regardless.

Wooden cottage with lights in the night in the snow biome adds comfy points though.



Note to future people thinking of starting their own server: get Tschok or anything that allows better control over grifers. Or at least something that keeps logs.

It's gotta be 7th time I joined a Holla Forums server, and it's always the same thing: 8-9 faggots having fun and a pair of griffons who think dynamite is the best shit ever.

I'm not even angry, since I didn't really build anything myself I was expecting it anyway but this should tell the rest of you who you share the board with.


So the only reason to split these into 2 updates was to smear sit on Starbound's face? I'd much rather waited another 2 months and gotten a bigger update.

The party update was planned for Terraria's birthday.

Well they didn't hit that goal anyway did they? Unless it's a birthday I don't know of.

Tshock isnt updated to or even 1.3.2.

Hence being a note to "Future People".
I still think every once in a while we have to make a server with no proctections or anti-grief mechanics.
It gives people a nice taste of the shittery that exists here, and the next time someone complains that TShock is "rulecuckery" everyone knows exactly what that faggot wants.

This game is pretty good. Pic related is my first base. Only just defeated Eye of Cthulu so pls no bully

Servers with Tshock are shit.
Tshock even after all this time still has the duplication glitch and any server with permissions is shit objectively.


Holy shit, I just looked it up and they were late by almost a full month.

That's pretty damn good for a first base, not to mention at Eye of Cthulhu stage.

kike detected

Thanks! I want to add better furniture and better rooms but I'm happy that I managed to find such a cool tree close to my spawn. Also is having the top and bottom of the ladder unsecured a bad thing? Can I make a trapdoor or something like that?

I'm amazed at how much stuff you can make in Terraria. Shits all over Minecraft in every single aspect. Only realized after 20 hours that different wood made different furniture.

You can make a trapdoor using iron and wood I think.

Nice, thanks m8.

3.896/10 try harder.

I got Crimson, so basically Thorns Potions are out of the question unless I go mine for worm teeth in another world with corruption in it?

If yes, how come they haven't sorted this out yet? They have Crimson equivalents for most everything. It's retarded to have to switch between worlds like that. It feels like cheating, and in a way, it is.

When you resort to faggotry like that, you might as well use an inventory editor.


What material did you use for the sails?


Duplication is mainly a player Issue.
Yeah, you can dupe a ton of shit, sell it and get rich, who gives a fuck? It's about as fun as using an inventory editor: zero.
Tshock is mainly known for the fact that you can disable dinamite and other things like that.


I know this thread is close to max but w/e enjoy some brain candy

I sure hope characters can be ported without issues to newer versions

That's pretty good.
Is that 4th image on your first post something someone drew before building it?
It looks quite good, I might try something similar.

Started a new save after changing computers.
Few hours in, and it's starting to take shape, but I need ideas for sewer-related decorations.
The 3 houses underneath are going to be sort of "Underworks" of the City that's gonna be built on top of it.
Some massive castle to the right and there's a world tree to the left so I get to build a Dryad Grove there when I get materials for it.

I think I'm still too attached to symetry, but I'm getting the hang of non-symetrical rooms. They look kinda nice, except for the corridor beneath it. Gonna need some way to turn it into something else other than a long fucking block.

You can play with your steam version while he has cracked. Just join via IP.

It's the other way around, this happened some time ago. It's that I can update through steam pretty quickly, yet all my progress is in the pirated cracked version

Same deal.
Go to "My Documents/My Games/Terraria"
Just copy that shit into your local Documents folder and you're set.
Save files are just that, it's pretty common for people to make backups since worlds and characters are separated.
Steam might fuss you about "THA CLOUD", just tell it to upload your current files, they won't replace anything unless you name worlds/characters the same name in the pirate version.

I'm only early in the game m8. Plus I sorta like the treehouse feel. Also is there any way to grow/place the foliage?

Well, at least I'll be ready for next time

I can host again if someone wants.

So I think I'll have a bit of trouble, but should be okay against the new boss since I have the best Hard Mode can offer, so let's do this!

Not mad, just depressed. I can see where it's going; you get a boss arena set up specially for it, chug all the potions and use the teleporter pads but I miss the early bosses, where it was as much about being able to dodge with basic maneuvering instead of… this… I guess.

That and I'm rusty and suck, I suspect.


After a final re haul on the whole interior design and some changes on the outer walls, I think it's finally comfy enough.
A shame every single NPC died while I was busy rebuilding it.
Thoughts? I think I got a lot better in building shit thanks to all the advice I've gotten here, but I still have a loooong way improving.

You're probably just rusty or shit, since pretty much every boss is beatable albeit pretty harder without neither an arena nor potions. With the exception of maybe Plantera because fuck that second form, guess you'll need to at least widen some of those tunnels in the jungle for that. At least, that's what I'm trying at the moment.

all these images are from old Terraria threads or off google. I suppose the cross-section is just to inspire ideas.

I have begun the process of fixing this tree.

You need the Leaf Wand for foliage, it can spawn in the chests of living trees and it consumes 1 wood per foliage block placed. If you have a living loom (also found in living trees) you can craft leaf walls for the background using wood.

This is what they should look like when they generate in the jungle.

I'm under no illusions I'm rusty as balls, so I'm trying my hand at the older bosses with a new character. I can still (just) scrape by eye of cthulu with a cloud in a bottle, gold bow and armour so I guess that's okay. Remains to be seen how I cope with the mecha versions this time around though.

I'm making an underground bunker with stone slab but I need it to mix with dirt and stone and shit. What's a good intermediary block to make it all fit?

Smooth Marble. Paint it brown and it looks just like dirt.


Anyone know if there's a mod to turn existing PCs into NPCs?


Thanks my man, got one. Adding foliage is great.

There's also another pair of leaf and wood wands that create living mahogany trees.


Meaning that after 1.3.3 they already have at least 2 more updated in the planning stage.

Oh I see it now, excited for the update that's coming 2 updates from now

why is this allowed

Just try to get in the Moon Lord's face. Seriously. Go try it.

New Otherworld info.

Neat, looks like the corruption will actually matter now.

Sauce plox!

The official forum.

Would someone please post what different blocks and associated furniture look like?


So all community servers are dead then?

Thanks fam

If you want me to host, i will, but interest seems small.

Please do.

Alright, i'll put the server up. new or the old one i was running before? (27015 server from OP)

New, but can it be modded a little? Just Thorium would do. Shorter respawn times would also be nice if we're doing expert.

Thorium? what's that? ;-;


Yeah, I fucking hate that, too.
But it's roughly a mod that fills in a lot of gaps in the game (like no hardmode ore guns), adds some NPCs and combined accessory recipes. It's altogether nice, really.

Some of it seems like great qol improvements (healer items, the new NPCs, the accessories, hardmode guns) but there's also a lot of materials that seem like they add clutter.

Eh… I guess. Is there a dedi for it or what?

I didn't get too far into it, but Thorium never really seemed like that much of a bother.

How can I make bridges look good, rather than simple platforms stretching across?