Is the Vita the last successful portable/handheld dedicated video game console that isn't targeted at children and...

Is the Vita the last successful portable/handheld dedicated video game console that isn't targeted at children and community college students?

Does the "success" of the Android and iPhone as a "mobile game platform" spell the demise of the handheld/portable console market?

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Sony is inept at everything except TVs and DVD players. They don't give a rat's ass about their gaming market.

Their PlayStation division is literally their most successful branch.

If the success of a console was decided by the quality or sales of its first party games, the most successful console of all time would be the Nintendo Wii

[citation needed]

suc•cess (sək-sĕsˈ)

n. The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: attributed their success in business to hard work.
n. The gaining of fame or prosperity: an artist spoiled by success.
n. The extent of such gain.

Selling a millions of consoles and games makes you successful, not making colorful JRPGs that nobody buys.

Where have you been user? those are old news by now and is pretty well know that the PS4 is the only thing that's making profit for Sony.

Sony makes the most money from Insurance in Japan, but ok.

Their video game sector is generating the most amount of revenue for the company, more than anything else.

Again, going to back it up with evidence?

Here, I'll save you a Google, nigger. makes the most money from Insurance in Japan

Considering how Sony is treating the PS Vita, it deserves everything bad happening to it.

What about worldwide profits?
Here's an article talking about how Sony's revenue jumped up 33% thanks to video games and movies, i.e. their entertainment sector
Here's their consolidated financial report for 2016

sony is ignoring it, but developers aren't. The system is doing very well if you actually like video gamse.

user, that's literally ALL video games. They're treated as toys.

You clearly haven't played Depression Quest

I own both a PS Vita and New Nintendo 3DS.

I like the Vita on a level of multitudes better in terms of console aesthetic, comfort, and hardware.
But hardware doesn't move units, obviously.

3DS hardware is gimmicky and fucking ass. The screen resolution is so fucking low you can clearly see each individual pixels on those shitty 240p screens.

But the PS Vita doesn't have MonHun.

also handheld console gaming is going to be dead by 2020 if not sooner.

Sunk nearly 70 hours into MH4U on O3DS and have no idea what the fuck you're going on about, screen resolution looks fine to me and I certainly can't see individual pixels.

It's pretty obvious with tons of jagged edges on everything and shimmering because no AA. It's even more obvious if you turn the 3D on. Worse still on newer models because bigger screens at the same resolution only exacerbates the problem
Look up some MHO footage and then look back at 4U.

I'm used to jaggies and such because I game on a potato of a computer, low graphical fidelity and no smooth-outs are par for the course for me. Long as I can tell what it's supposed to be I typically don't care.

I think it's the only handheld that does that, what other fucking handhelds are there? The only one with competition is 3ds but that's nintendo, there are like only 2 new gen handhelds.

It'd be all well and good if the frame rate were consistent but multiplayer brings it crashing down. That alone convinced me to get a n3DS

Ouch, didn't know framerates dropped in multiplayer, I've only played solo so far and framerate's been rock-steady in all but one scenario that had a shit-ton of monsters harassing me while dealing with a Monoblos.

That's because you're either intentionally obtuse or fucking blind.
One is a Monster Hunter Portable 3RD remaster screenshot, and the other is a 3DS MonHun Generations screenshot.

Tell me you don't see the difference.

Raw output always looks like fucking dick with 3DS screenshots, that's no surprise. I've taken screenshots for shit-tons of games and all of them looked better on the actual screen than they did in NTR's output. Do Miiverse screenshots look any different? I wouldn't know since I don't use it for anything.

Eyeballing 4U while I look at the screenshot, Portable 3rd doesn't really look all that different to me besides being much better about jaggies.

Vita is actually the handheld version of the Sega Saturn
Main issue is that the digital aspect of the system is completely locked and counter-intuitive, and the price of the memory cards is the icing of the rotten cake.

Now if the CFW scene werent full of delusional faggots who still believe the Vita isnt fully dead in the West, we could have something else.

yeah for those who like weeb games its the best

Lately I've been playing with my phone much more than I have with my 3ds. Finding games is pretty hard, but it is a better platform hardware wise, software wise and price wise. Not to mention it's open source and has no restrictions on what you install on it. If you want to pirate something go right ahead.

The vita and the 3ds not only are less powerful than a phone, but they cost more, memory expansions cost more, and software costs more. They're also closed, bulky, almost impossible to play outside of your house because of bad screens, and have terrible batteries.

Now please. Give me one single reason as to why I should buy a psp vita or a 3ds over a phone. I could maybe agree with a ds and a psp because those actually had good and interesting titles. But the vita has largely remakes or weeb rehashes and the 3ds has sequels and rehashes.

What the fuck is the point of handhelds anymore even? Do you guys play them in bed? Do you actually like playing monster Hunter 12, pokemon 15 and weeb rpg #35?


Should I get a Vita?
I want a good handheld that isnt my phone for Pokemon go
Also is there any good games?

Get a psp or ds

Not saying the 3DS is shit, just haven't playing anything on my 3DS. It'll stay untouched until Sun & Moon will be released.

The only thing actually missing from sony was a Devil May Cry Trilogy HD Collection.
For everything else first party. I don't give a single fuck

this, unless you really, really need all those anime dungeon crawlers or senran kagura

Granted I found the 3DS to be really meh besides a few titles, and the Vita is only if you have enough disposable income to import (generally second-handed) the games.

Same with me. People laugh, but if you like dungeon crawlers, the Vita is unbeatable. Dungeon Travelers 2, Unchained Blades, Mind Zero, Elminage, Demon Gaze, Class of Heroes 1 & 2, Operation Abyss, Stranger of Sword City…. then you have decent Nu JRPG fare like Tales of Hearts, Persona 5 Golden (don't laugh, I loved it), Grand Kingdom, Sword Art Online, and Trails of Cold Steel.

I don't get the hate the Vita receives. If you love JRPGs, there is no system on the market, besides the PS4, that will give you as many.

But that's not true. Phones cost less, games cost a few dollars or are straight up free, sd cards are standard and cost much less than both psp and 3ds cards.

I mean fair enough for the buttons, but the rest of your post is pure garbage or lies

Forgot to quote

On a cheap 3DS with CFW you can play

I do the same thing. I get into a game and my other systems gather dust.
I like the 3DS just fine but given the choice I get get games on the Vita almost purely because it's more comfortable to hold

There's injects for pseudo-VC through the emulator that Sonic the Hedgehog 3D was running though it's iffy with some games and I don't know how Retroarch performs in comparison to it. Castlevania Bloodlines stopped working past a late point of the game but apparently that was a common problem even in PC emulators until pseudo-recently.

Really the only things missing from the 3DS's lineup are N64 (likely to never happen in any capacity going by PS1's progress) and flashcart-less DS titles (potentially never-ever but homebrew and new methods develop at a crawl anyways because of the average egotistical attitude behind homebrewers and pirates for the 3DS SMEALUM)

Supposedly the Genesis plus GX and Picodrive cores for retroarch work way better than the Sonic 2 Injects.

I remember testing an inject of Bare Knuckle 3 against an emulator on an Old 3DS, and the emulator worked way better.

On a New 3DS at least, Genesis works without issue

I'll look into individually-packed emulator cias for Genesis then because it was a bummer to learn Bloodlines just wouldn't work past a certain point, thanks.

Yes. With cfw. Which requires you to go through hoops to install some old games that you could get for free anywhere else.

Wow. What a great feature.

Oddly the vita is actually generating cash for Indie devs and Sony, just not in hardware sales. The sales of dedicated PSN stuff fo vita is actually a strong market. And weeb games, well those just print money for companies.

Every wonder why even after the Vitra was pretty made a legacy hardware new weeb games keep coming out on it and Indies make VITA versions for it? Its easy money.

I suspect that Sony doing the PStv as a test means they will at some point back-end PSvita games into the PS4 or PSvue services.

Are you stupid? It requires basic reading ability and a screwdriver

Retroarch is on 1.3.6 now, but I recommend 1.3.3 stable for now. The newer versions come with a pseudo 3D effect that tears the screen like fuck and hasn't been fixed yet.

"…to install some old games that you could get for free anywhere else"

The entire point of this is to play them on a handheld with decent emulation and actual controls. Everybody can play emulated games on their PC/laptop.

I take it the 100 MB _3ds.7z file is some sort of core installation and the .cia is what accesses it? Just need to know if I need to download just one thing or both.

It doesn't even need a screwdriver on the Old 3DS

Just download the one with "cia" in the name. If it comes with a "retroarch" folder aside from all the ".cia" files, put that folder on the root of your 3DS's SD Card.

But it is targeted at children.

Like every gaming platform, so?

And if you were lucky enough to find an official 2400mAh battery (not the knock-off chinese ones that die instantly after a few charges), the PSP definitively lasts far longer.

Vita Monster Hunter



I simply like to shit on people that were declaring it the winner rather early. I reminded me of the early days of the PSP vs NDS.

Painting the PS Vita as an underdog is like saying Jeb Bush is an underdog. That brushes aside all of its unearned support that it has received because the one thing that Sony did to support the PS Vita was to advertise and astroturf the fuck of it.

The OP made a lot more sense when I thought it said 'least successful'.

People want to play games, but think games consoles are toys for children. They say while playing Fischer-Price styled slot machines on their phones.

That's quite unfortunate.
As good as the 3DS games are, they feel severely bottlenecked by the hardware. Monster Hunter 4 or Generations would've been fantastic on the Vita

Blame Sony wanting to hamfist achievements/trophies into MH

There is a weeb niche it's filling because there's no other system that can fill that niche. But Vita, as something Sony produced and sold, failed spectacularly.
muh niche market =/= successful console

Installed Virtual Boy, SNES9x Next and Genesis Plus GX cores, VB and GPGX gave surprisingly unsatisfactory results with what I tried even after noticing Vsync in the options and turning it off, haven't tested the SNES emulator yet but I imagine it'll be about as bad as the Genesis one. Virtual Boy Wario Land staggered at a whopping 8 FPS despite the low power of the system while a Sonic hack I tried with the Genesis one managed 40 FPS on a black screen and plummeted to 20 FPS on the Sega jingle.

I think I'll be sticking to injects for Genesis, though Virtual Boy's left me completely puzzled as to why its emulation is so poor.



I still love you, Vita-chan. You're my plane travel buddy, 3DS isn't.

Im really curious about that Death Idol Game TV game, I wish I could learn moon, no way they'll bring something like that over here. The thought of cute idols killing each other sounds great.

Vita emulator when?

This has to be bait.

I would get a Vita but those memory card prices killed it for me, plus I'm satisfied with my 3DS at the moment.

The first 3 Playstations were really good but they got worse after each iteration, mostly due to consoles' fading relevance.

Consoles would be good for kids and the tech inept but they have all kinds of download, DLC, and patch bullshit now so retro consoles fit that niche better than new ones.

Are you using an Old or New 3DS?
Most of the retroarch cores are just there for experimental or development purposes, as they don't work well for now.

The ones that do work fine on 3DS are

If Genesis Plus GX gave you problems, you could try Picodrive. I remember playing Castlevania Bloodlines, Gunstar Heroes and Bare Knuckle 3 without issue on an Old 3DS

Supossedly the prices get halved on Black Fridays. I play on getting a 16GB card then.

If you're playing MHX, you can pretty much wait until that date comes.

The PS2 was better than the PS1.