Mika's default costume too sexy for ESPN


I guess EPSN doesn't air women's Water Polo games?

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I guess ESPN won't be covering any KOF14 matches then

well I guess if poker and bowling get televised, anything goes for ESPN.

When is this e-sports meme going to die?


CSGO and DOTA have been aired on ESPN before in a similar fashion (quaterfinals-close late night showing). eSports has barely begun.

Not surprising in the least, ESPN has been full-on SJW for a long time.

I'd rather ESPN not cover games at all.

But does the ESPN go and tell tell water polo players to use less revealing swimsuits?

ESPN is owned by Disney and they are losing subscriber by the millions


Nah man that'd be sexist

He should of stuck to his guns and said no.

spoiler please, that pic is sexist and that guy is raping her.

What the fuck? HOW?

Black guy here

That is a fucking terrible booty. Disgusting.

Read the fucking thread.

Better remove Water Polo or swim teams, thats too revealing.

Owned by Disney

White guy here.
Webm related.


Stop shilling this shit

Wait who let you inside ? Our Cotton aint' gonna pick itself friendo

They don't want to upset conservative christian values by poisoning children's minds with temptation.

And people were saying it was Fuudo's choice. Go figure.

Is there anything I'm missing here?



The Weirdo with the fucked up thumbs

Why is revealing women taboo? Is this the middle east?


They heaped praise on Michael Sam and the Mizzou football team and fully endorse Black Lives Matters. They're as conservative as Polygon.

You joke now but many places are turning into that.

Do people really turn out for shit like that. I've seen commerctials for some esports show on tv and they look like an overblown Las Vegas PPV boxing match than a dozen fags playing vidya.

For something like fighting games, which have a long history and a dedicated community, a convention level event makes sense, but the way they promote this shit is they expect it to sell out arenas, something I doubt fighting games can do let alone ASSFAGGOTS. All this postulating I hear about e-sports comes across as artificial and forces as fuck.

I know, I live in a hellhole already turned centuries ago.

Been going on since the begin of some raping warlord claiming to be a prophet.

Umm… excuse me sir? can you fuck my wife?

Depends. The Invitational sells pretty big from what I hear, and Dreamhack is pretty popular, but most of the other tournies tend to be packed with free-ticket people who are there to make it look popular.

Everything else that isn't EVO and the aforementioned are usually small convention-sized affairs with maybe a couple hundred to a thousand people at most.


I'm not fucking your sister


please respond

This is getting worse by the minute.



They aren't as attractive as Mika though, so it's okay.

Well what did you expect to happen when going after esports cancer?

How isn't Capcom bankrupt by now? Weren't they asking fans to buy stocks? I bet Disney bought those stocks and by 2020 or earlier Capcom will be 100% owned by Disney.

It's just all fat on the side of her thighs.

45 replies, and Holla Forums is still retarded. espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2016/07/espn2-televise-street-fighter-v-world-championship-evolution-championship-series-final-july-17/

>Angela Yang, ESPN                  646.547.5631 [email protected]/* */
>Joey Cuellar, EVO                    951.665.8272 [email protected]/* */

Have your say, and complain

Man, I wish Fuudo had put his foot down and just left the tournament.

Well ESPN is owned by Disney so it figures that they try to be PC. Still pretty shitty though.

No that was ubisoft to stop vivendi from taking them over.

I don't think it will work Capcom is the one sucking ESPN's cock to get them to broadcast shit. Capcom wants that mainstream sponsorship money from being on TV since nobody is buying their piece of shit fighting game anymore.

holy fuck man you are so smart, let me suck your dick

Now Capcom will make sure this sort of situation never happens again by going full MKX on the default female character designs.
All the smut will be relegated to DLC costumes and those will always be banned from tournament play. And the battered housewives will fall hook, line and sinker.

And don't forget to buy those colors, goy. Only 25 dollaridoos!

Big guy here
Not crashing that ass

[Citation Needed]
Also, nothing ventured, nothing gained

It's too bad so many ME Christians have been killed in the name of progressiveness.

THE guy here, wouldn't do coke off that ass.

Does anybody have info about the rating/share Street Fighter V got on ESPN 2?

Maybe we are lucky abd they're already considering leaving fightan alone.

holy shit I was right

The valentine lionel tweet was parody, the others are normalfags though.

Only two people here are going to get that, and one hates Roman

now not even blacks can have pride? fucking what?

I agree with the normalfags.

why would Vince browse Holla Forums

Male sexuality is evil apparently, cuz you know, white cis het males like butts.

Spic here
No le doy


The whole thing about being on ESPN does not even make sense from a number of viewers perspective. I mean it's ESPN2 you need to be paying for cable at least to get that shit which nobody does. Also twitch just requires an internet connection and it's available pretty much worldwide. Also people interested in watching professional video game playing are already set in watching shit on the internet.

It's just Capcom being retarded as per usual. Some economics establishing schmuck in a suit showed their higher ups some shiny ass spreadsheets and graphs
along with copious amounts of buzzwords and useless focus group studies.

You throw that shit together with the promise of many shekels to be had and presto, you got yourself a marvelous trainwreck and a disenfranchised fan base.

Capcom's business accumen is probably the worst of any of the major publishers. All you need to do is look back 2007-2010 where Inafune lead most of their business and development decisions.


Why are fighting games on ESPN anyways?

We really need to reopen Auschwitz.

Because Capcom doesn't know what the fuck it's doing anymore.

becasue 'muh e-sports are a legit sports guize'

If chess can be a sport, so can Street Fighter.

Chess isn't a sport though someone who knows how to play chess can tell someone who has never played it exactly what to do and get the exact same result. I don't know why but that is my line for what a sport is.

When will these people die. Why are they allowed to live?

I don't think I've ever heard that definition before. I'm going to keep that in mind.

Because if hotdog eating contests, poker, spelling bees, and women's sports can be on it, it's not a stretch to have video games on it.

The only problem I can think with the definition is that then technically it would make music a sport.


It would also make any real-time action games sports because there's a lot more to them than following directions. Doesn't work. A sport is a competitive game that requires strenuous physical exertion and bodily training.

like 20 or so years ago there was a quiz childrens show that said marbles was a sport.



Never pick a battle you can't win.

Who does this Harvey work for? Will this thing blow up and finally get the FGC to turn on Capcom after all the no "thuggery" stuff?

A sport should be a competition between at least 2 parties with only one winner.

I can see battle of the bands counting. It's copeting to see who's the better musician.

I mean yeah those count too, but fucking video games on ESPN is retarded. That's the stuff my parents watch, the people that watch fighting games already have streaming as their go-to for fighting games.

Yeah, I wouldn't consider it the only defining factor, but something to consider.

We need to blow this up so they have to comment about it.

Buy they're going to give the same coward answer like capcom does.

he's Vince.

Disney is a right wing company. people seem to forget that right wing people are fucking uptight too.

we call those types cuckservatives



Ass so fat I don't even think I dick would reach her asshole if I tried to poke her from behind.

How did it come to this?

them thighs tho

And why wouldn't Disney want to own a large share of that market as well? Its clear that is what they are trying to do here.

How by featuring it on their dying distribution platform that shrinks every day? Not to mention is really only view-able in the US when fighting games are already watched around the world. Yeah that sounds like a really smart plan. Next I'll corner the pizza delivery market by charging double the price of all my competitors only delivering to people on my block and not allow any spicy toppings on any of the pizzas.

Mods locked the other thread. We can have infinite Holla Forums-derails on the front page but God forbid if we have two threads on censorship

You sure it wasn't the GG thread?

Didn't say it was a smart idea, but you know Disney at least thought about getting into the esports market if its willing to show esport shit on its channels.


also what are we going to do about this since now that a couple thousand more normalfags have jumped on the fgc bandwagon and want to play SFV and are going to buy the overpriced DLC?
Do we keep promoting Tekken and KOFXIV since they don't do censorship. How do we make them big?

Let the pros crush their hopes and dreams, you can't just magically git gud outside of SFV.

I haven't heard of any boost in sales. Last I checked on steamspy SFV players went way up when the story patch came out. However it went right back down pretty much the day after. I mean were the SFV stuff even enjoyable I peaked in here and their and just saw a snorefest. It was easily outdone by Guilty Gear.

I'm guessing that there will be a boost in sales because of the mostly positive reaction from people watching SFV on ESPN.

but it hasn't happened yet so that's not set in stone.

and if that audience leaves they don't get more word of mouth then they established so they keep streamlining and casualizing their games even more then they do. The rest of the FGC might follow suit if they see the money going that way

The easier it becomes to master the easier it becomes to break by pros, they would still dominate.

I'm surprised the FGC is still on board I mean remember when they tried to do this before when SC2 started to get big and the FGC pretty much told them to fuck off. Was there positive reactions to the ESPN stuff because all I saw was people mocking video games on the sports channel.

Holla Forums found most of the negative responses but most of them were generally tolerant or interested.

I'm not saying they won't. But capcom will try their damnedest to lower that ceiling to make casuals feel as strong as the pros as possible.

I think the ceiling is low enough right now for people to hit their heads if they jump.

That better not be on the Olympic level. Sportsmen and sportswomen need to be shining examples of physical fitness.

Also how am I supposed to get off to this?

The only person I know who is playing SFV has only bought the base game and only plays it because everyone else is. With every major PC fighting release he hopes people leave SFV behind so he can stop playing it. Right now he is hoping on Tekken 7. He hates the thing because of all the changes made to the combat system he doesn't like that they made it so much simpler.

Looks to be a thing in the olympics as well, though other sports are clearly better if you want to see ass.

Holy hell, what a joke. That's some extremely unprofessional shit and I would have told them to fuck off.

Imagine if Fuudo was an entitled american asshole and just refused and walked off the stage. Capcom's entire chances at making SFV big time would have been done for. ESPN would never again televise a tournament knowing the players can just quit if they get upset.

Because E-sports makes more money than real sports.

God, that would be great. At this point I feel like the community is too pacified by the promise that everything they are doing is helping the scene, when really they are just hastening it's transformation into a product marketed to people who don't even care about fighting games.

I hope you are kidding friendo

I might be wrong, just something a single person who was explaining what E-sports were in a compilation video of typical newsgroups reactions to E-sports being broadcasted on ESPN a bit ago. The statement I remember her saying is that it brings in more money and viewers than some sports events.

If that was the case the contestants are being disgustingly under-paid. E-sports might actually get a decent amount of views if you take into account streaming compared to sports. However streaming doesn't get anywhere near the level of sponsorship which is where most of the money comes from.

That'd probably be "slutshaming" and "victim blaming".

I'd say some some e-sports make more money than some regular sports.
Shit like soccer, basketball, and baseball are damn near impossible to topple when it comes to money. Some smaller sports no one cares about, like most water-based and ice-based sports, I can see making less than bigger e-sports games, like Dota 2 or CS:GO.

Welcome to marks v
this is what happens when you let a jewish, borderline functioning autist run a popular board

muricucks should just off themselves to prevent the gayness to fully reaching the west

sorry, thats the only way

You should just off yourself for thinking it's america's fault in the first place.

europoor isnt in the west, retard

Thanks tumblr.


Your next

There is one of two possibilities for this post.
This user is a time traveler yet to realize it's [current year]. Or, he's retarded. Your overall point is correct but disney is about as "right-wing" as a teenager's tumblr page.

Turk here
Wouldn't pay more than 50 turkish lira

I think this whole thing can be summed up in people getting boners they're ashamed of.
They're ashamed of those boners because it comes from a virtually created thing. A cartoon character of sorts.
All too often, especially in the western world, shame-boners are met with crazy over-compensating backlash.
For that faggot that got a boner over the Dragon's Crown sorceress he went full on retard and tried to claim big anime tiddies appealed to pedophiles. For the people running ESPN it is a reaction to censor the thing. Try to make it go away.

This is something that has been popping up more and more as those who are less exposed to the medium are being exposed to it. They're not desensitized and well, only losers get boners to video game women, right?

so there you go.

Hell, just think about all those times some crazy hardcore fag-bashers and drug haters end up being found to having meth fueled fag-frolics in hotel rooms when they think nobody is looking.

No, he's right. Right wing/conservative have traditionally been the up-tight ones about sex and violence in media.

See, the reason why so many people have been thrown for a loop and why so much of this crazy shit has caught ground is because those identifying as LIBERAL have became the crazy uptight ones. So you're fucked on both sides of the coin.

They wouldn't even dare because they're cowards. Fiction characters can't defend themselves, but the real world is different. Too bad people who don't like censorship are cowards too.

And fuck Americunts, by the way. Such pathetic country don't deserve the power it has.

And why Pokken and Smash are considered fighting games on EVO? The answer is the same.

Please, are you Americunt really that retarded?

Don't be a blind patriot, they're worse than libtards. Instead of pretending that there is no problem fix your country because all this crap will effect every other country, just like TPP which is happening because of America in case you didn't know.

Even Japan isn't safe now thanks to Americunt libtards who are in charge of your country and you're doing absolutely nothing about it, instead you pretend that it's not America's fault.

I never did like that argument, trying to imply that you need to be something to hate it. On the other hand I can totally see some guy from the bible belt from a conservative family getting ashamed of his boner but why a bunch of liberals would ever get it I have no idea.

You got to strike those biases from your mind, user.
The conservative is afraid of his boner because of it being wrong and immoral because of jesus or whatever the fuck.
The liberal because of sexism or whatever.

The only difference here is which doctrine of self-shame they are applying.

All things are the same, only the names have been changed.

Now Capcom be like "Thank God Mika had this alternate costume available, otherwise we would be in deep shit now!"

I'm pretty sure that as I'm writing this, they're already designing burqas for all the female characters who don't have a "modest" costume available.

i want to fuck mikas asscheeks

I'd love to see Capcom take the piss with a new Burka dlc.

Irish guy here 0/10 too much ass

Irish-Canadian cross here 0/10 not enough ass

well the one great thing about having this game on PC is that you can mod in whatever they fuck up.

It sucks that it has to be this way but…so be it.

E-sports were a mistake.
SNK, please save video games.

Neither is he.


They call it western Europe for a reason D&C Eurocuck.

Luxembourgian here, wouldn't reenact the "Hesper Kutsch"

There's a demo of The King of Fighters XIV now on PS4 and you don't need a PS+ to play it.Because it lacks online.

german here, I'd annex that popo faster than you can say Neuschwanstein

Oh, what a great loss indeed!

Jesus fuck.

Depending on how tall she is, I may or may not tap it.

This is very true. It's also a lot of the reason I finally quit identifying as liberal. Conservatives still suck as much as ever so I haven't joined them, I just don't have a side at all anymore.

And yet, they have this

You should retweet that like crazy.

Also, a bit related. Someone told me that Hyuga, a beaner SSB player got in hot water because he got drunk, a girl gamer invited him to his room and she woke up with him sandwiched between her and her boyfriend while he was drunkenly groping her.

Any news on this? Why the fuck do you invite a drunk person into your room, let alone if you're a girl and he's a stranger? I wouldn't let my best friend in because I know he'll puke or not let me sleep.

Not by selling out 2D art for 3D trash they won't.

French guy here, we surrender.

You still see capcom drones defend the mika censorship, the two times cammy was censored, and the juri censorship. Luckily the game flopped and is dying hard to the point where many pro player even shit on it. Funny part too is how some of the SJW professional player are now losing fans and getting shit on for supporting capcom after all this shit.


That's pretty much the whole story. Cue one million thirsty white knights blowing it completely out of proportion, led by the king of cucks himself, ESAM.
Also it seemed like her boyfriend wouldn't wake up no matter how much bullshit was going on, and she had to wake up the 2 neighbor rooms or some shit. Top tier boyfriend.
Embed related is the only video I found of this, be warned before giving him a view, the 2nd half is really SJWish.

That's for the best. Now that you don't have a "side" you can be a bit more unbiased about the information being given to you.

Identifying with a group label is pretty much 50% of the programming required to fuck your ability to objectively look at information.

It's funny that they say Rainbow Mika's costume was too sexy because she's a fucking ugly fatty.

Something is obviously fucking wrong, here.

That giant metal wall keeping out the immigrants is too fucking true. Jews pumping immigrants into every country, except Israel, that's only for the jews!

I think Israel needs diversity too.